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Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (August 1, 1965)

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Released on August 1, 1965: (running time 1 hour and 14 minutes) In the year 2020 the moon has been colonized and three exploratory space ships head for Venus in search of life.

Produced by Roger Corman

Directed by Curtis Harrington

The Actors: Basil Rathbone (Professor Hartman on Lunar Station 7), Faith Domergue (Doctor Marsha Evans on space ship Vega), John Bix (John the robot), Gennadi Vernov (Andre Ferneau on space ship Sirius), Georgi Zhzhyonov (Hans Wlaters on space ship Sirius), Yuriy Sarantsev (Allen Sherman on space ship Vega), Georgiy Teykh (Doctor Kern on space ship Vega), Vladimir Yemelyanov (Commander Brendan Lockhard on space ship Sirius).


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In August of 1965 I was a thirteen year old with visions of an unlimited future. Our President Kennedy had been killed a couple of years earlier, but his vision to explore outer space was still alive, and a young boy's imagination had no bounds. Anything was possible. There could be worlds like ours out there in space just waiting for us to find them. On March 18, 1965 the Soviets sent a two man spacecraft into earth orbit and one of the astronauts left the ship for the world's first spacewalk. A week later on March 23 the U.S. sent Gus Grissom and John Young into space in Gemini 3. Then on June 3, 1965 aboard Gemini 4, astronaut Edward White II performs the first American spacewalk. The whole world was watching this amazing race to conquer outer space. A little over a month later, on August 1, 1965, Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet hit movie theaters all over America. Of course, in those days my preacher father wouldn't allow me to go to the movies, so I never saw this adventure on the big screen when I was thirteen. But I can still call up that thirteen year old and watch the movie with his eyes, and that is a very fun thing to do on a quiet, rainy afternoon. If you watch this movie with 2012 eyes it is a totally silly view of the future. But with 1965 eyes this is an edge-of-your-seat adventure into unknown worlds, where all things are possible! So pop your white kernel popcorn and drizzle on plenty of warm melted butter, and don't forget your 1965 mindset when you sit down to watch this vision into the year 2020 and the exploration of Venus. The plot and the special effects are completely ridiculous . . . and yet I enjoyed every second of the movie. In 1965 this was our brave peek into the year 2020, and what might have been our future. Are men from Mars and women from Venus? The last minutes of this adventure in space will at least clear up the Venus part, oh Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Basil RathboneCon on the planet Venus
Basil Rathbonecar used by astronauts
Faith DomergueGennadi Vernov
Faith DomergueGennadi Vernov
Georgi Zhzhyonon and Vladimir Yemelyanov in their space suits on VenusGeorgi Zhzhyonov
Georgi Zhzhyonov and Vladimir YemelyanovGeorgi Zhzhyonov
Faith DomergueJohn Bix as John the robot on Venus
Faith Domergue, 1965John Bix as John the robot
The earth ship sitting on VenusVladimir Yemelyanov
The space ship on VenusVladimir Yemelyanov