Wake Me When the War is Over (October 14, 1969)

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Wake Me When the War is Over

Released on October 14, 1969: When a young handsome airman parachutes over WWII Germany, a pretty society woman keeps him captive as her love-slave for many years after the war is over, convincing him that the war is still raging on.

Directed by Gene Nelson

The Actors: Ken Berry (Lieutenant Roger Carrington), Eva Gabor (Baroness Marlene), Werner Klemperer (Mayor Erich Mueller), Danielle De Metz (Eva), Hans Conried (Erhardt), Jim Backus (Colonel), Alan Hewitt, Woodrow Parfrey, Parley Baer (Erhardt's butler), William Wintersole, Norbert Schiller, Jon Cedar, Ben Wright, Ted Gehring, Walter Janovitz, Maria Schroeder, Art Lewis, Rolfe Sedan, Katharina Berger, Ron Nyman, Ted Stanhope, Alex Rodine, Charlotte Boerner, Martin Kosleck, Skip Young.


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If you are talking comedy from the 60's, there aren's many comic minds better than Danny Thomas. If you are talking well-made movies from the 60's Aaron Spelling is at the top of the list. Together they produced this comedy blockbuster, starring Ken Berry, Eva Gabor, Jim Backus and more.

It is the height of the Second World War, and Ken Berry is mistakenly dropped behind enemy lines in Germany. Fortunately (or mayby not), he enters the home of a German Baroness widow, and instead of turning him in, she make him her love-slave for the duration of the war. But when the war is over, and we are at peace with Germany, Baroness Marlene continues to persuade our soldier that the war is still on, and Ken remains her love-slave for many years. Finally, he is persuaded to leave her mansion, but he still believes that the war is on, and roams the German countryside afraid for his life, accompanied by a young maid that speaks no English and cannot convince him that the war is over. This misadventure continues for many hilarious minutes until he tries to 'strike a blow for democracy' and he attempts to blow up a dam that will flood the city.