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The Woman Hunter (September 19, 1972)

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The Woman Hunter

Broadcast on television on September 19, 1972: Someone is killing wealthy women . . . is Dina Hunter (Barbara Eden) next on the list, or is she the reason all the women have been killed?

Directed by Bernard L. Kowalski

The Actors: Barbara Eden (Dina Hunter), Robert Vaughn (Jerry Hunter), Stuart Whitman (Paul Carter), Sydney Chaplin (George), Enrique Lucero (the nurse), Larry Storch (Raconteur), Norma Storch (Mrs. Trice), Aurora Munoz (Senora Amalia), Victor Hugo Jaurequi (Victor the chauffeur)

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Barbara Eden, of 'I Dream of Jeannie' television fame, plays Dina Hunter, a wealthy woman that inherited her wealth from her deceased father. She and husband Jerry (Robert Vaughn, from 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E. television show) are vacationing in Mexico. Dina has just gotten out of a hospital, and it seems that she recently had an auto accident that killed a man, and she has recurring flashbacks to the accident. When she met and married husband Jerry, he was a beach bum that her father didn't like, and that made him the perfect man for her. But now, her beach bum husband has turned into a work-a-holic businessman, just like her father was, and she is not happy about that. Enter mysterious Paul Carter, a beach bum house-sitting at the mansion next to Dina's. He is on a mission, but we are not sure what it is. He works really hard to become friendly with both Dina and Jerry, and arranges to paint Dina's portrait in the nude, wearing a lot of jewelry. The next evening she walks next door to see Paul, and he is out, but the sliding glass door is open, so Dina goes inside, calls his name, and as he isn't in, she wanders around. She discovers a painting of a woman without a face painted in, but wearing a valuable necklace that she owns. She also finds his audio diary, where he professes that his goal is to manipulate her so that he is alone with him in his house. She also finds newspaper clippings of her accident and recovery, and also clippings about other wealthy women that have been killed in the area. Suddenly, as she is getting frightened, shes hears Paul returning, so she quickly hides in a closet and watches. After he goes to bed she escapes from the closet, and the next morning goes to the local police and tells them about what she found, and that she believes that he is a jewel-thief murderer. The police point out that they cannot do anything without proof, but they will keep an eye on him. That evening there is a big city fiesta, and everyone will be there. Dina wears her necklace in hopes of luring Paul into the open so that the watching police can nab him, but by the end of the evening, everyone is convinced that Dina is imagining things and is terribly emotionaly upset, and Paul is not a threat to anyone. The next morning Dina is resting in bed, the local doctor has just finished examining her, and sadly tells her husband Jerry that she is in desperate need of psychiatric help. When Dina gets out of bed later, she discovers that she is alone in the house, and fearfully gets dressed. From the mansion next door, we see Paul watching her with binoculars, and saying, "One way or another, I'm going to do it now." Next we see Dina still wandering around her beach side home calling out in vain for the servants, and we see Paul running towards Dina's home. What happens next? Wouldn't you just like to know! Well, that's for me to know, and for you to find out. I double-dog guarantee you that you will not predict the ending of this one! Enjoy :~)