Charade (December 5, 1963)

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Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in Charade

Released on December 5, 1963: A widow discovers that her late husband was in possession of stolen property, and his partner crooks want to get the wealth that they believe the widow has.

Directed by Stanley Donen

The Actors: Cary Grant (Peter Joshua), Audrey Hepburn (Regina Lampert), Walter Matthau (Hamilton Bartholemew), James Coburn (Tex Panthollow), George Kennedy (Herman Scobie), Dominique Minot (Sylvie Gaudet), Ned Glass (Leopold W. Gideon), Jacques Marin (Inspector Edouard Grandpierre), Paul Bonifas (Mr. Felix the stamp dealer), Thomas Chelimsky (Jean-Louis Gaudet), Marc Arian (subway passenger), Claudine Berg (maid), Marcel Berner (taxi driver), Georges Billy (man in stamp market), Albert Daumergue (man in stamp market), Raoul Delfosse (taxi driver), Lucien Desagneaux (passer-by in the public garden), Stanley Donen (voice of the man in elevator), Colin Drake (Hamilton Bartholomew), Jean Gold (man who writes in the terrace of the cafe), Clement Harari (German tourist), Monte Landis (Master of Ceremonies at Les Black Sheep Club), Bernard Musson (hotel receptionnist), Antonio Passalia (Italian representative in the URESCO), Jacques Preboist (ice cream vendor), Peter Stone (man in elevator and the vice of the Marine), Anthony Stuart (British representative in the URESCO), Michel Thomass (Embassy driver), Andre Tomasi (subway passenger), Roger Trapp (mortuary employee), Louis Viret (Hallmark employee in the subway).


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