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Fallguy 1962

Ed Dugan in Fallguy

Released in 1962: A teenager in a hot rod is framed for murder after trying to help a dying syndicate boss.

Directed by Donn Harling

The Actors: Ed Dugan (Sonny Martin), George Mitchell (Carl Tamin), Louis Gartner (police chief), Don Alderette (Sam Johnson), Madeline Frances (June Johnson), Rex Anthony (unknown), Wes Carlson (unknown), Fabian Dean (policeman), George DeMoss (unknown), Liz DeMoss (unknown), Linda Dietrich (unknown), Bernard Freedman (unknown), James Judge (unknown), Robert Levey (unknown), Mary Louise Lyons (unknown), Dean McMahon (unknown), Dick O'Neill (unknown), Tiiu Parli (unknown), Stanton Prichard (unknown), Robert Stilson Jr. (unknown), Gregg Stuart (unknown), Milton Sussnow (unknown), Joan Yarborough (unknown), Ben Young (unknown).


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Back in the 1960's when I was a little kid, one night I was home alone with my big sister Carol Berkey, and it was about time for me to make my nightly batch of popcorn. But alas, I had used the last of the popcorn the night before, and dad had not bought any more yet. Dad did all of the grocery shopping, and mom did all of the cooking. Sometimes I would go with dad down the street to the big A&P store and while he did the shopping I would go across the street to the magazine store and pick up the latest Superman comic book. I never remember mom ever going to a grocery store with dad even though she did most of the cooking, and today I wonder why that was. It seemed to work though . . . except for nights like this when I was totally out of popcorn and felt that I would surely starve before morning without my nightly 'fix.' Big sister Carol came to my rescue by going up the street to the corner store and bringing back a Jiffy Pop. I was amazed as she put this tin-foil pan with a wire handle over the stove and shook it over a hot flame. Soon the popping corn started to push up the tin-foil lid until it formed a huge bubble full of hot steaming popcorn. Wow! What will they think of next? How cool! Thanks to sis and this new funny popcorn thingy I would not starve after all!

Now, I'm not saying that I don't appreciate a couple of half-dressed women fighting each other for the same man, or our hero wrestling with the daughter of the crime boss, and she just happens to be in a slinky white negligée . . . Yeah, the wrestling women were all right, but it's just not the same as watching John Wayne fist fight around a crowded bar with half a dozen evil henchmen trying to knock him silly. In my humble opinion, when the baby boomers started making motion pictures in the 1960's the whole world of movies was forever changed. I had to get into a wholly different mindset to enjoy this one, after all of the classic 1930's and 1940's gangster movies. Often in the 1930's and 1940's it was a fearless newspaper man who helped the cops expose the gangsters, but in this 1962 movie it is the owner of the town newspaper who is one of the new syndicate criminals. I needed a very different mindset for this one, but once there, it was a lot of fun. What a thrill to see small-town Los Angeles instead of the big bustling city that it later became. The cars are amazing; the furniture and room accessories brought back memories of childhood. And the kids dancing to pre rock and roll music from the big juke box, then climbing into their muscle car hot rods was positively nostalgic. If you can find it, before you sit down to watch this 1960's period piece, grab a 'Jiffy Pop' with the wire handle, pop it over a hot stove until the tin-foil expands into a large ball of hot buttered popcorn, and carefully break open the top of the tin foil to expose the steaming hot popcorn. Ahhhhh, now you are ready to go back in time to 1962 Los Angeles and watch a crime thriller with the new and evil 'syndicate' that replaced the gangsters of the 1940's.

Don Alderette
Don Alderette in Fallguy, 1962
Don Alderette's floozie wants him to come to bed
Ed Dugan and Louis Gartner
Ed Dugan on the way to court with Louis Gartner
Ed Dugan and Madeline Frances
Ed Dugan holds a gun on Madeline Frances
Ed Dugan
Ed Dugan in Fallguy
George Mitchell in Fallguy
George Mitchell in Fallguy
Louis Gartner breaks up the cat fight
Louis Gartner breaks up the cat fight between the wife and floozie
Louis Gartner
Louis Gartner
Madeline Frances and Ed Dugan
Madeline Frances and Ed Dugan
Madeline Frances
Madeline Frances talks to her crime boss papa in Fallguy
Madeline Frances
Madeline Frances, 1962
The doctor's wife and floozie are about to get into a fight!