C.C. and Company (October 14, 1970)

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Joe Namath in C.C. and Company

Released on October 14, 1970: Joe Namath is a biker that joins a gang harrassing Ann-Margret, and he helps her escape the gang.

Directed by Seymour Robbie

The Actors: Joe Namath (C.C. Ryder), Ann-Margret (Ann McCalley), William Smith (Moon), Jennifer Billingsly (Pom Pom), Mike Battle (Rabbit), Greg Mullavey (Lizard), Teda Bracci (Pig), Don Chastain (Eddie Ellis), Sid Haig (Crow), Bruce Glover (Captain Midnight), Kiva Kelly (Tandalaya), Jacquie Rohr (Zit-Zit), Robert Keyworth (Charlie Hopkins), Alan Pappe (photographer), Ned Wertimer (motorcycle salesman), Bill Baldwin (night watchmen), Shirley Eder (lady ticket taker), John Wasserman (store manager), Bonnie Emerson (model), Paula Warner (model), Wayne Cochran (himself, lead for Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Ryders), Ted King (Suicide Sam), Gary Littlejohn (Sitting Bull), Frank Noel (Kraut), Duncan Inches (spectator).

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Joe Namath, retired football star plays C.C. Ryder, member of a motorcycle gang livning in the wilderness. On the way out to the gang, he encounters a couple of guys from the gang that are stopped next to a disabled limousine. Inside is Ann, (Ann-Margret) a fashion designer/photographer waiting for the motor club to tow her limousine to town. The two bikers pull her out of the limo and get in, enjoying the booze and television that they discover inside. Then they pull Ann back into the limo and start to molest her, but C.C. jumps in and pulls the boys off of her and send them packing. When C.C. gets back to the gang, Moon, the leader of the gang is upset that C.C. stopped the boys from having their fun with Ann.

Later, the gang stumbles on a dirt track with dirt bikers practicing for a race. C.C. sees Ann there taking photographs, and schmoozing with Eddie Ellis, the star dirt biker, and C.C. decides that he needs to become a dirt biker so he can see more of Ann. He cons a motorcycle salesman out of a dirt bike and goes back to the track to practice. In the first race he comes in second, by dragging his bike across the finish line. After all the races of the afternoon he winds up in first place overall, with $600 cash to show for his efforts, and some sly looks from Ann.

Back at the gang heaquarters, he gives Moon $500 of his winnings, keeping $100 for himself, but Moon is angry and wants all the money in the gang funds. After a bruising fist fight, Moon gets the money from him, and gives it to Pom-Pom, his girl. But Pom-Pom likes C.C., and later that night, while talking to C.C., he makes passionate love to her, and at the same time reaches into her jeans pocket to retrieve his money. The next morning he leaves the gang, and makes his way into the city to find Ann and her boss, head of a dirt bike motorcycle company. He and Ann hit it off, and go out dancing - you'll see some great 1970's dancing by Joe Namath and Ann-Margret, along with some typical 1970's music. They spend the next day loving each other at Ann's palatial home. But before the weekend is over, Eddie comes by and is properly jealous that Ann likes C.C. more than him, and then when C.C. goes to the store for a few things, the guys from the motorcycle gang sneak into her home and kidnap her and take her back to their spot in the wilderness. It seems that Moon is pretty mad that C.C. is gone, and his money with him. When C.C. gets back from the store, a couple guys from the gang are waiting, and they bring him back also.

The poop is about to hit the fan, and this is where I get off . . . you need to watch this 1970's motorcycle gang thriller to see what happens next . . . you won't be disappointed.