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This is Not a Test (1962)

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A Shot in the Dark

Released in 1962: A group of people travelling along a deserted highway take refuge in a big truck as an apparent nuclear attack on America is starting.

Directed by Fredric Gadette

The Actors: Seamon Glass (Deputy Sheriff Dan Colter), Thayer Roberts (Jacob Elliot Saunders), Aubrey Martin (Juney), Mary Morlas (Cheryl Hudson), Michael Greene (Joe Baragi), Alan Austin (Al Weston), Carol Kent (Karen Barnes), Norman Winston (Sam Barnes), Ron Starr (Clint Delany), Don Spruance (Peter), James George Jr. (Looter), Norman Bishop (looter), Ralph Manza (looter), Jay Della (looter), William Flaherty (looter), Phil Donati (looter), Doyle Cooper (looter)


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