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They Came From Beyond Space (May, 1967)

They Came from Beyond Space

Released in May, 1967: Scientists investigating a strange meteor shower in rural England are taken over by beings from another planet.

Directed by Freddy Francis

The Actors: Robert Hutton (Dr. Curtis Temple), Jennifer Jayne (Lee Mason), Zia Mohyeddin (Farge), Bernard Kay (Richard Arden), Michael Gough (Master of the Moon), Geoffrey Wallace (Alan Mullane), Maurice Good (Stilwell), Luanshya Greer (girl attendant), John Harvey (Bill Trethowan), Diana King (Mrs. Trethowan), Paul Bacon (Dr. Rogers), Christopher Banks (Doctor Street), Dermot Cathie (Peterson), Norman Claridge (Dr. Frederick Andrews), James Donnelly (guard), Frank Forsyth (Blake), Leonard Grahame (McCabe), Michael Hawkins (Williams), Jack Lambert (Doctor in the office), Robin Parkinson (Maitland), Edward Rees (bank officer), Katy Wild (girl in street), Kenneth Kendall (commentator), S. Newton Anderson (Peter).


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You may need two bowls of hot buttered popcorn for this 1960's science fiction adventure. It is 1967 - a year before the Americans promise to land a man on the moon. In rural England, the land of Doctor Who, there is a meteor 'shower' that lands on a farm in the formation of a perfect 'V'. Dotctor Temple, a famous scientist that writes about life on other planets is consulted and asked to investigate, but because he is recovering from a bad car crash, he is forbidden to go. Instead his entire staff goes to the crash site, including his girlfriend Lee, who has some of the reddest, BIG hair that was popular in the 1960's. When the team unearths the meteors, and one of the members gives a chunk of meteor a bang with a hammer, there are flashes of light, strange camera effects, and each member of the team is invaded by an alien from . . . the moon! The team quickly goes about invading other earth people of England and setting about strange construction on the farm. They drain all of their bank accounts, invade a banker and get him to advance them millions of pounds, and some great construction project is undertaken.

Next, a strange 'Blood Plague' infects the nearby town, and people die quickly and suddenly, covered with spots of blood. Dr. Temple is not affected by the aliens, and they cannot seem to invade or infect his body. It turns out that because of his auto accident, he has a silver plate in his head, and it is this silver plate that protects him from the aliens. When he is able to infiltrate the farm he discovers that the aliens are shipping the blood plague bodies to the moon for some reason. Can the Doctor find a way to stop the moon people from completing their dastardly plan? Will the Doctor go to the moon on one of their ships? Will the Doctor meet the Master of the Moon when he gets there? Will the Doctor ever be able to return to the earth? Will the earth be doomed by the Master of the Moon?

Buckle up, grab your popcorn, and enjoy a trip to the moon and back courtesy of our British brothers a full year before the American Yanks can accomplish that feat!