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Grave of the Vampire (July, 1974)

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Grave of the Vampire

Released in July, 1974: A legendary vampire wakes and attacks a couple, impregnating a woman who has a baby that feeds on mother's blood.

Directed by John Hayes

The Actors: William Smith (James Eastman), Michael Pataki (Caleb Croft), Lyn Peters (Anne Arthur), Diane Holden (Anita Jacoby), Lieux Dressler (Olga), Eric Mason (Lieutenant Panzer), Jay Adler (Old Zack), Jay Scott (Paul), William Guhl (Sergeant Duffy), Margaret Fairchild (Miss Fenwick), Carmen Argenziano (Sam), Abbi Henderson (Carol Moskowitz), Kitty Vallacher (the unwilling mother), Frank Whiteman (unkown part), Inga Neilsen (unknown part), Lindis Guinness (unknown part)

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