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Cold Sweat (December 18, 1970)

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Cold Sweat with Charles Bronson

Released on December 18, 1970: An American living quietly in the south of France has a cruel past that he must face and either conquor or die.

Directed by Terrence Young

The Actors: Charles Bronson (Joe Martin), Liv Ullmann (Fabienne Martin), James Mason (Captain Ross), Jill Ireland (Moira), Michel Constantin (Whitey), Luigi Pistilli (Fausto Gelardi), Yannick Delulle (Michele Martin), Paul Bonifas (the doctor), Sabine Sun (the nurse), Roger Mailles (poker player), Nathalie Verallo (Violet), Remo Mosconi (Marius), Dominique Crosland (girl scout leader), Jean Topart (Katanga), David Hess (Michel Constantin's voice), Bob Ingarao (fisherman).

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This is a tough guy movie about two tough guys in a death struggle. Charles Bronson is in the brig in Germany for hitting another soldier. A corrupt officer (James Mason) is tossed into the brig with him for smuggling for the mafia, and during a jail break a German policeman is killed, and Joe (Charles Bronson) runs away, letting the others take the rap for the murder. Joe lives quietly in the south of France for many years, and now has a wife and a step-daughter, but Captain Ross (James Mason) gets out of jail and finds Joe, and they hold Joe's wife and step-daughter hostage to force Joe to use his boat for their smuggling needs. It is tough guy Joe (Charles Bronson), against the evil Captain Ross (James Mason), and only one will survive.

This is a French movie that was filmed in scenic Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Alpes-Maritimes, France, and dubbed into English, but you will enjoy this testosterone-filled alpha-male tough guy movie. You will see James Mason in a rare bad-guy role in the 1970's, still a young man. This movie takes place in July, near the French July 14 holiday, which is Bastille Day or La FĂȘte Nationale, the French 'Independence Day.'