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Three Blondes in His Life (January 18, 1961)

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Three Blondes in his life

Released on January 18, 1961: An insurance investigator travels to Los Angeles looking for a friend, and discovers the three blondes in his life.

Directed by Leon Chooluck

The Actors: Jock Mahoney (Duke Wallace), Greta Thyssen (Helen Fortner), Jesse White (Ed Kelly), Elaine Edwards (Lois Collins), Anthony Dexter (Charlie Walsh), Valerie Porter (Martha Carr), Brian O'Hara (unknown), Darlene Hendricks (unknown), Charles G. Neidel Sr. (unknown), Gil Frye (unknown), Robert Carson (unknown), Dwight Marfield (unknown), Jewell Lain (unknown), Phil Arnold (unknown), Suzi Carnell (unknown)


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