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Unknown day 1896 - Une nuit terrible (A Terrible Night)
Starring Georges Méliès


Unknown day 1897 - L'auberge ensorcelée (The Bewitched Inn)
Starring Georges Méliès


Unknown day 1898 - Le squelette joyeux (The Cheerful Skeleton)
Starring a skeleton puppet


Unknown day 1899 - Cendrillon (Cinderella)
Starring Georges Méliès, Jeanne d'Alcy, Barral, Bleuette Bernon


January 11, 1900 - Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc) - Historical Film Drama
Starring Georges Méliès, Jeanne d'Alcy, Bleuette Bernon


Unknown day, 1901 - What Happened on Twenty-Third Street - Historic Edison Short
Starring Alfred Abadie, Florence Georgie


July 15, 1902 - Jack and the Beanstalk - Fantasy Adventure
Starring Thomas White as Jack, produced by Thomas Edison

October 2, 1902 - Le Voyage dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon) - Sci-Fi Adventure
Starring Georges Méliès, Henri Delannoy, Bleuette Bernon, Jeanne d'Alcy


December 1, 1903 - The Great Train Robbery - Crime Adventure
Starring Justus D. Barnes, A.C. Abadie, Walter Cameron, Frank Hanaway


December 16, 1905 - The Night Before Christmas - First Movie of the Famous Poem
Starring unknown actors of the Thomas Edison Manufacturing Company


April, 1906 - A Trip Down Market Street - Historic San Francisco Short
A Streetcar Ride Down Market Street Just Before the Great Earthquake


July 8, 1909 - The Country Doctor - Silent Drama Short
Starring Kate Bruce, Frank Powell, Florence Lawrence, Mary Pickford

September 2, 1909 - The Sealed Room - Macabre Murder Short
Starring Arthur V. Johnson, Marion Leonard, Henry B. Walthall, Mary Pickford


March 18, 1910 - Mary Shelly's Frankenstein - Sci-Fi Horror Classsic
Starring Mary Fuller, Charles Ogle, Augustus Phillips

March 24, 1910 - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Classic Fantasy Adventure
Starring Bebe Daniels, Hobart Bosworth, Eugenie Besserer

August 1, 1910 - An Arcadian Maid - Traveling Salesman Drama
Starring Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett, George Nichols, Kate Bruce

December 23, 1910 - "A Christmas Carol" - Christmas Classic Drama
Starring Marcus "Marc" McDermott, Charles Ogle, William Bechtel, Viola Dana


April 21, 1911 - Troublesome Secretaries - Silent Comedy Short
Starring John Bunny, Mabel Normand, Ralph Ince, James Morrison

September 12, 1911 - Her Crowning Glory - Silent Comedy Short
Starring John Bunny, Flora Finch, Helene Costello, Mae Costello


January 5, 1912 - The New York Hat - Short Relationship Drama
Starring Mary Pickford, Lionel Barrymore, Charles Hill Mailes, Lillian Gish

January 16, 1912 - Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde - Silent Short Horror Drama
Starring James Cruze, Florence La Badie, Marie Eline, Harry Benham

February 15, 1912 - The Mender of Nets - Silent Short Drama
Starring Mary Pickford, Mabel Normand, Charles West, Charles Hill Mailes

March 28, 1912 - The Girl, Her Trust - Railroad Crime Thriller
Starring Dorothy Bernard, Wilfred Lucas, Edwin August, Christy Cabanne

May 13, 1912 - The Furs - Farce Comedy Short
Starring Mabel Normand, Dell Henderson, Kate Bruce, Mack Sennett

June 25, 1912 - Katchem Kate - Private Detective Comedy Short
Starring Mabel Normand, Fred Mace, Jack Pickford, Vivian Prescott

July 23, 1912 - The Portrait of Lady Anne - Romantic Ghost Story
Starring Florence La Badie, William Russell, Carl M. Leviness, Harry Benham

October 24, 1912 - The Painted Lady - Romantic Murder Drama
Starring Blanche Sweet, Madge Kirby, Charles Hill Mailes, Joseph Graybill

October 31, 1912 - The Musketeers of Pig Alley - First Motion Picture Gangster Adventure
Starring Elmer Booth, Lillian Gish, Walter Miller, Harry Carey


January 6, 1913 - The Telephone Girl and the Lady - Silent Crime Short
Starring Mae Marsh, Harry Carey, Lionel Barrymore, Claire McDowell

January 10, 1913 - The Evidence of the Film - Silent Crime Short
Starring Edwin Thanhouser, Florence La Badie, Marie Eline, William Garwood

March 10, 1913 - A Strong Revenge - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Mack Sennett, Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Nick Cogley

March 27, 1913 - That Ragtime Band - Silent Slapstick Comedy Short
Starring Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Edgar Kennedy, Nick Cogley

April 24, 1913 - Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life - Girl tied to Railroad Tracks Drama
Starring Barney Oldfield, Mack Sennett, Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling

July 23, 1913 - Granddad - Civil War Veteran Drama
Starring William Desmond Taylor, Mildred Harris, Frank Borzage

August 28, 1913 - Mabel's New Hero - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Mabel Normand, Fatty Arbuckle, Charles Inslee, Edgar Kennedy

November 13, 1913 - Fatty Joins the Force - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Fatty Arbuckle, Dot Farley, Billy Gilbert, Edgar Kennedy


January 12, 1914 - A Flirt's Mistake - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Fatty Arbuckle, Minta Durfee, Edgar Kennedy, Virginia Kirtley

February 2, 1914 - Making A Living - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Virginia Kirtley

February 7, 1914 - Kid Auto Race at Venice - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Henry Lehrman

February 9, 1914 - Mabel's Strange Predicament - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand

February 15, 1914 - The Squaw Man - First Hollywood Feature Film
Starring Dustin Farnum, Princess Red Wing, William Elmer, Slim Whitaker

February 28, 1914 - Between Showers - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Ford Sterling

March 2, 1914 - A Film Johnnie - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle

March 16, 1914 - His Favorite Pasttime - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle

March 26, 1914 - Cruel, Cruel Love - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Minta Durfee

April 4, 1914 - The Landlady's Pet - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Minta Durfee

April 11, 1914 - The Spoilers - Silent Gold Mine Adventure
Starring William Farnum, Kathlyn Williams, Paul William "Tom" Santschi, Bessie Eyton

April 14, 1914 - The Kiss - Silent Relationship Short
Starring Patricia Palmer, William Desmond Taylor, Myrtle Gonzalez, Jane Novak

April 20, 1914 - Twenty Minutes of Love - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Minta Durfee

April 27, 1914 - Caught in a Cabaret - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand

May 7, 1914 - A Busy Day - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swain, Phyllis Allen

June 11, 1914 - The Knockout - Silent Cornball Comedy
Starring Fatty Arbuckle, Minta Durfee, Charles Chaplin, Edgar Kennedy

September 7, 1914 - The Virginian - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Dustin Farnum, Winifred Kingston, Jack W. Johnston, William Elmer

September 7, 1914 - The Rounders - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Phyllis Allen, Minta Durfee

September 12, 1914 - Mabel's Blunder - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Mabel Normand, Harry McCoy, Charley Chase, Eve Nelson

September 28, 1914 - The Patchwork Girl of Oz - L. F. Baum's Whimsical Fairy Tale
Starring Violet MacMillan, Raymond Russell, Bobbie Gould, Marie Wayne, Hal Roach

October 26, 1914 - Dough, Dynamite - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Chester Conklin, Slim Summerville

November 14, 1914 - Tillie's Punctured Romance - Silent Slapstick Comedy
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Marie Dressler, Mabel Normand, Milton Berle

December 5, 1914 - Getting Acquainted - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Edgar Kennedy, Mack Swain

December 28, 1914 - Cinderella - Silent Fantasy Drama
Starring Mary Pickford, Owen Moore, Isabel Vernon, Georgia Wilson


January 14, 1915 - Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Mabel Normand, Fatty Arbuckle, Harry McCoy, Alice Davenport

January 18, 1915 - Mabel, Fatty and the Law - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Mabel Normand, Fatty Arbuckle, Harry Gribbon, Minta Durfee

February 1, 1915 - His New Job - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, Ben Turpin, Robert Bolder

February 13, 1915 - Broncho Billy's Sentence - Cowboy Crime Adventure
Starring Gilbert M.,erson, Virginia True Boardman, Evelyn Selbie

February 15, 1915 - A Night Out - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Ben Turpin, Bud Jamison

March 1, 1915 - Wilfull Ambrose - One Reel Comedy
Starring Mack Swain, Louise Fazenda, Vivian Edwards, Mae Busch

April 11, 1915 - The Tramp - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Ernest Van Pelt, Paddy McGuire

April 25, 1915 - On the Night Stage - Silent Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William S. Hart, Rhea Mitchell, Robert Edeson, Herschel Mayall

June 21, 1915 - Work - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Billy Armstrong, Marta Golden

June 29, 1915 - Crossed Wires, A Telephone Tragedy - Silent Drama Short
Starring Inda Palmer, J. Morris Foster, Florence La Badie, Ina Hammer

August 20, 1915 - Knight of the Trail, Two-Reel Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William S. Hart, Leona Hutton and Frank Borzage

November 25, 1915 - Martyrs of the Alamo - Dramatic Feature Film
Starring Sam De Grasse, Allan Sears, Walter Long, Alfred Paget

December 12, 1915 - The Cheat - Adultery Murder Adventure
Starring Fannie Ward, Sessue Hayakawa, Jack Dean, James Neill


February 13, 1916 - His Picture in the Paper - Silent Comedy Classic
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Clarence Handyside, Rene Boucicault, Jean Temple

May 15, 1916 - The Floorwalker - Slapstick Crime Comedy
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Eric Campbell, Edna Purviance, Lloyd Bacon

July 9, 1916 - Flirting with Fate - Silent Hit-Man Romantic Comedy
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jewel Carmen, Howard Gaye, W.E. Lawrence

August 25, 1916 - The Danger Girl - Madcap Comedy Romantic Adventure
Starring Gloria Swanson, Bobby Vernon, Helen Bray, Myrtle Lind

September 4, 1916 - The Count - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Eric Campbell, Albert Austin

October 2, 1916 - The Pawnshop - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Henry Bergman, John Rand

October 15, 1916 - The Return of Draw Egan - Silent Cowboy Crime Adventure
Starring William S. Hart, Margery Wilson, Robert McKim, Louise Glaum

December 17, 1916 - King Lear - William Shakespeare Tragedy
Starring Frederick Warde, Lorraine Huling, Wayne Arey, Ernest C. Warde


June 17, 1917 - Fires of Youth - Industrial Workers Drama
Starring Frederick Warde, Helen Badgley, Jeanne Eagels, Robert Vaughn

June 17, 1917 - The Immigrant - Short Immigration Comedy
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Tiny Sandford, Eric Campbell

July 1, 1917 - The Unfortunate Marriage - Murder Crime Drama
Starring Florence La Badie, Richard Neill, Gertrude Dallas, Arthur Bauer

July 12, 1917 - The Little American - World War I Drama
Starring Mary Pickford, Jack Holt, Raymond Hatton, Wallace Beery

September 22, 1917 - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm - Poor Girl Comedy Adventure
Starring Mary Pickford, Eugene O'Brien, Marjorie Daw, Helen Jerome Eddy


February 11, 1918 - The Unbeliever - World War One Adventure
Starring Marguerite Courtot, Raymond McKee, Erich von Stroheim, Kate Lester

March 11, 1918 - Amarilly of Clothes Line Alley - Silent Romantic Drama
Starring Mary Pickford, William Scott, Kate Price, Norman Kerry

March 31, 1918 - The Blue Bird - Family Fantasy Fairy Tale
Starring Tula Belle, Robin Macdougal, Lillian Cook, Emma Lowry

July 18, 1918 - Good Night, Nurse - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, Al St. John, Alice Lake

September 15, 1918 - The Cook - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, Al St. John, Alice Lake


February 16, 1919 - Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch - Feel-Good Orphan Adventure
Starring Marguerite Clark, Mary Carr, Vivia Ogden, Gladys Valerie

April 22, 1919 - The Roaring Road - Car Racing Adventure
Starring Wallace Reid, Ann Little, Theodore Roberts, Guy Oliver

May 11, 1919 - Daddy-Long-Legs - Silent Romantic Comedy
Starring Mary Pickford, Mahlon Hamilton, Milla Davenport, Percy Haswell

May 13, 1919 - Broken Blossoms - British Relationship Drama
Starring Lillian Gish, Richard Barthelmess, Donald Crisp, Arthur Howard

June 1, 1919 - True Heart Susie - Silent Romantic Drama
Starring Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Loyola O'Connor, Clarine Seymour

June 8, 1919 - Love's Prisoner - Jewel Thief Crime Adventure
Starring Olive Thomas, William V. Mong, Joe King, Francis McDonald

August 31, 1919 - The Hoodlum - Silent Riches-to-Rags Adventure
Starring Mary Pickford, Ralph Lewis, Kenneth Harlan, Aggie Herring

November 9, 1919 - Call for Mr. Cave Man - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Snub Pollard, Mildred Davis, Ernest Morrison

November 23, 1919 - Male, Female - South Seas Survival Adventure
Starring Thomas Meighan, Gloria Swanson, Lila Lee, Mildred Reardon

December 28, 1919 - The Greatest Question - Orphan Murder Ghost Story
Starring Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Ralph Graves, Eugenie Besserer


Unknown day, 1920 - J-U-N-K - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Hank Mann, Madge Kirby, Vernon Dent, John J. Richardson

January 18, 1920 - Pollyanna - Orphan Comedy Adventure
Starring Mary Pickford, Katherine Griffith, Howard Ralston, William Courtleigh

January 27, 1920 - Suds - London Romantic Comedy
Starring Mary Pickford, Albert Austin, Harold Goodwin, Rose Dione

April, 1920 - Terror Island - South Seas Treasure Hunt
Starring Harry Houdini, Lila Lee, Wilton Taylor, Eugene Pallette

May 10, 1920 - The Flapper - Coming of Age Adventure
Starring Olive Thomas, Warren Cook, Theodore Westman Jr., William P. Carleton

May 21, 1920 - Cecil B. DeMille's "Why Change Your Wife?" - Relationship Comedy
Starring Gloria Swanson, Thomas Meighan, Bebe Daniels, Theodore Kosloff

August 22, 1920 - The Love Flower - South Seas Crime Romantic Drama
Starring Carol Dempster, Richard Barthelmess, George MacQuarrie, Anders Randolf

September, 1920 - The Saphead - Stock Market Family Drama
Starring Buster Keaton, Beulah Booker, William H. Crane, Irving Cummings

September 1, 1920 - One Week - Physical Comedy Short
Starring Buster Keaton, Sybil Seely, Joe Roberts

September 3, 1920 - Way Down East - Silent Romantic Weeper
Starring Lillian Gish, Richard Barthelmess, Lowell Sherman, Mrs. David Landau

September 19, 1920 - Babe Ruth in "Headin' Home" - Silent Baseball Adventure
Starring Babe Ruth, Ruth Taylor, William Sheer, Margaret Seddon

October, 1920 - Something New - Mexican Kidnap Automobile Adventure
Starring Nell Shipman, Bert Van Tuyle, L.M. Wells, Merrill McCormick

