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Five Minutes to Live (December 7, 1961)

Johnny Cash in Five Minutes to Live

Released on December 7, 1961: As part of a bank robbery Johnny Cash is a gangster who holds the wife of the bank's vice president hostage and will kill her in five minutes if the banker doesn't give his buddies all of the bank money.

Directed by Bill Karn

The Actors: Johnny Cash (Johnny Cabot), Donald Woods (Ken Wilson), Cay Forester (Nancy Wilson), Pamela Mason (Ellen Harcourt), Vic Tayback (Fred Dorella), Ron Howard (Bobby Wilson), Merle Travis (Max), Midge Ware (Doris Johnson), Norma Varden (Priscilla Auerback), Leslie Kimmell (Mr. Johnson), Marge Waller (secretary), Patricia Lynn (Gert), Frances Flower (Irma), Hanna Landy (Carol), Cynthia Flower (the girl bowling), Max Manning (Pete), Howard Wright (Pop), Charles Buck (bank teller), Byrd Holland (policeman), Rue McClanahan (Pamela)


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