Code Name Zebra - October 14, 1976

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Code Name Zebra

Released on October 14, 1976: A group of Vietnam Vets fights the mob for control of their neighborhood by using very unusual tactics.

Directed by Joe-Tornatore

The Actors: James Mitchum (Frank Barnes), Mike Lane (Carmine Longo), Richard X. Slattery (unknown), Timothy Brown (Jim Bob Cougar), Rockne Tarkington (unknown), Joe Donte (Voce), Glenn R. Wilder (unknown), Chuck Morrell (Lieutenant Dietrich), Deana Jurgens (Julie), Lindsay Crosby (Police Sergeant), Chris Costello (Mrs. Noble), Frank Sinatra Jr. (Kozlo), Charles Dierkop (Crazy), George 'Buck' Flower (Bundy), Mark Giordano (Sierra), Dennis Rucker (Larson), Jeff Celentano (Alex), Voyo Goric (Otto), Eric Morrell (Mark), Robert Z'Dar (Shigaru), Donna Lanz (Nikki), Robert Dryer (Noble), Mikel Angel (the Priest), Donald Tornatore (watchman), Robert Hudson (plainclothesman number 2), Jimmy Ritz (picket leader), Robert Apisa (Alonso), Russ Hillis (Hank), John Green (policeman number 1), Roger Bourban (delivery man number 1), Vincent O'Neill (delivery man number 2), Steve Thompson (Mat Temple), Vic Manning (Big Abe), Anthony Zichek (Anthony), Mary Leon (Mrs. Chavez), Dante Del Chairo (Jailer), Aimee Swanson (Noble's daughter), Gerry Miller (policeman number 2), David Ankrum (Arnie), Anthony Caruso (Salvatore), Bob Hevelone (plainclothsman number 1)

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