December, 1920 - What Happened to Rosa - Cinderella Romantic Comedy
Starring Mabel Normand, Hugh Thompson, Doris Pawn, Adolphe Menjou

December 22, 1920 - The Neighbor - Tenement Building Romantic Comedy
Starring Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox, Joe Roberts, Joe Keaton

December 22, 1920 - The Scarecrow - Farmer's Daughter Comedy Adventure
Starring Buster Keaton, Sybil Seely, Joe Roberts, Joe Keaton


February 21, 1921 - The Haunted House - Silent Comedy Classic
Starring Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox, Joe Roberts, Edward F. Cline

March 6, 1921 - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Epic Love, War Drama
Starring Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry, John St. Polis, Pomeroy Cannon

March 6, 1921 - The Nut - Silent Comedy Classic
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Marguerite De La Motte, William Lowery

March 14, 1921 - Hard Luck - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox, Bull Montana, Joe Roberts

May 15, 1921 - The Goat - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox, Edward F. Cline, Joe Roberts

September 15, 1921 - Little Lord Fauntleroy - Rags to Riches Adventure
Starring Mary Pickford, Claude Gillingwater, Joseph J. Dowling and Kate Price

October 21, 1921 - The Ace of Hearts - Romantic Crime Thriller
Starring Lon Chaney, Leatrice Joy, John Bowers, Hardee Kirkland

November 20, 1921 - The Sheik - Romantic Desert Adventure
Starring Rudolph Valentino, Agnes Ayres, Adolphe Menjou, Loretta Young


January 1, 1922 - The Sawmill - Comedy Short
Starring Larry Semon, Oliver Hardy, Frank Alexander, Kathleen O'Connor

March, 1922 - Cops - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline, Virginia Fox, Steve Murphy

March 4, 1922 - Nosferatu, a Symphony in Horror - A Vampire's Story
Starring Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schroder, Alexander Granach

May, 1922 - My Wife's Relations - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Buster Keaton, Kate Price, Monte Collins, Wheezer Dell

August 5, 1922 - Blood, Sand - Romantic Drama
Starring Rudolph Valentino, Lila Lee, Rosa Rosanova, Leo White

August 27, 1922 - Flesh, Blood - Escaped Prisoner Crime Drama
Starring Lon Chaney, Edith Roberts, Noah Beery, Jack Mulhall

November 12, 1922 - Tess of the Storm Country - Silent Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Mary Pickford, Lloyd Hughes, Jean Hersholt, Milton Berle

November 26, 1922 - The Toll of the Sea - First Color Romantic Drama
Starring Anna May Wong, Kenneth Harlan, Beatrice Bently, Etta Lee


Unknown day, 1923 - Eddie Cantor - Standup Comedy Short
Starring Eddie Cantor

February 15, 1923 - Oscar Wilde's Salome - Biblical Drama
Starring Mitchell Lewis, Alla Nazimova, Rose Deone, Earl Schenck

September 2, 1923 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame - French Gothic Romantic Adventure
Starring Lon Chaney, Patsy Ruth Miller, Norman Kerry, Ernest Torrence

September 3, 1923 - Rosita - Silent Spanish Rags-to-Riches Romantic Drama
Starring Mary Pickford, Holbrook Blinn, Irene Rich, George Walsh


August 17, 1924 - The First Hundred Years - Newlywed Silent Comedy Short
Starring Harry Langdon, Alice Day, Frank J. Coleman, Louise Carver

September 14, 1924 - The Luck 'O The Foolish - Slapstick Comedy Short
Starring Harry Langdon, Marceline Day, Frank J. Coleman, Madeline Hurlock

October, 1924 - Her Night of Romance - Romantic Comedy
Starring Constance Talmadge, Ronald Colman, Jean Hersholt, Albert Gran

October 12, 1924 - The Hansom Cabman - Silent Comedy Short
Starring Harry Langdon, Marceline Day, Charlotte Mineau, Andy Clyde

December 30, 1924 - West of Hot Dog - Silent Comedy Adventure
Starring Stan Laurel, Julie Leonard, Lew Meehan


February 15, 1925 - The Midnight Girl - Romantic Drama
Starring Bela Lugosi, Lila Lee, Gareth Hughes, Dolores Cassinelli

March 1, 1925 - The Mad Whirl - Pre-code Romantic Drama
Starring May McAvoy, Jack Mulhall, George Fawcett, Marie Astaire

March 20, 1925 - Stan Laurel in Pie-Eyed - Comedy
Starring Stan Laurel, Glen Cavender, Thelma Hill

May 18, 1925 - The Joyless Street - Family Poverty Drama
Starring Greta Garbo, Asta Nielsen, Henry Stuart, Einar Hanson

June 22, 1925 - Athur Conan Doyle's, The Lost World - Fantasy Adventure
Starring Bessie Love, Lewis Stone, Wallace Beery, Arthur Conan Doyle

August 2, 1925 - Her Sister from Paris - Sophisticated Romantic Comedy
Starring Constance Talmadge, Ronald Colman, George K. Arthur, Gertrude Claire

September 6, 1925 - The White Outlaw - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Jack Hoxie, Marceline Day, Duke R. Lee, Floyd Shackelford

November 15, 1925 - The Phantom of the Opera - Horror Drama
Starring Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin

November 15, 1925 - The Road to Yesterday - Time Travel Fantasy Adventure
Starring Joseph Schildkraut, Jetta Goudal, William Boyd, Vera Reynolds

December 15, 1925 - The Perfect Clown - Silent Comedy Adventure
Starring Larry Semon, Kate Price, Dorothy Dwan, Oliver Hardy, Joan Meredith

December 16, 1925 - Wolf Blood - Romantic Fantasy Horror Adventure
Starring George Chesebro, Marguerite Clayton, Roy Watson, Ray Hanford

December 26, 1925 - Lady Windermere's Fan - Romantic Comedy
Starring Ronald Colman, May McAvoy


unknown day, 1926 - Anémic Cinéma - Experimental Comedy Illusions
Created by Marcel Duchamp

unknown day, 1926 - Ménilmontant - Avant-Guard Relationship Drama
Starring Nadia Sibirskaia, Guy Belmont, Yolande Beaulieu, Jean Pasquier

July 18, 1926 - Nell Gwyn - Silent British Historical Adventure
Starring Dorothy Gish, Randle Ayrton, Juliette Compton, Johnny Butt

July 25, 1926 - Move Along - 2-Reel Comedy Farce
Starring Lloyd Hamilton, Helen Foster, Glen Cavender, Anita Garvin

September 15, 1926 - The Block Signal - Railroad Sabotage Adventure
Starring Ralph Lewis, Jean Arthur, Sidney Franklin, George Chesebro

October 4, 1926 - Risky Business - Silent Romantic Comedy
Starring Vera Reynolds, Kenneth Thomson, Zasu Pitts, Ethel Clayton

November 7, 1926 - Raggedy Rose - Silent Romantic Comedy
Starring Mabel Normand, Carl Miller, James Finlayson, Anita Garvin

December 13, 1926 - The Cruise of the Jasper B - Silent Romantic Action Adventure
Starring Rod La Rocque, Mildred Harris, Snitz Edwards, Jack Ackroyd


January 31, 1927 - The Relay - College Comedy Short
Starring Dorothy Gulliver, Sally Blane, George J. Lewis, Eddie Phillips

February 5, 1927 - Buster Keaton in The General - Silent Civil War Comedy
Starring Buster Keaton, Marion Mack, Glen Cavender, Jim Farley

February 28, 1927 - Getting Gertie's Garter - Sexy Romantic Slapstick Comedy
Starring Marie Prevost, Sally Rand, Franklin Pangborn, Charles Ray

March 12, 1927 - The Beloved Rogue - French Revolution Romantic Adventure
Starring John Barrymore, Marceline Day, Conrad Veidt, Dick Sutherland

April 21, 1927 - Life in Hollywood, Part 1 - Behind-the-Scenes Hollywood Short
Starring Cecil B. DeMille, Francis Ford, Creighton Hale, Buster Keaton

April 28, 1927 - Life in Hollywood, Part 2 - Behind-the-Scenes Hollywood Short
Starring Ben Lyon, Herbert Rawlinson, Grace Darmond, Carmelita Geraghty

May 3, 1927 - His First Flame - Silent Cornball Romantic Comedy
Starring Harry Langdon, Natalie Kingston, Ruth Hiatt, Vernon Dent

May 5, 1927 - Life in Hollywood, Part 3 - Behind-the-Scenes Hollywood Short
Starring Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Bert Roach, King Baggot, Baby Peggy

May 12, 1927 - Life in Hollywood, Part 4 - Behind-the-Scenes Hollywood Short
Starring John Barrymore, Monte Blue, Corinne Griffith, Alan Hale, Ernst Lubitsch

May 19, 1927 - Life in Hollywood, Part 5 - Behind-the-Scenes Hollywood Short
Starring Dolores del Rio, Lupino Lane, Victor McLaglen, Max Reinhardt

May 26, 1927 - Life in Hollywood, Part 6 - Behind-the-Scenes Hollywood Short
Starring Miriam Battista, Jack Pickford, Anna Luther, Lottie Pickford, Fannie Ward

June 2, 1927 - Life in Hollywood, Part 7 - Behind-the-Scenes Hollywood Short
Starring Jack Mulhall, Conrad Nagel, Elinor Glyn, Bebe Daniels, Madge Bellamy

September 9, 1927 - The Cat and the Canary - Mystery Horror Thriller
Starring Laura La Plante, Creighton Hale, Martha Mattox, Forrest Stanley

September 10, 1927 - College - Silent Comedy Adventure
Starring Buster Keaton, Anne Cornwall, Harold Goodwin, Snitz Edwards

September 15, 1927 - Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre - Silent Pioneer Adventure
Starring Bryant Washburn, Chief Yowlachie, Shirley Palmer, Lucille Ballart

November 7, 1927 - Mickey's Eleven - Children Football Comedy Short
Starring Mickey Rooney, Jimmy Robinson, Billy Barty, Delia Bogard


May 20, 1928 - Steamboat Bill, Jr. - Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Buster Keaton, Marion Byron, Tom McGuire, Ernest Torrence

August 15, 1928 - The Adorable Cheat - Romantic Adventure
Starring Lila Lee, Cornelius Keefe, Burr McIntosh, Virginia Lee

October 6, 1928 - The Wedding March - Relationship Drama
Starring Fay Wray, Erich von Stroheim, Zazu Pitts, George Fawcett

November 1, 1928 - The Lookout Girl - Silent Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Jacqueline Logan, Ian Keith, Gladden James, Lee Moran

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February 3, 1929 - The Old Barn - Scary Comedy Short
Starring Johnny Burke, Thelma Hill, Andy Clyde, Irving Bacon

February 17, 1929 - Ask Dad - Romantic Comedy Short
Starring Edward Everett Horton, Winston Miller, Ruth Renick

February 21, 1929 - The Iron Mask - Classic Royalty Drama
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Belle Bennett, Marguerite De La Motte

August 3, 1929 - Paris Bound - Pre-Code Infidelity Romantic Drama
Starring Ann Harding, Fredric March, Carmelita Geraghty, Leslie Fenton

March 31, 1929 - Matchmaking Mama - Screwball Comedy Short
Starring Sally Eilers, Carole Lombard, Daphne Pollard, Matty Kemp

April 6, 1929 - The Wild Party - Romantic College Adventure
Starring Clara Bow, Fredric March, Marceline Day, Shirley O'Hara

April 20, 1929 - Nothing But The Truth - Comedy Adventure
Starring Richard Dix, Berton Churchill, Ned Sparks, Dorothy Hall

May 25, 1929 - Border Romance - Cowboy Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Armida, Don Terry, Marjorie Kane, Victor Potel

June 29, 1929 - High Voltage - Escaped Prisoner Hostage Drama
Starring William Boyd, Carole Lombard, Owen Moore, Billy Bevan

August 16, 1929 - The Dance of Life - Pre-Code Burlesque Show Biz Adventure
Starring Hal Skelly, Nancy Carroll, Dorothy Revier, Ralph Theodore

September 7, 1929 - Big News - Newspaper Reporter Crime Adventure
Starring Robert Armstrong, Carole Lombard, Louis Payne, Sam Hardy

September 12, 1929 - The Great Gabbo - Pre-Code Show Business Adventure
Starring Erich von Stroheim, Betty Compson, Donald Douglas, Marjorie Kane

September 28, 1929 - Her Private Affair - Blackmailing Murder Drama
Starring Ann Harding, Harry Bannister, John Loder, Elmer Ballard

October 15, 1929 - Mister Antonio - Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Leo Carrillo, Virginia Valli, Gareth Hughes, Frank Reicher

October 19, 1929 - Oh, Yeah? - Railroad Romantic Comedy
Starring Robert Armstrong, James Gleason, Patricia Caron, Zasu Pitts

October 20, 1929 - The Phantom in the House - Murder Mystery Situation Drama
Starring Henry B. Walthall, Nancy Welford, Ricardo Cortez, Grace Valentine

November 1, 1929 - Woman to Woman - Romantic Drama
Starring Betty Compson, George Barraud, Juliette Compton, Margaret Chambers

November 1, 1929 - The Trespasser - Pre-Code Romantic Weeper
Starring Gloria Swanson, Robert Ames, William Holden, Kay Hammond

November 9, 1929 - The Racketeer - New York City Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Carole Lombard, Robert Armstrong, Roland Drew, Paul Hurst

November 10, 1929 - Tanned Legs - Pre-Code Musical Romantic Adventure
Starring Arthur Lake, June Clyde, Sally Blane, Ann Pennington, Dorothy Revier

November 20, 1929 - Painted Faces - Pre-Code Murder Jury Drama
Starring Joe E. Brown, Helen Foster, Barton Hepburn, Dorothy Gulliver

December 1, 1929 - The Vagabond Lover - Jazz Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring Rudy Vallee, Sally Blane, Marie Dressler, Charles Sellon

December 7, 1929 - Glorifying the American Girl - Musical Comedy Drama
Starring Eddie Cantor, Rudy Vallee, the Ziegfeld Girls

December 9, 1929 - The Talk of Hollywood - Romantic Comedy Talkie Adventure
Starring Nat Carr, Hope Sutherland, Sterling Oliver, Fay Marbé

December 14, 1929 - Dance Hall - Romantic Adventure
Starring Olive Borden, Arthur Lake, Ralph Emerson, Margaret Seddon

December 20, 1929 - The Lost Zeppelin - South Pole Disaster Adventure
Starring Conway Tearle, Virginia Valli, Ricardo Cortez, Duke Martin

December 25, 1929 - Sunnyside Up - Pre-Code Romantic Musical Adventure
Starring Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Marjorie White, El Brendel


January 1, 1930 - Party Girl - Pre-Code Call Girl Drama
Starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Jeanette Loff, Judith Barrie, Marie Prevost

January 10, 1930 - Peacock Alley - Pre-Code Gold Digger Adventure
Starring Mae Murray, George Barraud, Jason Robards Sr., Richard Tucker

February 7, 1930 - The Phantom of the Opera, 1929 edit - Horror Drama
Starring Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Norman Kerry, Mary Fabian

February 15, 1930 - Officer O'Brien - Cop vs Gangster Crime Drama
Starring William Boyd, Ernest Torrence, Ralf Harolde, Russell Gleason

