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The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again (November 17, 1970)

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The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again

Released on November 17, 1970: Old Texas Ranger Nash Crawford brings together his old buddies to stop the corruption in his home town.

Directed by George McCowan

The Actors: Walter Brennan (Nash Crawford), Fred Astaire (The Baltimore Kid), Edgar Buchanan (Jason Fitch), Andy Devine (Amos Polk), Chill Wills (Gentleman George Agnew), Paul Richards (Sam Braham), Lana Wood (Katie Flavin), Parley Baer (The Mayor), Walter Burke (The Stableman), Lillian Bronson (Mrs. Louise Murphy), Jonathan Hole (Parson), Burt Mustin (best man), Don Wilbanks (the cowboy), Pepper Martin (the drifter), Eddie Quillan (Silver Dollar bartender), Mark Tapscott (the gambler).

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