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Night Tide (February 13, 1963)

Dennis Hopper in Night Tide

Released on February 13, 1963: A sailor on leave meets a beautiful girl who plays a mermaid in a local carnival and he thinks that she may be a real mermaid who kills every time the moon is full.

Directed by Curtis Harrington

The Actors: Dennis Hopper (Johnny Drake), Linda Lawson (Mora), Gavin Muir (Captain Samuel Murdock), Luana Anders (Ellen Sands), Marjorie Eaton (Madame Romanovitch), Tom Dillon (merry-go-round operator), H.E. West (Lieutenant Henderson), Ben Roseman (unknown), Marjorie Cameron (water witch), Chaino (head bongo player), Kirby Allen (bongo player), itemprop="name"Barbette (man talking at bar), Danny Best (teen on midway), James Boscon (teen on midway), Richard Boscon (teen on midway), Paul Horn (jazz flutist), Joyce King (woman at jazz club), Bruno VeSota (man on the stairs)


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