March 15, 1930 - Hell Harbor - Carribean Island Girl Romantic Adventure
Starring Lupe Velez, Jean Hersholt, John Holland, Gibson Gowland

March 15, 1930 - Clancy in Wall Street - Businessmen Comedy Adventure
Starring Charles Murray, Haggie Herring, Lucien Littlefield, Edward J. Nugent

March 16, 1930 - Framed - Pre-Code Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Evelyn Brent, Regis Toomey, Ralf Harolde and William Holden

April 1, 1930 - The Blue Angel - Romantic Tragedy
Starring Marlene Dietrich, Emil Jannings, Kurt Gerron, Reinhold Bernt

May 15, 1930 - Ladies in Love - Pre-Code Romantic Adventure
Starring Alice Day, Johnie Walker, Marjorie 'Babe' Kane, James P. Burtis

May 17, 1930 - Hal Roach's Rascals in Bear Shooters - Comedy Short
Starring Jackie Cooper, Leon Janney, Bobby Hutchins, Allen Hoskins

June 15, 1930 - The Medicine Man - Romantic Comedy
Starring Jack Benny, Betty Bronson

June 15, 1930 - Hot Curves - Baseball Comedy Adventure
Starring Benny Rubin, Rex Lease, Alice Day, Pert Kelton

July 5, 1930 - Inside the Lines - Female Spy Mystery Adventure
Starring Betty Compson, Ralph Forbes, Montagu Love, Betty Carter

July 15, 1930 - Paradise Island - South Seas Romantic Adventure
Starring Marceline Day, Kenneth Harlan, Tom Santschi, Paul Hurst

July 20, 1930 - Kathleen Mavourneen - Irish Love Story
Starring Sally O'Neil, Charles Delaney, Robert Elliott, Aggie Herring

August 1, 1930 - Dixiana - Musical Comedy
Starring Bebe Daniels, Everett Marshall, Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey

August 1, 1930 - Wings of Adventure - Airplane Mexican Crime Adventure
Starring Rex Lease, Armida, Clyde Cook, Fred Malatesta

August 1, 1930 - Worldly Goods - Airplane Romantic Revenge Adventure
Starring James Kirkwood, Merna Kennedy, Ferdinand Schumann-Heink, Shannon Day

August 3, 1930 - Night Work - Comedy Romantic Adventure
Starring Eddie Quillan, Sally Starr, Frances Upton, Robert McWade

August 10, 1930 - The Thoroughbred - Horseracing Crime Adventure
Starring Wesley Barry, Judith Barrett, Pauline Garon, Larry Steers

August 10, 1930 - Two Plus Fours - Musical Comedy Short
Starring Nat Carr, Thelma Hill, Bing Crosby, Edgar Dearing

August 15, 1930 - Africa Speaks - Travelogue Documentary
Starring Harald Austin, Paul L. Hoefler, Lowell Thomas

August 20, 1930 - Borrowed Wives - Pre-Code Romantic Comedy
Starring Rex Lease, Vera Reynolds, Nita Martan, Paul Hurst

August 21, 1930 - Danger Lights - Railroad Romantic Thriller
Starring Jean Arthur, Robert Armstrong, Louis Wolheim, Frank Sheridan

September 10, 1930 - Under Montana Skies - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Kenneth Harlan, Slim Summerville, Dorothy Gulliver, Nita Martan

September 20, 1930 - Shadow Ranch - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buck Jones, Marguerite De La Motte, Kate Price, Frank Rice

September 30, 1930 - A Warm Corner - British Slapstick Romantic Sit-Com
Starring Leslie Henson, Heather Thatcher, Belle Chrystall, Austin Melford

October 4, 1930 - Half Shot at Sunrise - Musical Comedy
Starring Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Dorothy Lee

October 10, 1930 - Extravagance - Pre-Code Infidelity Drama
Starring June Collyer, Dorothy Christy, Lloyd Hughes, Owen Moore

October 15, 1930 - The Pay-Off - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Lowell Sherman, Marian Nixon, Hugh Trevor, George M. Marion

October 22, 1930 - Just Like Heaven - Parisian Romantic Drama
Starring Anita Louise, David Newell, Yola d'Avril, Gaston Glass

October 25, 1930 - The Silver Horde - Alaskan Romantic Adventure
Starring Evelyn Brent, Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, Louis Wolheim

November 8, 1930 - Abraham Lincoln - Historical Drama
Starring Walter Huston, Una Merkel, Kay Hammond, Jason Robards Sr.

November 10, 1930 - Sin Takes A Holiday - Romantic Adventure
Starring Constance Bennett, Kenneth MacKenna, Basil Rathbone, Rita La Roy

November 15, 1930 - Under Texas Skies - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Custer, Natalie Kingston, Bill Cody, Tom London

November 22, 1930 - School's Out - Children's Comedy Short
Starring Jackie Cooper, June Marlowe, Allen 'Farina' Hoskins, Mary Ann Jackson

December 7, 1930 - Rogue of the Rio Grande - Bandit Romantic Adventure
Starring Myrna Loy, Jose Bohr, Raymond Hatton, Carmelita Geraghty

December 29, 1930 - Reaching for the Moon - Pre-Code Romantic Adventure
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Bebe Daniels, Edward Everett Horton, Claud Allister


January 15, 1931 - The Royal Bed - Royal Romantic Comedy
Staring Lowell Sherman, Mary Astor, Anthony Bushell, Nance O'Neil

January 17, 1931 - Other Men's Women - Pre-Code Railroad Romantic Triangle
Staring Grant Withers, Mary Astor, Regis Toomey, James Cagney

January 19, 1931 - Beau Ideal - French Foreign Legion Adventure
Staring Ralph Forbes, Loretta Young, Lester Vail, Leni Stengel

February 1, 1931 - The Fighting Caravans - Pre-Code Zane Grey Western Adventure
Staring Gary Cooper, Lili Damita, Ernest Torrence, Tully Marshall, Eugene Pallette

February 8, 1931 - Millie - Pre-Code Adultery Murder Drama
Staring Helen Twelvetrees, Anita Louise, Joan Blondell, John Halliday

February 22, 1931 - Lonely Wives - Pre-Code Romantic Cornball Comedy
Starring Edward Everett Horton, Esther Ralston, Laura La Plante, Patsy Ruth Miller

February 22, 1931 - Kept Husbands - Romantic Dramatic Adventure
Starring Dorothy Mackaill, Joel McCrea, Ned Sparks, Mary Carr

February 28, 1931 - Parlor, Bedroom, Bath - Romantic Slapstick Comedy
Starring Buster Keaton, Reginald Denny, Charlotte Greenwood, Dorothy Christy

March 1, 1931 - Ten Nights in a Barroom - Temperance Family Drama
Starring William Farnum, Tom Santschi, Peggy Lou Lynd, Robert Frazer

March 2, 1931 - The Drums of Jeopardy - Mad Scientist Murder Thriller
Starring Warner Oland, June Collyer, Lloyd Hughes, Clara Blandick

March 7, 1931 - The Painted Desert - Cowboy Western
Starring William Boyd, William Farnum, Helen Twelvetrees, Clark Gable

March 8, 1931 - The Lady Refuses - Love Triangle Murder Drama
Starring Betty Compson, John Darrow, Gilbert Emery, Margaret Livingston

March 14, 1931 - Kiki - Romantic Comedy
Starring Mary Pickford, Reginald Denny, Joseph Cawthorn, Margaret Livingston

March 15, 1931 - Behind Office Doors - Pre-Code Romantic Quadrangle
Starring Mary Astor, Robert Ames, Ricardo Cortez, Catherine Dale Owen

April 4, 1931 - The Front Page - Newspaper Screwball Crime Comedy
Starring Adolphe Menjou, Pat O'Brien, Mary Brian, Edward Everett Horton

April 4, 1931 - The Stolen Jools - Charity Comedy Short
Starring Edward G. Robinson, Joan Crawford, Irene Dunne, Gary Cooper

April 14, 1931 - Trapped - Bank Robber Crime Adventure
Starring Toby Wing, Kenne Duncan, Wheeler Oakman, Romeo Gaskins

May 16, 1931 - Gloria Swanson in "Indiscreet" - Romantic Drama
Starring Gloria Swanson, Ben Lyon, Barbara Kent, Arthur Lake

May 22, 1931 - Svengali - Hypnotic Romantic Domination Drama
Starring John Barrymore, Marian Marsh, Bramwell Fletcher

May 24, 1931 - Defenders of the Law - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Catherine Dale Owen, Edmund Breese, Mae Busch, Paul Panzer

May 24, 1931 - Ghost Parade - Comedy Short
Starring Andy Clyde, Marjorie Beebe, Harry Gribbon

May 25, 1931 - In Old Cheyenne - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Rex Lease, Dorothy Gulliver, Jay Hunt, Harry Woods

July 12, 1931 - Sherlock Holmes Fatal Hour - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Arthur Wontner, Ian Fleming, Minnie Rayner, Leslie Perrins

August 1, 1931 - Mother and Son - Pre-Code Depression Era Casino Drama
Starring Clara Kimball Young, Bruce Kimball Warren, John Elliott, Mildred Golden

August 1, 1931 - East of Borneo - Wild Jungle Adventure
Starring Rose Hobart, Charles Bickford, Georges Renavent, Lupita Tovar

August 1, 1931 - The Mystery Train - Ex-Con Blackmail Romantic Adventure
Starring Marceline Day, Hedda Hopper, Nick Stuart, Bryant Washburn

August 8, 1931 - The Woman Between - Soap Opera Love Triangle
Starring Lili Damita, Lester Vail, O.P. Heggie, Miriam Seegar

August 9, 1931 - Law of the Rio Grande - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Custer, Betty Mack, Carlton S. King, Nelson McDowell

September 1, 1931 - Murder at Midnight - Crime Mystery
Starring Aileen Pringle, Alice White, Hale Hamilton

September 7, 1931 - Julius Sizzer - Short Crime Comedy Spoof
Starring Benny Rubin, Gwen Lee, Lena Malena, Matthew Betz

September 20, 1931 - Hard Hombre - Cowboy Western
Starring Hoot Gibson, Lina Basquette

October, 1931 - Free, Easy - One Reel Comedy
Starring Edger Bergen, Christina Graver

October 1, 1931 - Grief Street - Broadway Murder Mystery
Starring Barbara Kent, John Holland, Dorothy Christy, Crauford Kent

October 15, 1931 - Chinatown After Dark - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Carmel Myers, Rex Lease, Barbara Kent, Edmund Breese

November 1, 1931 - The Phantom - Horror Thriller
Starring Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Allene Ray

November 1, 1931 - The Wall Street Mystery - Short Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Donald Meek, John Hamilton, Frances Dale, Hobart Cavanaugh

November 2, 1931 - Night Life in Reno - Pre-Code Divorce Murder Drama
Starring Virginia Valli, Jameson Thomas, Dorothy Christy, Arthur Housman

November 2, 1931 - Convicted - Romance Murder Mystery
Starring Aileen Pringle, Jameson Thomas

November 2, 1931 - Convicted - Romance Murder Mystery
Starring Aileen Pringle, Jameson Thomas

November 8, 1931 - Branded Men - Cowboy Western Comedy Adventure
Starring Ken Maynard, Irving Bacon, Billy Bletcher, Charles King

November 28, 1931 - Corsair - Wall Street Prohibition Pirate Drama
Starring Chester Morris, Thelma Todd, Ned Sparks, Frank McHugh

November 29, 1931 - U-67, The Sea Ghost - New Orleans Treasure Hunt
Starring Alan Hale, Laura La Plante, Clarence Wilson, Peter Erkelenz

December 1, 1931 - The Range Feud - Cowboy Western
Starring John Wayne, Susan Fleming

December 1, 1931 - Forgotten Women - Pre-Code Romantic Gangster Adventure
Starring Marion Shilling, Beryl Mercer, Rex Bell, Virginia Lee Corbin

December 2, 1931 - Emil und die Detektiv - German Children's Adventure
Starring Rolf Wenkhaus, Inge Landgut, Fritz Rasp, Hubert Schmitz

December 6, 1931 - The Pocatello Kid - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Ken Maynard, Marceline Day, Charles King, Richard Cramer

December 13, 1931 - X Marks the Spot - Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Wallace Ford, Fred Kohler, Sally Blane, Lew Cody

December 31, 1931 - A Private Scandal - Jewel Thief Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Marian Nixon, Lloyd Hughes, Theodore von Eltz, Lucille Powers


Unknown day, 1932 - The Girl From Chicago - Black Cinema Crime Adventure
Starring Carl Mahon, Star Calloway, Grace Smith and Frank H. Wilson

Unknown day, 1932 - The Phantom Fiend (The Lodger) - Suspense Crime Drama
Starring Ivor Novello, Elizabeth Allan, A.W. Baskcomb, Barbara Everest

January 2, 1932 - Discarded Lovers - Whodunit Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Natalie Moorhead, Russell Hopton, Barbara Weeks, J. Farrell MacDonald

January 10, 1932 - The Drifter - French Canadian Crime Drama
Starring William Farnum, Noah Beery, Phyllis Barrington, Bruce Warren

January 15, 1932 - The Local Bad Man - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Hoot Gibson, Sally Blane, Hooper Atchley, Edward Hearn

January 20 1932 - Law of the Sea - Relationship Drama
Starring William Farnum, Rex Bell, Sally Blane, Eve Southern

January 30, 1932 - Hell's House - Reform School Drama
Starring Bette Davis, Pat O'Brien, Junior Durkin, Frank Coghlan Jr.

February 10, 1932 - The Monster Walks - Horror Mystery
Starring Rex Lease, Vera Reynolds

February 11, 1932 - The Docks of San Francisco - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Mary Nolan, John Davidson, Marjorie Beebe, Jason Robards Sr.

