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Sisters of Death (August, 1977)

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Rock Hudson in Embryo

Released in August 1977: Many years after a sorority pledge is accidentally killed, the remaining girls gather together and discover that the death was not an accident.

Director: Joseph Mazzuca

The Actors:
Arthur Franz (Edmond Clybourn), Claudia Jennings (Judy), Cheri Howell (Sylvis), Sherry Boucher (Diana), Paul Carr (Mark), Joe E. Tata (Joe), Sherry Alberoni (Francie), Roxanne Albee (Penny), Elizabeth Bergen (Liz), Paul Fierro (the Mexican truck driver), Vern Mathison (policeman)

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The Secret Society of Sisters (say that one three times fast!) is a college girls club that initiates each new member by aiming a gun with a blank bullet at their head and firing. All goes well until someone substitues a real bullet for the blank, and the new member is killed. Fast Forward seven years, and the five surviving members of the secret society each get a note inviting them to a 'reunion,' and giving them each 5 one hundred dollar bills to pay their way. When they each arrive at the destination, they find themselves in a mansion surrounded by an electric fence. It turns out that the papa of the murdered girl arranged this get-together to discover which girl put the real bullet next to her gun. Lots of suspense and hysterical girls follows, with a pretty good plot line. It's all great fun until the girls start dying, one by one. Who will survive? Who put the real bullet on the pillow?

You'll enjoy the clothes, hair and customs of 1970's America, and a decent murder mystery. Who Dunnit? You will only find out in the final 3 seconds of this one.