It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (September 11, 1975)

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John Candy and Stephanie Powers

Released September 11, 1975: When a fortune hunter's wealthy wife doesn't die as quickly as he expects, he and his lover scheme to get rid of her. It looks like they succeeded in killing the millionaire wife, until complications ruin the perfect murder.

Directed by John Trent

The Actors: Anthony Newley (Sweeney), Stefanie Powers (Georgina), Isaac Hayes (Moriarty), Lloyd Bochner (Burton), Yvonne De Carlo (Julia), Henry Ramer (Prince), Lawrence Dane (Broom), John Candy (Kopek), Moya Fenwick (Mrs. Chorley), Anne Marie Sten (Big Red), Robert A. Silverman (lawyer), Roy Wadsworth (Albert).

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The 1930's and 1940's brought us screwball comedies, and their evolution has continued even today. This one from 1975 shows us a slice of comedy from 1975. What was the world doing in 1975 that provoked this comedy? Well, A gallon of gas in the U.S. was way up to 44cents, and in Great Britain it was even worse - petrol was .72 pound sterling! The Vietnam war had just ended, and lots of Veterans returned home to high unemployment and a recession economy. But good things were happening also . . . two teenagers created a new computer language called BASIC, and later that year Bill Gates, one of the teens, registered the silly name, 'Micro-soft' for his computer venture. Fat chance of THAT going anywhere. So we need a good chuckle, and here we go. Think 'Home Alone' in reverse. The poor people are the little kid that is attacked, and the wealthy folk are the idiots that stumble into every wacky stunt that Sweeny and his buds can set up. We have class warfare on screen - the super wealthy vs. the common man, and no holds are barred.

As our movie opens, we see beautiful young Georgina and her sugar-daddy husband in their limo heading to town for the day. Then we see Georgina in bed with another young fellow, it turns out that he is her ex-husband, a poor artist in this Texan city. Georgina likes the sex with her ex much better than the sex with her current sugar daddy, but the money and prestige that she enjoys keeps her with her sugar-daddy husband. Now it's obvious that Georgina and her ex still love each other - just wait till you see them argue - only people that love each other care enough to argue like that. As the movie progresses, we discover that her ex is determined to make her life a living hell until she returns to him. He and his cohorts use every screwball comedy technique available, including liquid laxitives, and assorted other goofy, childish, moronic stunts. In other words, if you can call your twelve year old inner self to the surface, . . . really good stuff!

So make your fresh popcorn, grab a whoopie-cushion, and settle in for what in 1975 was a comedic love story, and enjoy a story that brought laughs and love to America in 1975. In fact, I heard an unconfirmed rumor from a nearly comatose survivor of 1975 that swears that in Brittain, this movie provoked those fine folk to elect Margaret Thatcher!