February 13, 1932 - Three Broadway Girls - Gold-Digger Romantic Comedy
Starring Joan Blondell, Madge Evans, Ina Claire, David Manners

February 14, 1932 - Cross Examination - Pre-Code Courtroom Murder Mystery
Starring H.B. Warner, Sally Blane, Natalie Moorhead, Edmund Breese

February 15, 1932 - The Reckoning - Jewel Thief Crime Adventure
Starring Sally Blane, James Murray, Edmund Breese, Thomas E. Jackson

February 20, 1932 - Police Court - Alcoholic Actor Drama
Starring Henry B. Walthall, Leon Janney, King Baggot, Al St. John

February 22, 1932 - Sinister Hands - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Jack Mulhall, Phyllis Barrington

March 1, 1932 - Love Bound, Murder on the High Seas - Gold-Digger Murder Drama
Starring Jack Mulhall, Natalie Moorhead, Clara Kimball Young, Edmund Breese

March 3, 1932 - Hell-Fire Austin - Action Cowboy Western
Starring Ken Maynard, Ivy Merton

March 7, 1932 - Hotel Continental - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Peggy Shannon, Theodore von Eltz, J. Farrell MacDonald

March 15, 1932 - Vanity Fair - Pre-Code Gold-Digger Drama
Starring Myrna Loy, Conway Tearle, Barbara Kent, Walter Byron

April 1, 1932 - Probation - Chick-Flick Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Sally Blane, John Darrow, Betty Grable, Clara Kimball-Young

May 1, 1932 - Love in High Gear - Screwball Comedy
Starring Harrison Ford, Anberta Vaughn, Tyrell Davis, Arthur Hoyt

May 10, 1932 - They Never Come Back - Boxing Adventure Drama
Starring Regis Toomey, Dorothy Sebastian, Edward Woods, Greta Granstedt

May 15, 1932 - Strangers of the Evening - Comedy Mystery
Starring Zasu Pitts, Lucien Littlefield

May 21, 1932 - Lena Rivers - Kentucky Plantation Drama
Starring Charlotte Henry, James Kirkwood, Morgan Galloway, Joyce Compton

May 30, 1932 - Flames, Fire Alarm - Romantic Firefighter Action Adventure
Starring Johnny Mack Brown, George Cooper, Noel Francis, Marjorie Beebe

June 8, 1932 - Two Fisted Law - Romantic Cowboy Adventure
Starring Tim McCoy, Alice Day, John Wayne, Walter Brennan

June 9, 1932 - Unholy Love - Pre-Code Soap-Opera Style Drama
Starring H.B. Warner, Joyce Compton, Lila Lee, Lyle Talbot

July 14, 1932 - Behind Stone Walls - Murder Crime Drama
Starring Edward J. Nugent, Priscilla Dean, Ann Christy, Robert Elliott

June 15, 1932 - The Stoker - South America Romantic Adventure
Starring Monte Blue, Dorothy Burgess, Noah Beery, Natalie Moorhead

July 15, 1932 - Alias Mary Smith - Crime Adventure
Starring Blanche Mehaffey, John Darrow, Gwen Lee, Raymond Hatton

July 17, 1932 - The Man Called Back - Pre-Code Island Crime Adventure
Starring Conrad Nagel, Doris Kenyon, John Halliday, Juliette Compton

August 4, 1932 - White Zombie - West Indies Fantasy Thriller
Starring Bela Lugosi, Madge Bellamy, Joseph Cawthorn, Robert Frazer

August 9, 1932 - The Thirteenth Guest - Murder Mystery Whodunnit Adventure
Starring Ginger Rogers, Lyle Talbot, J. Farrell MacDonald, Paul Hurst

August 12, 1932 - Bird of Paradise - South Seas Island Love Story
Starring Joel McCrea, Dolores del Rio, John Halliday, Wade Boteler

August 13, 1932 - Speak Easily - Comedy
Starring Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante, Ruth Selwyn, Hedda Hopper

August 14, 1932 - The Sign of Four - Sherlock Holmes Mystery Adventure
Starring Arthur Wontner, Isla Bevan, Ian Hunter, Graham Soutten

August 15, 1932 - The Phantom Express - Mystery Thriller
Starring William Collier Jr., Sally Blane

August 15, 1932 - Trapped in Tia Juana - Romantic Bandit Zorro Adventure
Starring Edwina Booth, Duncan Renaldo, Dot Farley, Joseph W. Girard

August 17, 1932 - The Last Mile - Death House Prison Drama
Starring Howard Phillips, Preston Foster, George E. Stone, Daniel L. Haynes

August 19, 1932 - Mr. Robinson Crusoe - South Seas Adventure
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, William Farnum, Earle Browne, Maria Alba

August 26, 1932 - His Royal Highness - Australian Musical Comedy
Starring George Wallace, John Dobbie, Byrl Walkley, Marshall Crosby

August 30, 1932 - Klondike - Romantic Medical Drama
Starring Thelma Todd, Lyle Talbot, Henry B. Walthall, Jason Robards Sr.

September 11, 1932 - Those We Love - Marriage Infidelity Relationship Drama
Starring Mary Astor, Kenneth MacKenna, Lilyan Tashman, Hale Hamilton

September 1, 1932 - Hearts of Humanity - Pre-Teen NYC Family Adventure
Starring Jean Hersholt, Jackie Searl, Richard Wallace, Claudia Dell

September 10, 1932 - Broadway to Cheyenne - Big City Gangster Cowboy Adventure
Starring Rex Bell, Marceline Day, Robert Ellis, George 'Gabby' Hayes

September 16, 1932 - The Most Dangerous Game - Horror Murder Thriller
Starring Fay Wray, Joel McCrea, Leslie Banks, Robert Armstrong

September 24, 1932 - Out of Singapore - Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Dorothy Burgess, Noah Beery, Miriam Seegar, George Walsh

September 25, 1932 - The Crooked Circle - Haunted House Horror Comedy
Starring Zasu Pitts, Tom Kennedy, James Gleason, Ben Lyon

September 30, 1932 - Heritage of the Desert - Zane Grey Western Adventure
Starring Randolph Scott, Sally Blane, J. Farrell MacDonald, Vince Barnett

October 5, 1932 - Gold - Cowboy Western Crime Adventure
Starring Alice Day, Jack Hoxie, Hooper Atchley, Lafe McKee

October 5, 1932 - The Crusader - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Evelyn Brent, H.B. Warner, Lew Cody, Ned Sparks

October 10, 1932 - The King Murder - True Gold-Digger Murder Mystery
Starring Conway Tearle, Natalie Moorhead, Marceline Day, Dorothy Revier

October 12, 1932 - Held for Murder - Pre-Code Infidelity Murder Adventure
Starring Conway Tearle, Irene Rich, Mary Carlisle, Kenneth Thomson

October 12, 1932 - Rain - South Seas Island Adventure
Starring Joan Crawford, Walter Huston, William Gargan, Guy Kibbee

October 15, 1932 - The Cowboy Counsellor - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Hoot Gibson, Sheila Bromley, Jack Rutherford, Al Bridge

October 15, 1932 - Slightly Married - Delightful Romantic Adventure
Starring Evalyn Knapp, Walter Byron, Jason Robards Sr., Marie Prevost

October 18, 1932 - Pride of the Legion - Rum-Runner Crime Adventure
Starring Victor Jory, Barbara Kent, J. Farrell MacDonald, Sally Blane

October 18, 1932 - Tangled Destinies - Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Gene Morgan, Doris Hill, Glenn Tryon, Vera Reynolds

October 18, 1932 - The Heart Punch - Boxing Murder Romantic Drama
Starring Lloyd Hughes, Marion Shilling, Wheeler Oakman, Gordon De Main

October 21, 1932 - Red Haired Alibi - NYC Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Merna Kennedy, Theodore von Eltz, Grant Withers, Shirley Temple

October 24, 1932 - The Girl From Calgary - Romantic Broadway Drama
Starring Fifi D'Orsay, Paul Kelly, Robert Warwick, Edwin Maxwell

October 26, 1932 - There Goes the Bride - Romantic Screwball Comedy
Starring Jessie Matthews, Owen Nares, Carol Goodner, Jerry Verno

November 4, 1932, 1932 - Malay Nights - South Seas Islands Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Dorothy Burgess, Ralph Ince, Carmelita Geraghty

November 15, 1932 - The Midnight Warning - Detective Mystery Adventure
Starring William 'Stage' Boyd, Claudia Dell, Huntley Gordon, Hooper Atchley

November 18, 1932 - Men Are Such Fools - Pre-Code Gold-Digger Drama
Starring Leo Carillo, Vivienne Osborne, Una Merkel, Joseph Cawthorn

November 20, 1932 - A Strange Adventure - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Regis Toomey, June Clyde, Jason Robards Sr., William V. Mong

November 21, 1932 - Gambling Sex - Horseracing Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Ruth Hall, Grant Withers, Maston WIlliams, Jean Porter

November 27, 1932 - Uptown New York - Romantic Drama
Starring Shirley Grey, Jack Oakie, Leon Ames, George Cooper

December 1, 1932 - Manhattan Tower - Pre-Code Situation Drama
Starring Mary Brian, James Hall, Noel Francis, Walter Brennan

December 5, 1932 - The Savage Girl - Jungle Adventure
Starring Rochelle Hudson, Walter Byron

December 5, 1932 - The Death Kiss - Movie Studio Murder Mystery
Starring David Manners, Adrienne Ames, Bela Lugosi, John Wray

December 8, 1932 - A Farewell to Arms - Romantic WWI adventure
Starring Helen Hayes, Gary Cooper, Adophe Menjou

December 9, 1932 - The Dentist - Comedy Short
Starring W.C. Fields, Marjorie Kane, Arnold Gray, Dorothy Granger

December 15, 1932 - Officer Thirteen - Motorcycle Police Gangster Drama
Starring Monte Blue, Lila Lee, Charles Delaney, Robert Ellis

December 15, 1932 - The Secrets of Wu Sin - Oriental Gangster Adventure
Starring Lois Wilson, Grant Withers, Toshia Mori, Richard Loo

December 20, 1932 - Big Town - Gangsters vs Newspaper Crime Drama
Starring Lester Vail, Frances Dade, John Miltern, Geoffrey Bryant

December 25, 1932 - Tombstone Canyon - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Ken Maynard, Cecilia Parker, Sheldon Lewis, Frank Brownlee

December 25, 1932 - The Mistress of Atlantis - Fantasy Adventure
Starring Brigitte Helm, John Stuart, Gibb McLaughlin, Florelle

December 28, 1932 - The Animal Kingdom - Pre-Code Romantic Drama
Starring Leslie Howard, Myrna Loy, Ann Harding, William Gargan


Unknown day, 1933 - What the Stars Foretell - Pre-movie short feature
Starring R.H. Naylor, Miss Joyce, Mr. Bailey

Unknown day, 1933 - Bobbin About - Pre-movie short feature
Starring unknown persons

Unknown day, 1933 - On Your Guard - Family Crime Adventure
Starring Richard Talmadge, Dorothy Burgess, Bobby Nelson, Jena Hall

Unknown day, 1933 - In The Wake of the Bounty - South Seas Adventure
Starring Errol Flynn, Mayne Lynton, Arthur Greenaway, Patricia Penman

January 1, 1933 - Women Won't Tell - Great Depression Rags-to-Riches Adventure
Starring Sarah Padden, Otis Harlan, Gloria Shea, Larry Kent

January 5, 1933 - Sensation Hunters - Pre-Code Burlesque Girls Adventure
Starring Arline Judge, Preston Foster, Marion Burns, Juanita Hansen

January 10, 1933 - Jungle Bride - Jungle Island Survivor Adventure
Starring Anita Page, Charles Starrett, Kenneth Thomson, Eddie Borden

January 20, 1933 - Ekstase - Silent Romantic Drama
Starring Hedy Lamarr, Aribert Mog, Zvonimir Rogoz

January 21, 1933 - The Vampire Bat - Horror Drama
Starring Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Melvyn Douglas

February 5, 1933 - Glad Rags to Riches - Comedy Short
Starring Shirley Temple, Eugene Butler, Georgie Smith, Marilyn Granas

February 6, 1933 - Via Pony Express - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Marceline Day, Jack Hoxie, Lane Chandler, Matthew Betz

February 15, 1933 - Forgotten - Family Situation Drama
Starring Lee Kohlmar, June Clyde, William Collier Jr, Leon Ames

February 28, 1933 - Oliver Twist - Classic Children's Crime Adventure
Starring Dickie Moore, Irving Pichel, Doris Lloyd, Barbara Kent

March 1, 1933 - Narcotic - Exploitation Drug Drama
Starring Harry Cording, Joan Dix, Patricia Farley, Jean Lacy

March 1, 1933 - Sucker Money - Psychic Crime Drama
Starring Mischa Auer, Phyllis Barrington, Earl McCarthy, Ralph Lewis

March 1, 1933 - The Thundering Herd - Zane Grey Western Adventure
Starring Randolph Scott, Judith Allen, Noah Beery, Harry Carey

March 3, 1933 - The Fatal Glass of Beer - Comedy Short
Starring W. C. Fields, Rosemary Theby

March 13, 1933 - The Constant Woman - Romantic Noir Drama
Starring Conrad Nagle, Leila Hyams

March 13, 1933 - The Intruder - Shipwreck Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Monte Blue, Lila Lee, Gwen Lee, Arthur Housman

March 14, 1933 - Kiddin' Hollywood - Comedy Kiddy Short
Starring Shirley Temple, Georgie Billings, Gloria Ann Mack, Georgie Smith

March 22, 1933 - High Gear - Auto Racing Action Adventure
Starring James Murray, Joan Marsh, Jackie Searl, Eddie Lambert

March 27, 1933 - The Shadow Laughs - Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Hal Skelly, Rose Hobart, Geoffrey Bryant, Cesar Romero

April 4, 1933 - Alimony Madness - Pre-Code Divorce Murder Adventure
Starring Helen Chandler, Leon Ames, Edward Earle, Charlotte Merriam

April 6, 1933 - The Dude Bandit - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Hoot Gibson, Gloria Shea, Hooper Atchley, Skeeter Bill Robbins

April 14, 1933 - Mickey's Race - Kiddie Comedy Short
Starring Mickey Rooney, Billy Barty, Shirley Jean Rickert, Jimmy Robinson

April 15, 1933 - World Gone Mad - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Pat O'Brien, Evelyn Brent

April 23, 1933 - Diamond Trail - Racketeer Western Crime Adventure
Starring Rex Bell, Frances Rich, Lloyd Whitlock, Bud Osborne

May 10, 1933 - Cheating Blondes - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Thelma Todd, Ralf Harolde, Inez Courtney, Mae Busch

May 14, 1933 - A Study in Scarlet - Sherlock Holmes Detective Mystery
Starring Reginald Owen, Anna May Wong, June Clyde, Alan Dinehart

May 19, 1933 - I Cover the Waterfront - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Claudette Colbert, Ben Lyon, Ernest Torrence, Hobart Cavanaugh

May 23, 1933 - The Druggist's Dilemma - Slapstick Comedy Short
Starring Bobby Clark, Paul McCullough, James Finlayson, Cecil Cunningham

May 25, 1933 - Adventures of Don Quixote - Classic Adventure
Starring Fedor Chaliapin Sr., George Robey, Oscar Asche, Rene Donnio

June 2, 1933 - Tomorrow at Seven - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Chester Morris, Vivienne Osborne, Frank McHugh, Allen Jenkins

June 4, 1933 - Polly Tix in Washington - Baby Burlesk Comedy Short
Starring Shirley Temple, Eugene Butler, Georgie Smith, Philip Hurlic

June 10, 1933 - His Private Secretary - Romantic Comedy
Starring John Wayne, Evalyn Knapp

June 13, 1933 - Edgar Ulmer's 'Damaged Lives' - Exploitation Romantic Drama
Starring Diane Sinclair, Lyman Williams, Marceline Day, Charlotte Merriam

June 15, 1933 - Falling For You - British Slapstick Musical Comedy
Starring Jack Hulbert, Cicely Courtneidge, Tamara Desni, Garry Marsh

June 19, 1933 - Corruption - Political Murder Drama
Starring Evalyn Knapp, Preston Foster, Charles Delaney, Tully Marshall

July 7, 1933 - By Appointment Only - Relationship Drama
Starring Lew Cody, Aileen Pringle, Sally O'Neil, Edward Morgan

July 12, 1933 - Laughing at Life - Feel-Good Crime Adventure
Starring Victor McLaglen, Regis Toomey, Conchita Montenegro, William 'Stage' Boyd

July 22, 1933 - A Shriek in the Night - Whodunit Murder Mystery
Starring Ginger Rogers, Lyle Talbot, Purnell Pratt, Lillian Harmer

July 25, 1933 - The Flaming Signal - South Seas Island Adventure
Starring Noah Beery, Marceline Day, John David Horsley, Carmelita Geraghty

