Spider Baby (January 18, 1968)

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Lon Chaney Jr. in Spider Baby

Released on January 18, 1968: A comedy horror thriller originally filmed in August and September of 1964 when it was financed by a couple of folks with a lot of real estate profits that wanted to invest in a horror movie primarily aimed at the drive-in theaters. Unfortunately they went bankrupt before the film was released, and it sat until David L. Hewitt purchased the distribution rights in 1968 and released it to the public. It quickly became a cult favorite.

Produced by Gil Lasky and Paul Monka

Directed by Jack Hill, who learned his movie skills while working for Roger Corman

The Actors: Lon Chaney Jr. (Bruno), Carol Ohmart (Emily), Quinn K. Redeker (Peter), Beverly Washburn (Elizabeth), Jill Banner (Virginia), Sid Haig (Ralph), Mary Mitchel (Ann), Karl Schanzer (Schlocker), Mantan Moreland (the messenger), Carolyn Cooper (Aunt Clara), Joan Keller Stern (Aunt Martha)

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