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The Magic Sword (March 28, 1962)

The Magic Sword

Released on March 28, 1962: When the Princess is kidnapped by an evil wizard George, son of sorceress Sybil is determined to face the evil wizard and win the freedom and the hand of the Princess.

Directed by Bert I. Gordon

The Actors: Basil Rathbone (Lodac), Estelle Winwood (Sybil), Gary Lockwood (Sir George), Anne Helm (Princess Helene), Liam Sullivan (Sir Branton), Danielle De Metz (Mignonette), Merritt Stone (King), Jacques Gallo (Sir Dennis of France), David Cross (Sir Pedro of Spain), John Mauldin (Sir Patrick of Ireland), Taldo Kenyon (Sir Anthony of Italy), Angus Duncan (Sir James of Scotland), Leroy Johnson (Sir Ulrich of Germany), Marlene Callahan (Princess Grace), Nick Bon Tempi (the left Siamese twin), Paul Bon Tempi (the right Siamese twin), Ann Graves (Princess Laura), Lorrie Richards (Anne), Jack Kosslyn (the ogre), Vampira - billed as Maila Nurmi (the hag and the Sorceress), Ted Finn (the first dwarf), Angelo Rossitto (the second dwarf), Paul Frees (the voice of Sir Ulrich of Germany)


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