July 26, 1933 - Riot Squad - Cops and Gangsters Crime Adventure
Starring Madge Bellamy, Pat O'Malley, James Flavin, Addison Richards

July 28, 1933 - The Barber Shop - Comedy Short
Starring W.C. Fields, Elise Cavanna, Harry Watson, Dagmar Oakland

August 5, 1933 - Notorious but Nice - Pre-Code Gangster Murder Adventure
Starring Marian Marsh, Betty Compson, Don Dillaway, Rochelle Hudson

August 11, 1933 - Tarzan the Fearless - Pre-Code Jungle Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Julie Bishop, E. Alyn Warren, Mischa Auer

August 17, 1933 - Sing, Sinner, Sing - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Paul Lucas, Leila Hyams

August 25, 1933 - One Year Later - Crime Drama
Starring Mary Brian, Russell Hopton

August 25, 1933 - Zane Grey's "Man of the Forest" - Western Crime Adventure
Starring Randolph Scott, Verna Hillie, Harry Carey, Noah Beery

August 29, 1933 - The Big Chance - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring John Darrow, Merna Kennedy

August 30, 1933 - Skyway - Biplane Bank Crime Adventure
Starring Ray Walker, Kathryn Crawford, Claude Gillingwater, Arthur Vinton

September 1, 1933 - Dora's Dunking Doughnuts - One Reel Dramatic Comedy
Starring Shirley Temple, Andy Clyde, Ethel Sykes, Bud Jamison

September 2, 1933 - Playthings of Desire - Pre-Code Adultery Adventure
Starring Linda Watkins, James Kirkwood, Josephine Dunn, Reed Howes

September 15, 1933 - Zane Grey's 'To The Last Man' - Western Adventure
Starring Randolph Scott, Esther Ralston, Jack La Rue, Buster Crabbe

September 15, 1933 - A Man of Sentiment - Soap-Opera Style Romantic Drama
Starring Marian Marsh, Owen Moore, Christian Rub, William Bakewell

September 21, 1933 - The Private Life of Henry VIII - Romantic Comedy
Starring Charles Laughton, Merle Oberon, Elsa Lanchester, Binnie Barnes

September 29, 1933 - The Emperor Jones - Black Cinema Adventure
Starring Paul Robeson, Fredi Washington, Frank H. Wilson, Dudley Digges

October 6, 1933 - Merrily Yours - Romantic Comedy Short
Starring Frank Coghlan Jr., Mary Blackford, Shirley Temple, Kenneth Howell

October 6, 1933 - Gigolettes of Paris - Pre-Code Romantic Gigolo Adventure
Starring Madge Bellamy, Gilbert Roland, Natalie Moorhead, Theodore von Eltz

October 6, 1933 - Kid in Africa - Kiddie Comedy Short
Starring Shirley Temple, Daniel Boone Jr.

October 9, 1933 - Cash, If I Were Rich - Depression Era Adventure
Starring Edmund Gwenn, Wendy Barrie, Robert Donat, Morris Harvey

October 10, 1933 - Riders of Destiny - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Cecilia Parker, Forrest Taylor, George 'Gabby' Hayes

October 14, 1933 - Mickey's Touchdown - Mickey McGuire Football Short
Starring Mickey Rooney, Billy Barty, Jimmy Robinson, Howard Jones

October 16, 1933 - Channel Crossing - British Crime Drama
Starring Matheson Lang, Constance Cummings, Anthony Bushell, Edmund Gwenn

October 20, 1933 - Broken Dreams - Child Custody Weeper
Starring Randolph Scott, Martha Sleeper, Beryl Mercer, Buster Phelps

October 20, 1933 - Secret Sinners - Pre-Code Chorus Girl Romantic Adventure
Starring Jack Mulhall, Sue Carol, Cecilia Parker, Natalie Moorhead

October 28, 1933 - The Kennel Murder Case - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring William Powell, Mary Astor, Eugene Pallette, Ralph Morgan

November 7, 1933 - In The Money - Pre-Code Situation Comedy
Starring Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, Lois Wilson, Warren Hymer, Sally Starr

November 10, 1933 - Goodbye Love - Pre-Code Gold-Digger Comedy
Starring Charles Ruggles, Verree Teasdale, Sidney Blackmer, Phyllis Barry

November 11, 1933 - A Cuckoo in the Nest - British Situation Comedy
Starring Tom Walls, Ralph Lynn, Grace Edwin, Yvonne Arnaud

November 15, 1933 - Friday the Thirteenth - Drama
Starring Jessie Matthews, Sonnie Hale

November 15, 1933 - Ghost Camera - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Henry Kendall, Ida Lupino

November 25, 1933 - The Ghoul - Horror
Starring Boris Karloff, Cedric Hardwicke

November 30, 1933 - Twin Husbands - Crime Mystery Adventure
Starring John Miljan, Shirley Grey, Monroe Owsley, Hale Hamilton

December, 1933 - The Pointing Finger - British Cursed Crime Adventure
Starring John Stuart, Viola Keats, Leslie Perrins, Michael Hogan

December 1, 1933 - Rainbow Over Broadway - Musical Show Business Adventure
Starring Joan Marsh, Grace Hayes, Frank Albertson, Lucien Littlefield

December 13, 1933 - The Sin of Nora Moran - Murder Mystery Drama
Starring Zita Johann, John Miljan, Alan Dinehart, Paul Cavanagh

December 15, 1933 - Sagebrush Trail - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Nancy Shubert, Lane Chandler, Yakima Canutt

December 19, 1933 - Her Secret - Arizona Desert Situation Romantic Adventure
Starring Sari Maritza, William Collier Jr., Alan Mowbray, Monaei Lindley

December 27, 1933 - Murder on the Campus - Detective Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Charles Starrett, Shirley Grey, J. Farrell MacDonald, Ruth Hall


Unknown month, day, 1934 - Murder in the Museum - Crime Thriller
Starring Henry B. Walthall, John Harron, Phyllis Harrington

January 1, 1934 - Sixteen Fathoms Deep - Greek Sponge Diving Adventure
Starring Sally O'Neil, Lon Chaney Jr., Maurice Black, Si Jenks

January 8, 1934 - The Black Abbot - British Kidnapping Ghost Mystery
Starring John Stuart, Judy Kelly, Cyril Smith, Davina Craig

January 12, 1934 - His Double Life - Romantic Comedy
Starring Roland Young, Lillian Gish, Montagu Love, Lumsden Hare

January 15, 1934 - The Moth - Mardi-Gras Crime Adventure
Starring Sally O'Neil, Paul Page, Wilfred Lucas, Rae Daggett

January 22, 1934 - The Lucky Texan - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Lloyd Whitlock an Yakima Canutt

January 26, 1934 - Palooka - Boxing Madcap Comedy Adventure
Starring Jimmy Durante, Lupe Velez, Stuart Erwin, Marjorie Rambeau

January 26, 1934 - Pardon My Pups - One Reel Comedy Drama
Starring Shirley Temple, Frank Coghlan Jr., Kenneth Howell, Dorothy Ward

February 5, 1934 - The Quitter - Feel-Good Family Situation Adventure
Starring Charley Grapewin, Emma Dunn, William Bakewell, Barbara Weeks

January 31, 1934 - The Ninth Guest - Locked Room Murder Mystery
Starring Donald Cook, Genevieve Tobin, Hardie Albright, Helen Flint

February 7, 1934 - A Woman's Man - Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring John Halliday, Marguerite De La Motte, Wallace Ford, Kitty Kelly

February 9, 1934 - The Rise of Catherine the Great - Historic Relationship Drama
Starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Elisabeth Bergner, Flora Robson, Griffith Jones

February 15, 1934 - West of the Divide - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring John Wayne, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Virginia Brown Faire

February 17, 1934 - The Scarlet Pimpernel - French Revolution Spy Adventure
Starring Leslie Howard, Merle Oberon, Raymond Massey, Nigel Bruce

February 22, 1934 - Beggars in Ermine - Business Corruption Drama
Starring Lionel Atwill, Betty Furness, Henry B. Walthall, Jameson Thomas

February 23, 1934 - Managed Money - One Reel Dramatic Comedy
Starring Shirley Temple, Frank Coghlan Jr., Harry Myers, Huntley Gordon

March 2, 1934 - Going Spanish - Comedy Short
Starring Bob Hope, Leah Ray, Frances Halliday, Jules Epailly

March 7, 1934 - Midnight - Electric Chair Murder Drama
Starring Sidney Fox, O.P. Heggie, Humphrey Bogart, Henry Hull

March 7, 1934 - Waltzes From Vienna - Biographical Romantic Drama
Starring Esmond Knight, Jessie Matthews, Edmund Gwenn, Fay Compton

March 8, 1934 - Secrets of Chinatown - Canadian Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Nick Stuart, Lucile Browne, Raymond Lawrence, James Flavin

March 15, 1934 - Stolen Sweets - Romantic Comedy
Starring Sally Blane, Charles Starrett, Jameson Thomas, Claude King

March 15, 1934 - Mystery Liner - Sci-Fi Murder Mystery
Starring Noah Beery, Astrid Allwyn, Edwin Maxwell, Zeffie Tilbury

March 22, 1934 - The Lost Jungle - Romantic Jungle Adventure
Starring Clyde Beatty, Cecelia Parker, Syd Saylor

March 23, 1934 - Mickey's Rescue - Childeren's Comedy Adventure
Starring Mickey Rooney, Jimmy Robinson, Billy Barty, Hattie McDaniel

March 30, 1934 - House of Mystery - Cursed Treasure Murder Thriller
Starring Ed Lowry, Verna Hillie, John Sheehan, George 'Gabby' Hayes

March 30, 1934 - Tiger Bay - Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Anna May Wong, Victor Garland, Rene Ray, Henry Victor

April 4, 1934 - The Woman Condemned - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Claudia Dell, Lola Lane, Richard Hemingway, Jason Robards Sr.

April 7, 1934 - The House of Rothschild - Historic Family Saga
Starring George Arliss, Boris Karloff, Loretta Young, Robert Young

April 12, 1934 - Mystery Ranch - NYC Author / Cowboy Adventure
Starring Tom Tyler, Roberta Gale, Louise Cabo, Jack Perrin

April 13, 1934 - Anchovy Hotel - Slapstick Comedy Short
Starring Harry Ritz, Al Ritz, Jimmy Ritz, Doris Hill

April 15, 1934 - City Limits - Railroad Romantic Crime Comedy
Starring Frank Craven, Sally Blane, James Burke, Jimmy Conlin

April 15, 1934 - St. Louis Woman - Gangster Football Drama
Starring Jeanette Loff, Johnny Mack Brown, Earle Foxe, Roberta Gale

April 16, 1934 - Honor of the Range - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Ken Maynard, Cecilia Parker, Fred Kohler, Frank Hagney

April 30, 1934 - Manhattan Love Song - Romantic Drama
Starring Robert Armstrong, Dixie Lee, Nydia Westman, Cecil Cunningham

May 1, 1934 - Twisted Rails - Western Railroad Adventure
Starring Jack Donovan, Alice Dahl

May 1, 1934 - City Park - Pre-Code Great Depression Prostitue Drama
Starring Sally Blane, Henry B. Walthall, Matty Kemp, Hale Hamilton

May 1, 1934 - Chu-Chin-Chow - Musical Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves
Starring George Robey, Fritz Kortner, Anna May Wong, Pearl Argyle

May 10, 1934 - Blue Steel - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Eleanor Hunt, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Yakima Canutt

May 10, 1934 - I Hate Women - Newspaper Reporter Murder Adventure
Starring Wallace Ford, June Clyde, Bradley Page, Fuzzy Knight

May 12, 1934 - In Love With Life - Great Depression Riches to Rags Drama
Starring Lila Lee, Dickie Moore, Onslow Stevens, Claude Gillingwater

May 15, 1934 - The Man from Utah - Romantic Cowboy Western
Starring John Wayne, Polly Ann Young

May 15, 1934 - The Road to Ruin - Pre-Code Coming-of-Age Drama
Starring Helen Foster, Nell O'Day, Glen Boles, Robert Quirk

May 18, 1934 - Mickey's Medicine Men - Children Comedy Short
Starring Mickey Rooney, James Robinson, Marvin Stephens, Shirley Jean Rickert

June 1, 1934 - The Back Page - Newspaper Crime Adventure
Starring Peggy Shannon, Claude Gillingwater, Edwin Maxwell, Sterling Holloway

June 1, 1934 - The Loudspeaker - Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Ray Walker, Julie Bishop, Charley Grapewin, Noel Francis

June 4, 1934 - Red Ensign - British Ship Building Adventure
Starring Leslie Banks, Carol Goodner, Frank Vosper, Alfred Drayton

June 14, 1934 - Aunt Sally - British Musical Comedy
Starring Cicely Courtneidge, Sam Hardy, Phyllis Clare, Ben Welden

June 15, 1934 - Green Eyes - Murder Mystery Whodunnit
Starring Shirley Grey, Charles Starrett, Claude Gillingwater, John Wray

June 15, 1934 - Money Means Nothing - Romantic Situation Marriage Comedy
Starring Gloria Shea, Wallace Ford, Edgar Kennedy, Vivien Oakland

June 18, 1934 - Randy Rides Alone - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Alberta Vaughn, George 'Gabby' Hayes

June 21, 1934 - Hollywood Mystery - Movie Studio Gangster Adventure
Starring June Clyde, Frank Albertson, Jose Crespo, Tenen Holtz

July 1934 - Tomorrow's Children - Pre-Code Forced Sterilization Drama
Starring Diane Sinclair, Donald Douglas, John Preston, Sterling Holloway

July 5, 1934 - I Can't Escape - Great Depression Crime Adventure
Starring Onslow Stevens, Lila Lee, Russell Gleason, Clara Kimball Young

July 20, 1934 - Of Human Bondage - Romantic Drama
Starring Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, Frances Dee, Reginald Denny

July 20, 1934 - Shock - Post World War One Recovery Drama
Starring Ralph Forbes, Gwenllian Gill, Monroe Owsley, Reginald Sharland

July 30, 1934 - The Star Packer - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Verna Hillie, Yakima Canutt, George 'Gabby' Hayes

August 15, 1934 - Jane Eyre - Classic Romantic Drama
Starring Virginia Bruce, Colin Clive, Beryl Mercer, Edith Fellows

August 20, 1934 - The Moonstone - Mystery Crime Drama
Starring David Manners, Phyllis Barry

August 24, 1934 - Little Friend - British Divorce Drama
Starring Nova Pilbeam, Lydia Sherwood, Matheson Lang, Jimmy Hanley

August 29, 1934 - The Man From Hell - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Reb Russell, Fred Kohler, Jack Rockwell, George 'Gabby' Hayes

September 7, 1934 - Take the Stand - Locked Room Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Jack La Rue, Thelma Todd, Gail Patrick, Russell Hopton

September 1, 1934 - Happy Landing - Airplane Romantic Comedy Crime Adventure
Starring Ray Walker, Julie Bishop, Hyram Hoover, Noah Beery

September 7, 1934 - Take the Stand - Locked Room Murder Mystery
Starring Jack La Rue, Thelma Todd, Gail Patrick, Russell Hopton

September 15, 1934 - Wagon Wheels - Wagon Train Western Adventure
Starring Randolph Scott, Gail Patrick, Billy Lee, Monte Blue

