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The Terror (June 17, 1963)

The Terror

Released on June 17, 1963: A soldier gets separated from his regiment in 18th century France and discovers a castle occupied by a strange Baron and a mysterious ghostly woman.

Produced by Roger Corman

Directed by Roger Corman

The Actors: Boris Karloff (Baron Victor Frederick Von Leppe), Jack Nicholson (Lieutenant Andre Duvalier), Sandra Knight (Helene, and the ghost of Ilsa the Baroness Von Leppe), Dick Miller (Stefan), Dorothy Neumann (Katrina, a witch, and Eric's mother), Jonathan Haze (Gustaf)


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You are Roger Corman, and you are beating the big movie studios at their own game, producing movies with new young stars that the world is flocking to. You team up with Francis Ford Coppola who just got out of film school, and has helped write and direct three films to date. You get young actor Jack Nicholson, and even let him direct a couple of scenes. Add aging movie actor Boris Karloff, and a spooky castle and a beautiful young lady, and you have a hit horror movie. It is 1806 France, and Lieutenant Andre Duvalier is lost along the French seacoast, and comes upon a beautiful maiden that turns out to be the ghost of Baron Von Leppe's wife. The witch enchants the ghost of Ilsa and commands the ghost to haunt the Baron, because the witch believes that the Baron killed her son Eric along with his wife when he found Eric in bed with Ilsa. In the stunning climax, all beliefs are turned on their head when the real truth is revealed.