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Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory (November 9, 1961)

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Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory

Released on November 9, 1961: After a new, mysterious teacher arrives at a girls' reformatory school, several murders seem to point to the new teacher.

Directed by Paolo Heusch

The Actors: Barbara Lass (Priscilla), Carl Schell (Dr. Julian Olcott), Curt Lowens (Director Swift), Maurice Marsac (Sir Alfred Whiteman), Maureen O'Connor (Leonor MacDonald), Mary McNeeran (Mary Smith), Grace Neame (Sandy), Luciano Pigozzi (Walter Jeoffrey), Annie Steinert (Mrs. Sheena Whiteman), Joseph Mercier (Tommy the porter), Anne-Marie Avis (school girl), Lucy Derleth (school girl), Herbert Diamonds (the Police Inspector), John Karlsen (old man), Martha Marker (school girl), Patricia Meeker (school girl), Elizabeth Patrick (Miss Shultz)

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Be Afraid . . . be very afraid . . . we are in a small Italian town where there is a reform school for bad young girls, and one night a girl is killed by wolves! The moon is full, and a werewolf is on the loose. This is a classic old movie horror tale bringing together the best that the 1960's had to offer. Lots of pretty young girls, a menagerie of characters that are all suspect, and a series of murders that look like werewolf bites, but who can be the man that becomes a werewolf during the full moon.

The opening scene is of a new professor arriving at the gated reform school. Handsome young Dr. Olcott arrives at the school, with a mysterious past. He gets a job at the girls reformatory because another esteemed doctor recommended him. He is let into the school by Walter, the very creepy looking school caretaker that looks a bit like a demented Peter Lorre. This same night, young Mary sneaks out of the school to meet another professor, Sir Alfred Whiteman. It seems that the school caretaker is a bit of a pimp, and arranges trysts for Sir Alfred with willing young girls. This night when Mary meets Sir Alfred, she demands of him that he find a way for her to get out of the reform school, or she will not give him any more love, and will expose him as a leech by making public the love letters that he has written to her. He gets mad and turns away, and Mary heads back to the school. But before she reaches the school, in the dark forest, she is attacked and horribly killed by a wolf-like monster.

Priscilla, Mary's best friend, finds a letter from Sir Alfred to Mary that implicates him, and Priscilla is certain that Sir Alfred is the killer. When caretaker Walter offers to provide Priscilla with lots of money if she would meet a man outside the school the next night, Priscilla accepts, so that she can discover who the man was that Mary was involved with, as it must be him that killed her. That night Priscilla goes into the forest to a small cabin that the caretaker guides her to, and instead of finding Mary's killer, she discovers Sir Alfred's wife Sheena. Sheena throws some money at Priscilla, and orders her to never return and to stay away from her husband Sir Alfred. As they are talking, someone is watching through the window, but we cannot tell who. When Sheena returns home, she is brutally murdered by someone that injects a poison into her body. And as Priscilla is going through the forest back to the school, a demented werewolf attacks her, and she would die if it weren't for a large dog that attacks the werewolf and injures his arm.

As this horror thriller continues, the fickle finger of fate points to each of our characters, but one by one the suspects each die, leading us to a thrilling and unexpected ending. Pop lots of corn, because you will be grabbing handfuls of buttery popcorn without even thinking as you journey deeper into this 1960's horror cult classic. Filmed in Rome, Italy, the chills and thrills will keep you on the edge of your seat until you discover the real werewolf in a girls' dormitory.