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Zontar, The Thing From Venus (1966)

Zontar, The Thing From Venus

Released in 1966: A scientist helps an alien from Venus come to earth for peaceful purposes, but Zontar starts to conquor the earth and it's people.

Directed by Larry Buchanan

The Actors: John Agar (Doctor Curt Taylor), Susan Bjurman (Anne Taylor), Tony Huston (Keith Ritchie), Pat Delaney (Martha Ritchie), Neil Fletcher (General Matt Young), Warren Hammack (John, rocket scientist at zone 6), Colleen Carr (Louise, zone 6 technician), Jeff Alexander (rocket scientist at zone 6), Bill Thurman (Sheriff Brad Crenshaw), Andrew Traister (Sergeant Magalari), Jonathan Ledford (zone 6 gate guard), George Edgley (Mr. Ledford, newspaper editor), Carol Gilley (Alice, zone 6 technician), Bertha Holmes (townswoman).


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In 1966 I was a fifteen year old who, along with the rest of the world, was entering the age of outer space exploration and the search for space men and space ships. The Russians landed a space ship on the moon that year, and they also crash landed another spacecraft on the planet Venus. In the U.S. the Gemini VIII headed for outer space with Astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott, who performed the first rendezvous and docking with another vehicle in space. And a lot of skeptical people like me believed that men from Mars or Venus or the Moon had already landed on earth and were working with the government. Project Blue Book was an official government study of Unidentified Flying Objects, but the public parts of it showed no real evidence of creatures from outer space. Of course, we believed that the real evidence was top secret, and the government wouldn't tell us about the real outer space creatures that it knew about. And of course there was Area 51 - the super top secret military base in Nevada. Rumors were that the government held the frozen remains of space aliens that they were studying, and more creatures from outer space landed there daily.

Zontar, The Thing From Venus looks a bit corny and phony through today's eyes, in 1966 this movie sent chills through many men and women, as well as us kids. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn and drizzle lots of warm melted butter on it, and get ready for a movie that raised goose bumps on your mom and dad or gram and grandpa about 50 years ago.

John AgarTony Huston
John Agar - 1966Tony Huston - 1966
Susan BjurmanColleen Carr
Susan BjurmanPat Delaney
Colleen CarrTony Huston and John Agar
Colleen Carr - remember that hair style?John Agar and Tony Huston
Neil Fletcher 
Neil Fletcher