September 15, 1934 - King Kelly of the U.S.A. - Slapstick Romantic Comedy
Starring Guy Robertson, Edgar Kennedy, Irene Ware, Franklin Pangborn

September 17, 1934 - Young, Beautiful - Movie Star Romantic Comedy
Starring William Haines, Judity Allen, the WAMPAS Baby Stars

September 18, 1934 - Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter"
Starring Colleen Moore, Hardie Albright, Henry B. Walthall, Alan Hale

September 21, 1934 - Zane Grey's The Dude Ranger - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring George O'Brien, Irene Hervey, LeRoy Mason, Syd Saylor

September 25, 1934 - Inside Information - Tarzan the Police Dog Crime Adventure
Starring Rex Lease, Marion Shilling, Philo McCullough, Tarzan the Police Dog

September 28, 1934 - Judge Priest - Southern Situation Comedy
Starring Will Rogers, Tom Brown, Berton Churchill, Anita Louise

October, 1934 - Girls Will be Boys - British Romantic Slapstick Comedy
Starring Dolly Haas, Cyril Maude, Esmond Knight, Edward Chapman

October 1, 1934 - The Camels are Coming - British Crime Comedy
Starring Jack Hulbert, Anna Lee, Peter Gawthorne, Hartley Power

October 1, 1934 - She Had to Choose - Romantic Murder Drama
Starring Buster Crabbe, Sally Blane, Isabel Jewell, Regis Toomey

October 2, 1934 - Our Daily Bread - Depression Era Inspirational Drama
Starring King Vidor, Karen Morley, Tom Keene, Barbara Pepper

October 2, 1934 - The Curtain Falls - Depression Era Feel-Good Adventure
Starring Henrietta Crosman, Dorothy Lee, William Bakewell, Natalie Moorhead

October 12, 1934 - Crimson Romance - World War One Airplane Adventure
Starring Ben Lyon, Sari Maritza, Erich von Stroheim, James Bush

October 15, 1934 - Tomorrow's Youth - Divorce Drama
Starring Dickie Moore, Martha Sleeper, John Miljan, Franlin Pangborn

October 15, 1934 - A Successful Failure - Great Depression Family Drama
Starring William Collier Sr., Lucile Gleason, Russell Hopton, George P. Breakston

October 15, 1934 - A Girl of the Limberlost - Poverty Girl Coming-of-Age Drama
Starring Louise Dresser, Ralph Morgan, Marian Marsh, Edward J. Nugent

October 15, 1934 - The Way of the West - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Hal Taliaferro, Bobby Nelson, Myrla Bratton, William Desmond

October 19, 1934 - Peck's Bad Boy - Family Relationship Drama
Starring Jackie Cooper, Thomas Meighan, Jackie Searl, Dorothy Peterson

October 19, 1934 - Everything's Ducky - 2-reel Slapstick Comedy Short
Starring Bobby Clark, Paul McCullough, Eddie Gribbon, Joyce Compton

October 22, 1934 - The Trail Beyond - Canadian Wilderness Crime Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Noah Beery Jr., Verna Hillie, Robert Frazer, Iris Lancaster

October 26, 1934 - Marie Galante - Sabotage Spy Mystery Adventure
Starring Spencer Tracy, Ketti Gallian, Ned Sparks, Helen Morgan

November 9, 1934 - Woman in the Shadows - Noir Murder Thriller
Starring Fay Wray, Ralph Bellamy, Melvyn Douglas, Nell O'Day

November 9, 1934 - Flirtation - Farm Boy Meets Burlesque Girl Adventure
Starring Jeanette Loff, Ben Alexander, Emma Dunn, Franklin Pangborn

November 12, 1934 - The World Accuses - Relationship Situation Drama
Starring Vivian Tobin, Dickei Moore, Cora Sue Collins, Russell Hopton

November 15, 1934 - In Old Santa Fe - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Ken Maynard, Gene Autry, Evalyn Knapp, Gabby Hayes

November 15, 1934 - Lost in the Stratosphere - Romantic Flying Adventure
Starring William Cagney, Edward J. Nugent, June Collyer, Edmund Breese

November 17, 1934 - Girl O' My Dreams - College Comedy
Starring Mary Carlisle, Sterling Holloway, Arthur Lake, Lon Chaney Jr.

November 20, 1934 - The Marines are Coming - Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring William Haines, Conrad Nagel, Esther Ralston, Edgar Kennedy

November 22, 1934 - The Lawless Frontier - Cowboy Western
Starring John Wayne, Sheila Terry, George 'Gabby' Hayes

November 24, 1934 - What's to Do? - Teen Comedy Short
Starring Frank Coghlan Jr., Shirley Temple, Kenneth Howell, Dorothy Ward

November 30, 1934 - The Private Life of Don Juan - Situation Comedy Adventure
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Merle Oberon, Bruce Winston, Benita Hume

December 1, 1934 - The Ghost Walks - Suspense Murder Thriller
Starring John Miljan, June Collyer, Richard Carle, Henry Kolker

December 1, 1934 - Undercover Men - Canadian Mountie Crime Adventure
Starring Charles Starrett, Adrienne Dore, Kenne Duncan, Wheeler Oakman

December 1, 1934 - Range Warfare - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Reb Russell, Lucille Lund, Hal Taliaferro, Roger Williams

December 5, 1934 - 'Neath Arizona Skies - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Shirley Jean Rickert, Yakima Canutt, George 'Gabby' Hayes

December 10, 1934 - 365 Nights in Hollywood - Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring Alice Faye, James Dunn, Grant Mitchell, John Bradford, Frank Melton

December 11, 1934 - Night Alarm - Fire-Bug Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Bruce Cabot, Judith Allen, H.B. Warner, Sam Hardy

December 14, 1934 - Little Men - Feel-Good Family Adventure
Starring Ralph Morgan, Erin O'Brien-Moore, Frankie Darro, David Durand

December 15, 1934 - Sons of Steel - Poor Boy Rich Boy Drama
Starring Charles Starrett, William Bakewell, Polly Ann Young, Walter Walker

December 15, 1934 - Murder in the Clouds - Bi-plane Crime Adventure
Starring Lyle Talbot, Ann Dvorak, Gordon Westcott, George Cooper

December 15, 1934 - Sing Sing Nights - Sci-Fi Murder Mystery
Starring Conway Tearle, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Hardie Albright, Jameson Thomas

December 15, 1934 - Ticket to a Crime - Private Eye Detective Mystery
Starring Ralph Graves, Lois Wilson, Lola Lane, James Burke

December 22, 1934 - The Mysterious Mr. Wong - Horror Mystery Thriller
Starring Bela Lugosi, Wallace Ford, Arline Judge


Unknown day, 1935 - Thoroughbred - Canadian Horse Racing Adventure
Starring Toby Wing, Kenneth Duncan, Wheeler Oakman, Romeo Gaskins

Unknown day, 1935 - Car of Dreams - British Romantic Drama
Starring Grete Mosheim, John Mills, Norah Howard, Robertson Hare

Unknown day, 1935 - A Fire Has Been Arranged - British Slapstick Crime Comedy
Starring Chesney Allen, Bud Flanagan, Alastair Sim, C. Denier Warren

Unknown day, 1935 - Rough Riding Ranger - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Rex Lease, Janet Chandler, Yakima Canutt, Mabel Strickland

Unknown day, 1935 - Phantom Cowboy - Cowboy Western
Starring Ted Wells, Doris Brook, George Chesebro

Unknown day, 1935 - Late Extra - Newspaper Reporter Murder Adventure
Starring James Mason, Virginia Cherrill, Alastair Sim, Antoinette Cellier

January 5, 1935 - Big Boy Rides Again - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Constance Bergen, Bud Osborne, Lafe McKee

January 12, 1935 - Speed Limited - Lady Gangster Railroad Crime Adventure
Starring Ralph Graves, Evelyn Brent, Claudia Dell, Andy Rice

January 20, 1935 - Symphony of Living - Family Relationship Drama
Starring Al Shean, Evelyn Brent, John Darrow, Lester Lee

January 25, 1935 - Loser's End - Cowboy Wetern Adventure
Starring Jack Perrin, Tina Menard, Frank Rice, William Gould

February 1, 1935 - Texas Terror - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring John Wyane, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Lucile Browne, LeRoy Mason

February 1, 1935 - Women Must Dress - Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Minna Gombell, Gavin Gordon, Lenita Lane, Suzanne Kaaren

February 1, 1935 - A Shot in the Dark - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Charles Starrett, Robert Warwick, Marion Shilling, Edward Van Sloan

February 5, 1935 - Emil and the Detectives - British Children's Detective Adventure
Starring John Williams, Robert Rietty, Marion Foster, Donald Pittman

February 12, 1935 - The Mystery Man - Newspaper Reporter Crime Adventure
Starring Robert Armstrong, Maxine Doyle, Henry Kolker, James Burke

February 15, 1935 - When a Man's a Man - Cowboy Western Tenderfoot Adventure
Starring George O'Brien, Dorothy Wilson, Paul Kelly, Harry Woods

February 17, 1935 - Lend Me Your Husband - British Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring John Stuart, Nora Swinburne, Nancy Burne, Annie Esmond

March, 1935 - The Riverside Murder - British Murder Mystery
Starring Basil Sydney, Judy Gunn, Zoe Davis, Alastair Sim

March, 1935 - Dandy Dick - British Comedy Adventure
Starring Will Hay, Nancy Burne, Esmond Knight, Syd Crossley

March 1, 1935 - Rocky Mountain Mystery - Zane Grey Western Drama
Starring Charles Sale, Randolph Scott, Ann Sheridan, Mrs. Leslie Carter

March 1, 1935 - Mutiny Ahead - South Seas Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Neil Hamilton, Kathleen Burke, Leon Ames, Noel Francis

March 13, 1935 - The Perfect Clue - Romantic Crime Comedy
Starring David Manners, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, Dorothy Libaire, Betty Blythe

March 15, 1935 - Rainbow Valley - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Lucile Browne, George 'Gabby' Hayes, LeRoy Mason

March 18, 1935 - Alias John Law - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Roberta Gale, Buck Connors, Earl Dwire

March 30, 1935 - Circumstantial Evidence - Death Penalty Crime Adventure
Starring Chick Chandler, Shirley Grey, Arthur Vinton, Claude King

April 1, 1935 - Born to Battle - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tom Tyler, Jean Carmen, Earl Dwire, Charles King

April 1, 1935 - The Ghost Rider - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Rex Lease, Bobby Nelson, Franklyn Farnum, Lloyd Ingraham

April 3, 1935 - Cyclone of the Saddle - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Rex Lease, Janet Chandler, Bobby Nelson, Yakima Canutt

April 3, 1935 - Sunset Range - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Hoot Gibson, Mary Doran

April 13, 1935 - Roaring Roads - Race Car Gangster Adventure
Starring David Sharpe, Gertrude Messinger, Mary Kornman, Mickey Daniels

April 15, 1935 - Great God Gold - Great Depression Greed Drama
Starring Sidney Blackmer, Martha Sleeper, Regis Toomey, Maria Alba

April 22, 1935 - The Desert Trail - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Eddy Chandler, Paul Fix, Mary Kornman

April 23, 1935 - Shirley Temple Birthday Party - Newsreel Short
Starring Shirley Temple, Will Rogers, Lowell Thomas

April 25, 1935 - Tombstone Terror - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Kay McCoy, Gabby Hayes, Earl Dwire

May 1, 1935 - One Frightened Night - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Charley Grapewin, Lucien Littlefield, Regis Toomey, Mary Carlisle

May 1, 1935 - Social Error - College Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring David Sharpe, Gertrude Messinger, Monte Blue, Sheila Terry

May 1, 1935 - Kentucky Blue Streak - Horseracing Crime Adventure
Starring Edward J. Nugent, Frank Coghlan Jr., Patricia Scott, Cornelius Keefe

May 5, 1935 - Toll of the Desert - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Fred Kohler Jr., Roger Williams, Tom London, Earl Dwire

May 15, 1935 - The Headline Woman - Reporter Crime Comedy Drama
Starring Roger Pryor, Heather Angel, Ford Sterling, Jack La Rue

May 15, 1935 - Motive for Revenge - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Donald Cook, Irene Hervey, Doris Lloyd, Edwin Maxwell

May 15, 1935 - The Hoosier Schoolmaster - Small Town Relationship Adventure
Starring Norman Foster, Charlotte Henry, Dorothy Libaire, Fred Kohler Jr.

May 24, 1935 - The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Arthur Wontner, Jane Carr, Ian Fleming, Leslie Perrins

May 28, 1935 - What Price Crime? - G-Man Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Charles Starrett, Noel Madison, Virginia Cherrill, Jack Mulhall

June 1, 1935 - The Red Blood of Courage - Canadian Wilderness Crime Adventure
Starring Kermit Maynard, Ann Sheridan, Reginald Barlow, Nat Carr

June 1, 1935 - The Silent Passenger - Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring John Loder, Peter Haddon, Lilian Oldland, Donald Wolfit

June 5, 1935 - Border Vengeance - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Reb Russell, Mary Jane Carey, Kenneth MacDonald, Pat Harmon

June 7, 1935 - The Evil Mind -British Clairvoiant Romantic Drama
Starring Claude Rains, Fay Wray, Mary Clare, Jane Baxter

June 9, 1935 - Things Are Looking Up - British Great Depression Slapstick Comedy
Starring Cicely Courtneidge, William Gargan, Vivien Leigh, Mary Lawson

June 14, 1935 - Alibi Bye Bye - 2-Reel Slapstick Comedy
Starring Bobby Clark, Paul McCullough, Dorothy Granger, Constance Bergen

June 15, 1935 - Little Pal - Romantic Medical Drama
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Mickey Rooney, Karen Morley, Judith Allen

June 20, 1935 - The Dawn Rider - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Marion Burns, Dennis Moore, Yakima Canutt

June 21, 1935 - Society Fever - Screwball Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Lois Wilson, Lloyd Hughes, Hedda Hopper, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams

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June 22, 1935 - Ladies Crave Excitement - Romantic Crime Action Adventure
Starring Norman Foster, Evalyn Knapp, Eric Linden, Esther Ralston

June 28, 1935 - Becky Sharp - Romantic War Drama
Starring Miriam Hopkins, Frances Dee, Cedric Hardwicke

July, 1935 - Boys Will Be Boys - British Comedy Adventure
Starring Will Hay, Gordon Harker, Davy Burnaby, Norma Varden

July, 1935 - Captured in Chinatown - Tarzan the Police Dog Crime Adventure
Starring Marion Shilling, Charles Delaney, Tarzan the Police Dog

July 1, 1935 - The Love Test - British Romantic Comedy
Starring Judy Gunn, Louis Hayward, David Hutcheson, Googie Withers

July 1, 1935 - Speed Devils - Automobile Parts Promotional Drama
Starring Paul Kelly, Marguerite Churchill, Russell Hardie, Leo Curley

July 6, 1935 - Shadows of the Orient - Crime Action Adventure
Starring Regis Toomey, J. Farrell MacDonald, Esther Ralston, Sidney Blackmer

July 9, 1935 - Now or Never - Crime Action Adventure Thriller
Starring Richard Talmadge, Janet Chandler, Eddie Davis, Tom Ricketts

July 10, 1935 - Born to Gamble - Great Depression Family Drama
Starring Onslow Stevens, H.B. Warner, Maxine Doyle, Eric Linden

July 13, 1935 - Men of Action - Dam Construction Crime Adventure
Starring Frankie Darro, LeRoy Mason, Barbara Worth, Fred Kohler

July 15, 1935 - Keeper of the Bees - Small-Town Family Adventure
Starring Neil Hamilton, Betty Furness, Emma Dunn, Edith Fellows

July 17, 1935 - Rainbow's End - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Hoot Gibson, June Gale, Oscar Apfel adn Ada Ince

July 20, 1935 - Paradise Canyon - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Marion Burns, Earle Hodgins, Yakima Canutt

July 23, 1935 - Me and Marlborough - British War Comedy
Starring Cicely Courtneidge, Tom Walls, Barry MacKay, Alfred Drayton

July 25, 1935 - Make A Million - Great Depression Comedy Adventure
Starring Charles Starrett, Pauline Brooks, George E. Stone, James Burke

June 26, 1935 - Sanders of the River - British African Jungle Adventure
Starring Paul Robeson, Leslie Banks, Nina Mae McKinney, Robert Cochran

August 1, 1935 - Danger Ahead - Action Packed Crime Adventure
Starring Lawrence Gray, Sheila Bromley, Fuzzy Knight, Fred Kelsey

August 1, 1935 - The 39 Steps - Secret Agent Murder Adventure
Starring Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll, Lucie Mannheim, Peggy Ashcroft

August 2, 1935 - Sundown Saunders - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Marie Burton, Earl Dwire, Charles King

August 5, 1935 - Cheers of the Crowd - Broadway Theater Con-Man Adventure
Starring Russell Hopton, Irene Ware, Harry Holman, Bradley Page

August 5, 1935 - The Phantom Light - Welsh Mystery Thriller
Starring Binnie Hale, Gordon Harker, Ian Hunter, Herbert Lomas

August 23, 1935 - Hop-Along Cassidy - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, James Ellison, Gabby Hayes, Frank McGlynn Jr.

