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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (November 14, 1964)

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Released on November 14, 1964: (running time 1 hour and 21 minutes) Martians kidnap Santa Claus along with little Billy and Betty and take them to Mars so that the little Martian children can get presents from Santa.

Produced by Joseph E. Levine, Paul L. Jacobson and Arnold Leeds

Directed by Nicholas Weber

The Actors: John Call (Santa Claus), Leonard Hicks (Kimar), Vincent Beck (Voldar), Bill McCutcheon (Dropo), Pia Zadora (Girmar) , Victor Stiles (Billy Foster), Donna Conforti (Betty Foster), Chris Month (Bomar), Leila Martin (Momar), Charles Renn (Hargo), James Cahill (Rigna), Ned Wertimer (Andy Henderson), Doris Rich (Mrs. Santa Claus), Carl Don (Chochem / Von Green), Ivor Bodin (Winky), Al Nesor (Stobo), Josip Elic (Shim), Jim Bishop (Lomas), Lin Thurmond (children tv announcer), Don Blair (tv news announcer), Tony Ross (Santa's helper), Scott Aronesty (Santa's helper), Ron Rotholz (Santa's helper), Glenn Schaffer (Santa's helper), Gene Lindsey (Polar Bear)


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Santa is Kidnapped by Martians

As I write this it is December 2012, and the NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is roaming the planet Mars in search of life. What a waste of time and money! This movie from almost forty years earlier takes us all to Mars, along with Santa and little Billy and Betty. It seems that the children on Mars get very sad around Christmas time, so the leaders decide that the thing to do is to come to earth and kidnap Santa Claus so that he can make the children of Mars as happy as the children on the earth. After kidnapping Santa along with little Billy and Betty, they are chased by all of our military jets, but the Martians succeed in bringing Santa to Mars so that he can make toys there for all of the little green Martian boys and girls. What a mess! Santa may be gone forever from earth and all of the little boys and girls on earth may never again get toys and gifts on Christmas morning!

Grab the kids, pop a big bowl of fresh white kernel popcorn with warm melted butter on it and blast back to the future. If you were a kid from the 1960's you will be blown away with the sights and sounds that you thought you forgot about, and if you are a young child today . . . hop on the history wagon and learn what being a young child in the 1960's was like. Either way you are in for an exciting and heart-warming story about Santa Claus and the Martians!

Bill McCutcheon
Bill McCutcheon is sleeping on the job
Carl Don
Carl Don as Chochem, the wise old Martian
Carl Don
Carl Don as Werner Von Green, eminent NASA rocket scientist.
Pia Zadora and Chris Month
Pia Zadora and Chris Month meet the Martian robot
Chris Month and Pia Zadora
Chris Month and Pia Zadora watch earth television shows
Chris Month
Chris Month as a little green Martian boy
Don Blair
Don Blair is a newsman giving us the story of the kidnapping of Santa Claus
Pia Zadora and Chris Month
Pia Zadora and Chris Month are little green Martian children
Santa and the kids
Chris Month, John Call and Donna Conforti aboard the Martian space ship
Martians capture Santa Claus
The Martians with their robot break into the North Pole and capture Santa Claus.
Santa Meets the Martians
Santa Claus meets the Martian family
Victor Stiles and Donna Conforti
Victor Stiles and Donna Conforti are kidnapped by the Martians
Vincent Beck and Al Nesor
Vincent Beck and Al Nesor are two of the Martian villains
Vincent Beck and Leonard Hicks
Vincent Beck and Leonard Hicks are two Martian leaders who travel to the earth to kidnap Santa Claus
Vincent Beck
Vincent Beck is Kimar, one of the leaders of Mars