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Mooch Goes to Hollywood (1971)

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Mooch Goes to Hollywood

Broadcast on television in 1971: Watch classic scenes of Hollywood and the actors of 1971 in this charming movie about a mutt that wants to be a star.

Directed by Richard Erdman

The Actors: Vincent Price (himself), James Darren (himself), Jill St. John (herself), Jim Backus (himself), Kim Hamilton (the nurse), Gino Conforti (the hairdresser), Jerry Hausner (the producer on the beach), Bert Holland (attendant), Grace Albertson (lady with cat), Jay Jostyn (man with the duck), Lynne Lipton (voice of Mooch), Higgins the dog (Mooch), Bettye Ackerman (herself), Marty Allen (himself, guest at party), Henny Backus (herself, hostess at party), Kathie Browne (herself, party guest), Richard Burton (ending narrator), Phyllis Diller (herself), Jay C. Flippen (himself, party guest), Zsa Zsa Gabor (narrator), Sam Jaffe (himself), Rose Marie (herself, party guest), Dick Martin (himself, party guest), Darren McGavin (himself, party guest), Edward G. Robinson (himself, party guest), Cesar Romero (himself, party guest), Mickey Rooney (himself), Wild Bill Tucker (Animal voices imitator), David Wayne (himself).

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Are you in need of a smile today? Do you want to watch a flick that you will enjoy as much as the children will enjoy? Get ready, because here it comes! Many are the tales about aspiring young ladies going to Hollywood in hopes of being 'discovered' and becoming a star. This parody of that tale involves a lady with a real tail, and a great tale. Mooch the mutt carries her belongings in a red handkerchief tied to a stick, and jumps off of a freight train near Hollywood with dreams of stardom. The elegant Zsa Zsa Gabor is the main narrator and Mooch's mentor as she wanders around town in search of fame. Zsa Zsa tells Mooch that she must be seen with the right people, so she heads in the front door of the Brown Derby restaurant, just to be unceremoniously tossed out to the curb. She doesn't get discouraged though, and heads around to the back door, where Vincent Price is exiting the restaurant. Mooch jumps into Vincent's convertible and it is love at first sight. Vincent drives Mooch to a Veterinarian in Bel Aire, and arranges for Mooch to have a check-up and to stay overnight at the vet. Mooch doesn't like this one bit, and runs away from the clinic. She gets back downtown and passes some vagrant hippies on the street, and Zsa Zsa warns her to keep right on going. When she comes to the Playboy Club, Zsa Zsa explains that many young ladies got discovered inside, but after entering, she gets kicked out of there also.

Walking along the street, she finds actor and singer James Darren working on his car at a car garage, and tries everything to get his atttention, finally getting him to pick her up when she feigns a bad paw. James takes her to the beach for the day where she watches the parade of beautiful people also trying to find fame. On the way home from the beach, though, Jim drops her off at the same animal clinic that she escaped from earlier in the day, and this time she is locked up in the kennel area, but manages to steal the key from the guard and once again escape from the Vet. Out on the street again she decides that she must get onto a studio lot if she is going to find fame, and while the guard at the gate is busy with someone else, she sneaks onto the lot. Walking down a western set, she watches a cowboy fall to the ground apparently dying, so she walks over to him and licks his face. The actor gets up, and the director stops the scene and chases Mooch away.

Next Mooch comes to the make-up room where Jill St. John is getting her make-up applied for the day, and Jill immediately spots Mooch for a star, and gives her some advice. Ms. St. John also advises the make-up artist that Mooch is obviously a star, and that the make-up artist should work his magic on Mooch as soon as Ms. St. John is finished. So Mooch gets the full treatment, with long lashes and a pretty bow, and fluffy fresh fur. When she leaves the make-up area, she wanders onto a set where Jim Backus is doing voice-overs for a comic, and Jim immediately falls in love with Mooch, and plans to use her in a movie he is in. Jim takes the gussied-up Mooch in his car, past the same animal clinic, and on to his mansion, where his wife Henny meets them at the door and escorts them to the back patio, where a party is in progress with a lot of famous actors. Mooch is having a great time, and is the toast of the party until she accidentally gets pushed into the swimming pool, where all of her make-up and lashes come off, exposing her as just a mutt, and not a star.

Mooch is sent packing from the party in disgrace, and once again is on the street wandering in search of her destiny. When she passes a gated mansion, she goes inside and sees a man getting into his car on his way to a golf outing, and Mooch hurriedly jumps into the front seat and leans her shaggy wet head against the back of the seat, looking pleadingly at the man that gets into the car. To Mooch's dismay, it turns out to be the Veterinarian that treated her like a mutt and that she got away from two times already. They look at each other for a moment, and then the Vet's expression changes from disdain to resignation to acceptance and love, and Mooch has found a home, if not stardom. Zsa Zsa tells Mooch that she is very lucky, and stardom is not always the best route for a young lady.