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Sin You Sinners (1963)

Sin You Sinners

Released in 1963: (running time 67 minutes)

Produced by Arnold Panken

Directed by Anthony Farrar and Joseph W. Sarno

The Actors: June Colbourne (Bobbi), Dian Lloyd (Julie), Derek Murcott (Dave), Beverly Nazarow (Gloria), Charles Clements (Ben Furman), Burtt Harris (Bill), Belle Swan (Gee-Gee), Veronica Bellach (Sue), Douglas Gregory (Lou), Gino Ardito (Dick), Evelyn C. Wern (Mrs. Hayworth), Michael Turner (soda jerk), Edgar B. Wern (bartender), Bert Salzman (man in bar), Joe Masefield (Gee-Gee's client), Vincent Loscalzo (man on street and behind the scenes make-up artist)


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