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Embryo (May 21, 1976)

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Rock Hudson in Embryo

Released May 21, 1976: A doctor discovers a way to grow a human embyo to full maturity in a few days time, but that adult becomes a homicidal maniac.

Directed by Ralph Nelson

The Actors: Rock Hudson (Dr. Paul Holliston), Barbara Carrera (Victoria Spencer), Diane Ladd (Martha Douglas), Roddy McDowall (Frank Riley), Anne Schedeen (Helen Hollison), John Elerick (Gordon Holliston), Vincent Baggetta (Collier), Jack Colvin (Dr. Jim Winston), Joyce Brothers (herself, Dr. Joyce Brothers), Dick Winslow (John Forbes), Ken Washington (Dr. Brink), Lina Raymond (Janet Novak), Sherri Zak (nurse), Joyce Spitz (trainer), George Sawaya (policeman), Hank Robinson (ambulance attendant), Chuck Comisky (fireman), Bob Reynolds (doctor)

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