September 1, 1935 - Man of the Moment - British Romantic Comedy
Starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Laura La Plante, Margaret Lockwood, Claude Hulbert

September 1, 1935 - Bulldog Jack - British Detective Crime Adventure
Starring Jack Hulbert, Fay Wray, Claude Hulbert, Ralph Richardson

September 1, 1935 - Crime Unlimited - British Crime Adventure
Starring Esmond Knight, Lilli Palmer, Raymond Lovell, Cecil Parker

September 15, 1935 - Streamline Express - Madcap Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Victor Jory, Evelyn Venable, Esther Ralston, Erin O'Brien-Moore

September 17, 1935 - Death from a Distance - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Russell Hopton, Lola Lane, Lee Kohlmar, Lew Kelly

September 20, 1935 - The Girl Who Came Back - Lady Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Shirley Grey, Sidney Blackmer, Noel Madison, Matthew Betz

September 23, 1935 - Skybound - Airplane Crime Gangster Adventure
Starring Edward Nugent, Lona Andre, Lloyd Hughes, Claire Rochelle

September 27, 1935 - Zane Grey's Thunder Mountain - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring George O'Brien, Barbara Fritchie, Frances Grant, Gabby Hayes

October 1, 1935 - Murder by Television - Sci-Fi Murder Mystery
Starring Bela Lugosi, June Collyer, Huntley Gordon, George Meeker

October 2, 1935 - Transatlantic Tunnel - British Science Fiction Adventure
Starring Richard Dix, Leslie Banks, Helen Vinson, Madge Evans

October 5, 1935 - Waterfront Lady - Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Ann Rutherford, Frank Albertson, J. Farrell MacDonald, Barbara Pepper

October 11, 1935 - The Devil on Horseback - Musical Kidnapping Crime Adventure
Starring Lili Damita, Fred Keating, Jean Chatburn, Tiffany Thayer

October 15, 1935 - Happiness C.O.D. - Great Depression Family Situation Adventure
Starring Donald Meek, Maude Eburne, Irene Ware, Frank Coghlan Jr.

October 16, 1935 - Confidential - G-Man Crime Gangster Adventure
Starring Donald Cook, Evalyn Knapp, Theodore von Eltz, Warren Hymer

October 20, 1935 - The Lady in Scarlet - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Reginald Denny, Patricia Farr, Dorothy Revier, James Bush

October 22, 1935 - False Pretenses - Romantic Crime Situation Comedy
Starring Irene Ware, Sidney Blackmer, Betty Compson, Russell Hopton

October 20, 1935 - Valley of Wanted Men - Escaped Prisoners Crime Drama
Starring Frankie Darro, LeRoy Mason, Drue Leyton, Paul Fix

October 23, 1935 - Harmony Lane - Stephen Foster's Life, Loves
Starring Douglass Montgomery, Evelyn Venable, Adrienne Ames, William Frawley

October 24, 1935 - Rip Roaring Riley - G-Man Action Adventure
Starring Lloyd Huges, Marion Burns, Grant Withers, John Cowell

October 25, 1935 - Eagle's Brood - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, James Ellison, William Farnum, Joan Wodbury

November 1, 1935 - Live Wire - Romantic Comedy
Starring Richard Talmadge, Alberta Vaughn

November 8, 1935 - Sinful Cargo - Comedy Crime Adventure
Starring Conrad Nagel, Eleanor Hunt, Vince Barnett, Jack La Rue

November 12, 1935 - The Last of the Clintons - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Harry Carey, Betty Mack, Del Gordon, Earl Dwire

November 19, 1935 - Racing Luck - Horse Racing Crime Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Barbara Worth, George Ernest, Esther Muir

November 27, 1935 - Midnight Phantom - Police Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Reginald Denny, Claudia Dell, Lloyd Hughes, Barbara Bedford

November 27, 1935 - Foolish Hearts - Musical Movie Star Promo Short
Starring Phyllis Brooks, Tony Martin, Jack Rice, Lucille Ball

November 27, 1935 - Never Too Late - Jewel Thief Action Adventure
Starring Richard Talmadge, Thelma White, Robert Frazer, Mildred Harris

November 30, 1935 - Scrooge - Christmas Eve Ghost Story
Starring Seymour Hicks, Donald Calthrop, Barbara Everest

December 1, 1935 - The Shadow of Silk Lennox - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Dean Benton, Marie Burton, Jack Mulhall

December 1, 1935 - The Law of 45's - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Al St. John, Ted Adams, Lafe McKee

December 3, 1935 - Suicide Squad - Fire Fighting Action Adventure
Starring Norman Foster, Joyce Compton, Robert Homans, Aggie Herring

December 6, 1935 - Bar 20 Rides Again - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, James Ellison, Frank McGlynn Jr., Paul Fix

December 15, 1935 - Cowboy Holiday - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Janet Chandler, Julian Rivero, Richard Alexander

December 15, 1935 - Passing of the Third Floor Back - Noir Fantasy Drama
Starring Conrad Veidt, René Ray, Frank Cellier, Anna Lee

December 17, 1935 - The Ghost Goes West - Scottish Romantic Ghost Story
Starring Robert Donat, Jean Parker, Eugene Pallette, Elsa Lanchester

December 17, 1935 - Skull and Crown - Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Rin Tin Tin Jr., Regis Toomey, Jack Mulhall, Molly O'Day

December 24, 1935 - Hong Kong Nights - China Crime Spy Adventure
Starring Tom Keene, Wera Engels, Warren Hymer, Tetsu Komai

December 30, 1935 - Bulldog Courage - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tim McCoy, Joan Woodbury, Paul Fix, John Cowell


Unknown date, 1936 - The Avenging Hand - British Murder Mystery
Starring Noah Beery, Louis Borel, Kathleen Kelly, James Harcourt

Unknown date, 1936 - Reefer Madness - Teenage Crime Drama
Starring Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig

January 2, 1936 - I'll Name the Murderer - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Ralph Forbes, Marion Shilling, James Guilfoyle, John Cowell

January 7, 1936 - Night Cargo - South Seas Romantic Murder Adventure
Starring Lloyd Hughes, Julie Bishop, Walter Miller, Carlotta Monti

January 8, 1936 - As You Like It - Shakespeare Romantic Adventure
Starring Sir Laurence Olivier, Elisabeth Bergner, Sophie Stewart, John Laurie

January 19, 1936 - Blazing Justice - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bill Cody, Gertrude Messinger, Gordon Griffith, Milburn Morante

January 20, 1936 - The Amateur Gentleman - British Crime Adventure
Starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Elissa Landi, Gordon Harker, Margaret Lockwood

January 24, 1936 - I Conquer The Sea - Canadian Nordic Village Drama
Starring Steffi Duna, Dennis Morgan, Douglas Walton, George Cleveland

February 1, 1936 - A Face in the Fog - Murder Mystery Drama
Starring June Collyer, Lloyd Hughes

February 2, 1936 - The Reckless Way - Movie Studio Romantic Adventure
Starring Marian Nixon, Kane Richmond, Inez Courtney, Harry Harvey

February 7, 1936 - The Milky Way - Madcap Situation Comedy Adventure
Starring Harold Lloyd, Adolphe Menjou, Verree Teasdale, Lionel Stander

February 14, 1936 - Zane Grey's "Drift Fence" - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Katherine DeMille, Tom Keene, Stanley Andrews

February 14, 1936 - Tango - Orphan Girl, Society Boy Love Story
Starring Marian Nixon, Matty Kemp, Chick Chandler, George Meeker

February 15, 1936 - Taming the Wild - Romantic Crime Comedy Adventure
Starring Maxine Doyle, Rod La Rocque, Barbara Pepper, Bryant Washburn

February 18, 1936 - The Dark Hour - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Ray Walker, Berton Churchill, Irene Ware

February 18, 1936 - August Weekend - Soap-Opera Style Family Drama
Starring Valerie Hobson, G.P. Huntley, Paul Harvey, Betty Compson

February 19, 1936 - When Knights Were Bold - British Fantasy Comedy
Starring Jack Buchanan, Fay Wray, Garry Marsh, Aubrey Fitzgerald

February 21, 1936 - Fast Bullets - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tom Tyler, Rex Lease, Margaret Nearing, Al Bridge

February 24, 1936 - Heart of the West - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, James Ellison, Gabby Hayes, Sidney Blackmer

February 28, 1936 - Murder at Glen Athol - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring John Miljan, Irene Ware

March 1, 1936 - Border Caballero - Cowboy Murder Adventure
Starring Tim McCoy, Lois January

March 2, 1936 - Man of the Frontier - Cowboy Action Musical
Starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Frances Grant

March 6, 1936 - Call of the Prairie - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, James Ellison, Gabby Hayes, Chester Conklin

March 6, 1936 - Little Lord Fauntleroy - Pre-Teen Family Feel-Good Adventure
Starring Freddie Bartholomew, Mickey Rooney, C. Aubrey Smith, Dolores Costello Barrymore

March 6, 1936 - Will Power - Cornball Comedy Short
Starring Edgar Kennedy, Florence Lake, Kitty McHugh, Dot Farley

March 9, 1936 - King of the Pecos - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Muriel Evans, Cy Kendall, Jack Clifford

March 25, 1936 - Brilliant Marriage - Heiress Romantic Situation Drama
Starring Joan Marsh, Ray Walker, Inez Courtney, Hugh Marlowe

March 27, 1936 - Zane Grey's Desert Gold - Cowboy Western Comedy Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Robert Cummings, Marsha Hunt, Tom Keene

March 27, 1936 - Doughnuts, Society - Rags-to-Riches Comedy Adventure
Starring Maude Eburne, Ann Rutheford, Louise Fazenda, Edward J. Nugent

March 27, 1936 - Caryl of the Mountains - Crime Drama
Starring Rin-Tin-Tin Jr., Ralph Bushman, Louis Wilde

April 1, 1936 - Tudor Rose - British Historical Adventure
Starring Nova Pilbeam, Cedric Hardwicke, John Mills, Desmond Tester

April 1, 1936 - In the Soup - British Screwball Comedy
Starring Ralph Lynn, Judy Gunn, Morton Selten, Bertha Belmore

April 14, 1936 - Three on the Trail - Hopalong Cassidy Cowboy Adventure
Starring William Boyd, James Ellison, Muriel Evans, Gabby Hayes

April 15, 1936 - The Drag-Net - Police Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Rod La Rocque, Marian Nixon, Betty Compson, Jack Adair

April 17, 1936 - Things to Come - Science Fiction
Starring Raymond Massey, Edward Chapman

April 25, 1936 - Rogue of the Range - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Lois January, Stephen Chase, Phyllis Hume

May 1, 1936 - Melody in May - Romantic Musical Short
Starring Ruth Etting, Frank Coghlan Jr., Joan Sheldon, Margaret Armstrong

May 8, 1936 - Let's Sing Again - Runaway Orphan Adventure
Starring Bobby Breen, Henry Armetta, George Houston, Vivienne Osborne

May 10, 1936 - Last of the Warrens - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Margaret Marquis, Charles King, Horace Murphy

May 13, 1936 - One Rainy Afternoon - Romantic Cornball Situation Comedy
Starring Francis Lederer, Ida Lupino, Hugh Herbert, Roland Young

May 14, 1936 - The Speed Reporter - Newspaper Reporter vs. Gangsters Adventure
Starring Richard Talmadge, Luana Walters, Richard Cramer, Robert Walker

May 13, 1936 - Crime Patrol - Big City Cops and Gangsters Adventure
Starring Ray Walker, Geneva Mitchell, Russ Clark, Snub Pollard

May 20, 1936 - Three of a Kind - Screwball Romantic Comedy
Starring Chick Chandler, Evalyn Knapp, Berton Churchill, Patricia Farr

May 22, 1936 - The Dancing Pirate - Adventure Comedy Love Story
Starring Charles Collins, Frank Morgan, Jack La Rue, Rita Hayworth

May 26, 1936 - Hearts in Bondage - Romantic Drama
Starring James Dunn, Mae Clarke

May 30, 1936 - The Three Stooges in Disorder in the Court - Comedy Short
Starring Moe Howard, Curly Howard, Larry Fine, Suzanne Kaaren

May 30, 1936 - Down to the Sea - Greek Tarpon Springs Diving Adventure
Starring Russell Hardie, Ben Lyon, Ann Rutherford, Irving Pichel

June 2, 1936 - Mariners of the Sky (Navy Born) - Airplane Action Adventure
Starring William Gargan, Claire Dodd, Doughas Fowley, Dorothy Tree

June 4, 1936 - Revolt of the Zombies - Horror Thriller Mystery
Starring Dorothy Stone, Dean Jagger, Roy D'Arcy, Bela Lugosi

June 4, 1936 - Rogues Tavern - Murder Mystery
Starring Wallace Ford, Barbara Pepper, Clara Kimball Young

June 6, 1936 - Aces and Eights - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tim McCoy, Luana Walters, Rex Lease, Wheeler Oakman

June 6, 1936 - Wolves of the Sea - South Seas Treasure Adventure
Starring Jean Carmen, Hobart Bosworth, Dirk Thane, Warner Richmond

June 8, 1936 - Below the Deadline - Manhattan Diamond Robbery Mystery
Starring Cecilia Parker, Russell Hopton, Theodore von Eltz, Thomas E. Jackson

