The Fat Spy (May 11, 1966)

Jayne Mansfield in The Fat Spy

Released on May 11, 1966: A group of bikini clad teens may discover the Fountain of Youth on an island off the coast of Florida, but a fat spy may give them plenty of trouble.

Directed by Joseph Cates

The Actors: Phyllis Diller (Camille Salamander), Jack E. Leonard (Irving and Herman Gonjular), Brian Donlevy (George Wellington), Jayne Mansfield (Junior Wellington), Johnny Tillotson (Dodo Bronk), Lauree Berger (Nanette), Jordan Christopher (Frankie), The Wild Ones (themselves), Lou Nelson (Punjab the Sikh), Toni Lee Shelly (Naiomi the mermaid), Penny Roman (herself), Adam Keefe (special voice), Chuck Alden (treasure hunter), Jill Bleidner (treasure hunter), Tommy Graves (treasure hunter).


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The 1960's in America was all about Free Love, Peace, drugs, good times, revolt against society, and folk music. This offbeat comedy begins with a folk song by a couple of fellows that were probably certain that they would become the next Beatles or Monkeys after we saw them singing . . . uh-h-h-h . . . that didn't happen. This parody of the beach movies even had a 'Frankie' and 'Nanette' - a parody of Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello and their popular beach movies of that time. There are several good reasons to watch this one, and a few to pass it by. Besides movie heavyweight Brian Donlevy (God only knows why he agreed to appear in this teen romp), there is sex-goddess of that day Jayne Mansfield. Even though she was five months pregnant with her fifth child, she put on her typical Blonde Bombshell performance. And you can see lots of pretty teens in their scandalous bikinis and tight trunks dancing to that new 'Rock n' Roll' music. If you want a riveting plot with tense action and drama that brings tears to your eyes, skip this one. If you want to see what your parents or grandparents were doing in the 1960's, and the movies that they watched, and the comedy they experienced, this is a great look at the mindset of teens in those rebellious 60's. This 'classic' was filmed in June of 1965 at Cape Coral, Florida, on the gulf coast. On the other side of Florida that same month the U.S. launched Gemini IV with two astronauts aboard, and astronaut Edward White became the first person to leave a spacecraft and walk/float in space.

The plot, what plot there is, is that an island off the coast of Florida has the real Fountain of Youth, and some silly teens may stumble across it. The wealthy owner of the island doesn't want the kids to discover this fountain, and sends his daughter 'Junior' to go to the island and check it out. There are some dastardly wicked sub-plots, but you don't need to worry about them. Just enjoy the look and feel of the 60's, and think of your grandmother wearing one of those bikinis and dancing wildly on the beach :~)