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The Three Stooges (1965)

THe Three Stooges

Released in 1965: “The Three Stooges, Color Madness” is a compilation of skits from 1965 television. The Three Stooges vaudeville act began in 1925 and appeared in their first movie, 'Soup to Nuts,' in 1930. The first Three Stooges were Moe Howard, his brother Shemp Howard, and Larry Fine. Then Curly Howard replaced Shemp until 1946 when Curly Howard had a stroke that ended his career. Shemp returned for a while, and after he died in 1955, Joe Besser and Joe Palma filled in, until Joe DeRita, nicknamed 'Curly Joe' joined the act in 1958, and the act became more popular than ever until 1970 when Larry Fine had a serious stroke.

The Actors: Moe Howard (Moe), Joe DeRita (Curly Joe), Larry Fine (Larry)


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