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Silent Night, Bloody Night (April, 1974)

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Silent Night, Bloody Night

Released in April, 1974: It is the week before Christmas and strange killings are happening in an old mansion that was once a home for the criminally insane.

Directed by Theodore Gershuny

The Actors: Patrick O'Neal (John Carter), John Carradine (Charlie Towman), James Patterson (Jeffrey Butler), Mary Woronov (Diane Adams), Astrid Heeren (Ingrid), Walter Abel (Mayor Adams), Fran Stevens (Tess Howard), Walter Klavun (Sheriff Bill Mason), Philip Bruns (Wilfred Butler in 1929), Staats Cotsworth (voice of Wilfred Butler), Ondine (chief inmate), Tally Brown (inmate), Lewis Love (inmate), Candy Darling (guest), Harvey Cohen (inmate), Hetty MacLise (inmate), Jay Garner (Doctor Robinson), Donelda Dunne (Marianne Butler at age 15), Charlotte Fairchild (guest), Michael Pendry (Doctor), Alex Stevens (burning man), Barbara Sand (guest), Lisa Blake Richards (Maggie Daly), John Randolph Jones (bit part), George Strus (doctor), Grant Code (Wilfred Butler at age 80), Debbie Parness (Marianne Butler at age 8), George Trakas (inmate), Susan Rothenberg (inmate) Cleo Young (inmate), Kristen Steen (inmate), Jack Smith (inmate), Leroy Lessane (inmate), Bob Darchi (inmate)

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