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The Wasp Woman (February 12, 1960)

The Wasp Woman

Released on February 12, 1960: Janice owns a large cosmetics company, and has discovered a secret formula that includes honey from wasps which restores her youth . . . unfortunately, it also turns her into a killer wasp-woman.

Produced by Roger Corman

Directed by Roger Corman

The Actors: Susan Cabot (Janice Starlin), Anthony Eisley (Bill Lane), Barboura Morris (Mary Dennison), William Roerick (Arthur Cooper), Michael Mark (Eric Zinthrop), Frank Gerstle (Les Hellman), Bruno VeSota (night watchman), Roy Gordon (Paul Thompson), Carolyn Hughes (Jean Carson), Lynn Cartwright (Maureen Reardon), Frank Wolff (man), Lani Mars (secretary), Philip Barry (man), Roger Corman (doctor in the hospital), Aron Kincaid (beekeeper)


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