William Smith, Anitra Ford, Victoria Vetri, Cliff Osmond, Wright King
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“Invasion of the Bee Girls” is a horror sci-fi mystery directed by Denis Sanders and written by Nicholas Meyer. It has been removed because of adult content.

The Cast: William Smith (Neil Agar), Anitra Ford (Dr. Susan Harris), Victoria Vetri (Julie Zorn), Cliff Osmond (Captain Peters), Wright King (Dr. Murger), Ben Hammer (Herb Kline), Anna Aries (Nora Kline), Andre Philippe (Aldo Ferrara), Sid Kaiser (Stan Williams), Katie Saylor (Gretchen Grubowsky), Beverly Powers (Harriet Williams), Tom Pittman (Harv), William Keller (Joe), Cliff Emmich (the coroner), Al Bordighi (Herm), Jack Perkins (Barney), Susan Player (girl), Lloyd McLinn (M.P.), Don Hall (M.P.), Steve Lefkowitz (M.P.), Danielle Dupont (Elvira Ferrara), Mickey Caruso (redneck), Herb Robins (redneck), Gregory White (redneck), John Nelson (motel manager) F. Stewart Wilson (Dr. Lyons), Dick Murphy (the funeral director), Mary Sweeney (bee lady), Amanda Jefferies (bee lady), Sharon Madigan (bee lady), Rene Bond (bee lady), Kathy Hilton (bee lady), Colleen Brennan (nude bee girl on motorcycle), Christopher Geoffries (motorcyclist), Lynn Lemon (minister at the funeral).


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