June 14, 1936 - Easy Money - Crime Adventure
Starring Onslow Stevens, Kay Linaker, Noel Madison, Allen Vincent

June 15, 1936 - Trapped by Television - Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Starring Mary Astor, Lyle Talbot, Nat Pendleton

June 16, 1936 - Go-Get-'Em, Haines - Shipboard Murder Mystery
Starring William Boyd, Sheila Terry, Eleanor Hunt, Lloyd Ingraham

June 20, 1936 - The Border Patrolman - Western Crime Adventure
Starring George O'Brien, Polly Ann Young, Smiley Burnette, LeRoy Mason

June 25, 1936 - The Law Rides - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Harley Wood, Buck Connors, Charles King

June 25, 1936 - Ticket to Paradise - Amnesia Adventure of Discovery
Starring Roger Pryor, Wendy Barrie, Claude Gillingwater, E.E. Clive

July 1, 1936 - Wildcat Trooper - Canadian Wilderness Crime Adventure
Starring Kermit Maynard, Hobart Bosworth, John Merton, Lois Wilde

July 6, 1936 - Winds of the Wasteland - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Phyllis Fraser, Lew Kelly, Douglas Cosgrove

July 18, 1936 - Prison Shadows - Boxing Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Edward J. Nugent, Lucille Lund, Joan Barclay, Syd Saylor

June 23, 1936 - The Man Who Could Work Miracles - British Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure
Starring Roland Young, Sophie Stewart, Joan Gardner, Ralph Richardson

July 25, 1936 - The Crooked Trail - Cowboy Western
Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Lucile Browne, John Merton

July 28, 1936 - The Amazing Adventure - Feel-Good Riches-to-Rags Adventure
Starring Cary Grant, Mary Brian, Peter Gawthorn, Kenry Kendall

August 1, 1936 - It Couldn't Have Happened, But it Did! - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Reginald Denny, Evelyn Brent, Jack La Rue

August 3, 1936 - Ghost Patrol - Sci-Fi Ray-Gun Cowboy Adventure
Starring Tim McCoy, Claudia Dell, Wheeler Oakman, James P. Burtis

August 10, 1936 - Where There's A Will - Comedy Crime Drama
Starring Will Hay, Graham Moffatt, Norma Varden, Peggy Simpson

August 15, 1936 - Seven Sinners - British Crime Noir Drama
Starring Edmund Lowe, Constance Cummings

August 16, 1936 - Postal Inspector - Musical Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Ricardo Cortez, Patricia Ellis, Michael Loring, Bela Lugosi

August 17, 1936 - Song of Freedom - African-British Discovery Adventure
Starring Paul Robeson, Elisabeth Welch, Robert Adams, James Solomon

August 18, 1936 - Murder in the Red Barn - British Murder Play
Starring Tod Slaughter, Sophie Stewart, Eric Portman, D.J. Williams

August 19, 1936 - Oh Susanna! - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Frances Grant, Earle Hodgins

August 24, 1936 - Behind the Mask - British New Year's Murder Mystery
Starring Hugh Williams, Jane Baxter, Ronald Ward, Kitty Kelly

September 1, 1936 - Yellowstone - Detective Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Judith Barrett, Ralph Morgan, Andy Devine, Alan Hale

September 1, 1936 - Romance Rides the Range - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Fred Scott, Cliff Nazarro, Marion Shilling, Bob Kortman

September 1, 1936 - Gambling with Souls - Gambling Brothel Exploitation Drama
Starring Martha Chapin, Wheeler Oakman, Gay Sheridan, Vera Steadman

September 8, 1936 - Juggernaut - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Boris Karloff, Joan Wyndham, Arthur Margetson

September 10, 1936 - Missing Girls - Gangster Murder Kidnapping Drama
Starring Roger Pryor, Muriel Evans, Ann Doran, Sidney Blackmer

September 11, 1936 - Sitting on the Moon - Romantic Musical Comedy
Starring Roger Pryor, Grace Bradley, William Newell, Pert Kelton

September 14, 1936 - Lady Luck - Comedy Romantic Murder Adventure
Starring Patricia Farr, William Bakewell, Lulu McConnell, Duncan Renaldo

September 17, 1936 - My Man Godfrey - Romantic Screwball Comedy
Starring William Powell, Carole Lombard, Gail Patrick, Eugene Pallette

September 25, 1936 - Murder with Pictures - Noir Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Lew Ayres, Gail Patrick, Paul Kelly, Benny Baker

September 28, 1936 - The President's Mystery - Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Henry Wilcoxon, Betty Furness, Sidney Blackmer, Evelyn Brent

September 30, 1936 - Ride, Ranger Ride - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Kay Hughes

September 30, 1936 - Phantom Patrol - RCMP Canadian Crime Adventure
Starring Kermit Maynard, Joan Barclay, Harry Worth, Paul Fix

October 1, 1936 - Everything is Thunder - British WWI Love Story
Starring Constance Bennett, Douglass Montgomery, Roy Emerton, Oskar Homolka

October 1, 1936 - Cavalcade of the West - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Hoot Gibson, Rex Lease, Nina Guilbert, Earl Dwire

October 5, 1936 - Cavalry - Cowboys, Indians, Outlaws Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Frances Grant, Karl Hackett, Hal Price

October 8, 1936 - Forbidden Music - Romantic Musical Adventure
Starring Richard Tauber, Diana Napier, Jimmy Durante, June Clyde

October 10, 1936 - Shadow of Chinatown - Evil Scientist Chinatown Adventure
Starring Bela Lugosi, Bruce Bennett, Joan Barclay, Luana Walters

October 15, 1936 - Phantom Ship - Horror Mystery
Starring Bela Lugosi, Shirley Grey

October 15, 1936 - Rip Roarin' Buckaroo - Cowboy Romantic Comedy
Starring Tom Tyler, Beth Marion

October 16, 1936 - Daniel Boone - Historic Adventure Drama
Starring George O'Brien, Heather Angel

October 16, 1936 - Hopalong Cassidy Returns - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Evelyn Brent, Morris Ankrum

October 24, 1936 - Ambush Valley - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Custer, Victoria Vinton

October 26, 1936 - Ghost-Town Gold - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Kay Hughes

October 28, 1936 - The House of Secrets - Haunted Mansion Crime Adventure
Starring Leslie Fenton, Muriel Evans, Sidney Blackmer, Morgan Wallace

November 1, 1936 - The Man Who Changed His Mind - British Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Boris Karloff, Anna Lee, John Loder, Frank Cellier

November 2, 1936 - Two Minutes to Play - College Football Adventure
Starring Bruce Bennett, Edward J. Nugent, Jeanne Martel, Betty Compson

November 5, 1936 - Ellis Island - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Donald Cook, Peggy Shannon, Jack La Rue, Johnny Arthur

November 6, 1936 - Wild Brian Kent - Western Ranch Adventure
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Mae Clarke, Helen Lowell, Stanley Andrews

November 6, 1936 - Along Came Love - Classic Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Irene Hervey, Charles Starrett, Irene Franklin, Bernadene Hayes

November 16, 1936 - The Big Show - Cowboy Romantic Musical
Starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Kay Hughes

November 22, 1936 - Song of the Gringo - Singing Cowboy Adventure
Starring Tex Ritter, Joan Woodbury, Fuzzy Knight, Monte Blue

November 27, 1936 - Stampede - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Charles Starrett, Finis Barton, J.P. McGowan, William Millman

November 28, 1936 - The Phantom of the Range - Cowboy Western Ghost Adventure
Starring Tom Tyler, Beth Marion, Sammy Cohen, Soledad Jimenez

November 29, 1936 - Captain Calamity - South Seas Romantic Adventure
Starring George Huston, Marian Nixon, Vince Barnett, Movita

November 29, 1936 - Red Lights Ahead - Rags-to-Riches-to-Rags-to-Riches Drama
Starring Andy Clyde, Lucile Gleason, Roger Imhof, Ann Doran

December, 1936 - James Cagney in Great Guy - Crime Adventure
Starring James Cagney, Mae Clarke, James Burke, Edward Brophy

December 1, 1936 - Windbag the Sailor - Comedy
Starring Will Hay, Moore Marriott

December 1, 1936 - Zorro, The Bold Caballero - Cowboy Romantic Comedy
Starring Robert Livingston, Heather Angel

December 1, 1936 - Pilot X - Airplane Murder Thriller
Starring John Carroll, Leon Ames, Lona Andre, Henry Hall

December 3, 1936 - Winterset - Dark Noir Gangster Crime Drama
Starring Burgess Meredith, Margo, Eduardo Ciannelli, John Carradine

December 5, 1936 - What Becomes of the Children - Family Values Drama
Starring Joan Marsh, Robert Frazer, Natalie Moorhead, Glen Boles

December 6, 1936 - Hats Off - Musical Comedy
Starring Mae Clarke, John Payne, Helen Lynd, Luis Alberni

December 7, 1936 - Trail Dust - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, James Ellison, Gabby Hayes, Gwynne Shipman

December 12, 1936 - Beware of Ladies - Political Campaign Crime Adventure
Starring Donald Cook, Judith Allen, Russell Hopton, George Meeker

December 17, 1936 - Earthworm Tractors - Screwball Comedy Adventure
Starring Joe E. Brown, June Travis, Carol Hughes, Guy Kibbee, Gene Lockhart

December 20, 1936 - Aces Wild - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Harry Carey, Gertrude Messinger, Theodore Lorch, Roger Williams

December 23, 1936 - The Mandarin Mystery - Ellery Queen Detective Adventure
Starring Eddie Quillan, Charlotte Henry, Rita La Roy, Franklin Pangborn

December 25, 1936 - Rembrandt - Historical Drama
Starring Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester, Gertrude Lawrence, Edward Chapman

December 28, 1936 - A Man Betrayed - Great Depression Era Crime Adventure
Starring Edward J. Nugent, Kay Hughes, Lloyd Hughes, John Wray

December 30, 1936 - Jack of All Trades - British Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Jack Hulbert, Gina Malo, Robertson Hare, Athole Stewart


Unknown day, 1937 - O-Kay for Sound - British 'Crazy Gang' Comedy
Starring Chesney Allen, Bud Flanagan, Teddy Knox, Jimmy Nervo

Unknown day, 1937 - The Ticket of Leave Man - British Serial Murder Thriller
Starring Tod Slaughter, John Warwick, Marjorie Taylor, Frank Cochran

January 1, 1937 - High Hat - Musical Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Frank Luther, Dorothy Dare, Lona Andre, Franklin Pangborn

January 4, 1937 - Riders of the Whistling Skull - Cowboy Western Supernatural Adventure
Starring Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Mary Russell

January 4, 1937 - The Roaming Cowboy - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Fred Scott, Al St. John, Lois January, Forrest Taylor

January 11, 1937 - Larceny on the Air - Medical Crime Drama
Starring Robert Livingston (Dr. Lawrence Baxter), Grace Bradley

January 15, 1937 - The Singing Buckaroo - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Fred Scott, Victoria Vinton, William Faversham, Cliff Nazarro

January 15, 1937 - Bulldog Drummond Comes Back - Detective Mystery Adventure
Starring John Barrymore, John Howard, Reginald Denny, E.E. Clive

January 15, 1937 - Secret Valley - Cowboy vs Gangster Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Virginia Grey, Norman Willis, Russell Hicks

January 15, 1937 - The Devil Diamond - Detective Crime Adventure
Starring Frankie Darro, Kane Richmond, June Gale, Rosita Butler

January 30, 1937 - Blake of Scotland Yard - Sci-Fi Crime Serial Adventure
Starring Ralph Byrd, Herbert Rawlinson, Joan Barclay, Lloyd Hughes

January 30, 1937 - Arizona Days - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tex Ritter, Syd Saylor, Eleanor Stewart, Forrest-Taylor

February 1, 1937 - Rich Relations - Romantic Relationships Drama
Starring Ralph Forbes, Frances Grant, Barry Norton, Muriel Evans

February 22, 1937 - Paradise Express - Railroad Gangster Crime Romantic Comedy
Starring Grant Withers, Dorothy Appleby, Arthur Hoyt, Maude Eburne

February 25, 1937 - Storm in a Teacup - Scottish Romantic Drama
Starring Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison, Cecil Parker, Sara Allgood

February 26, 1937 - Dental Follies - Musical Comedy Short
Starring Pinky Lee, Mary Sutherland, Barbara McDonald, Harold Waldridge

February 26, 1937 - Borderland - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Morris Ankrum, Gabby Hayes, Jimmy Ellison

February 27, 1937 - The Silver Trail - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Rex Lease, Mary Russell, Ed Cassidy, Roger Williams

March 1, 1937 - Circus Girl - Circus Murder Adventure
Starring June Travis, Robert Livingston, Donald Cook, Betty Compson

March 3, 1937 - A Million to One - Olympic Athletic Romantic Adventure
Starring Bruce Bennett, Joan Fontaine, Monte Blue, Suzanne Kaaren

March 3, 1937 - Swing it Professor - Musical Racketeer Crime Adventure
Starring Pinky Tomlin, Paula Stone, Milburn Stone, Mary Kornman

March 5, 1937 - When Thief meets Thief - British Cat-Burglar Love Story
Starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Valerie Hobson, Alan Hale, Edward Rigby

March 5, 1937 - Fire Over England - British Historic Spy Thriller
Starring Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Raymond Massey, Flora Robson

March 6, 1937 - Trouble in Texas - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tex Ritter, Rita Hayworth, Yakima Canutt, Earl Dwire

March 12, 1937 - Swing High, Swing Low - Romantic Comedy Drama
Starring Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Lamour, Anthony Quinn

March 13, 1937 - Navy Spy - Spy vs Spy Adventure
Starring Conrad Nagel, Eleanor Hunt, Judith Allen, Don Barclay

March 16, 1937 - Park Avenue Logger - Logging Camp Crime Adventure
Starring George O'Brien, Beatrice Roberts, Bert Hanlon, Ward Bond

March 21, 1937 - 23, 1/2 Hours Leave - Army Romantic Comedy
Starring James Ellison, Terry Walker, Arthur Lake, Paul Harvey

March 22, 1937 - Bill Cracks Down - Steel Mill Romantic Adventure
Starring Grant Withers, Beatrice Roberts, Ranny Weeks, Judith Allen

March 27, 1937 - Girl Loves Boy - Coming-of-Age Romantic Adventure
Starring Eric Linden, Cecilia Parker, Roger Imhof, Dorothy Peterson

March 29, 1937 - Navy Blues - Romantic Spy Comedy Adventure
Starring Dick Purcell, Mary Brian, Warren Hymer, Joe Sawyer

April 3, 1937 - Hittin' The Trail - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tex Ritter, Tommy Bupp, Earl Dwire, Ed Cassidy

April 5, 1937 - Jim Hanvey, Detective - Amateur Detective Murder Mysterh
Starring Guy Kibbee, Tom Brown, Lucie Kaye, Edward Brophy

April 6, 1937 - Mile A Minute Love - Speed Boat Crime Adventure
Starring William Bakewell, Arletta Duncan, Duncan Renaldo, Vivien Oakland

April 10, 1937 - The Gold Racket - G-Man Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Conrad Nagel, Eleanor Hunt, Fuzzy Knight, Frank Milan

April 6, 1937 - Lawless Land - Texas Ranger Cowboy Adventure
Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Louise Stanley, Ted Adams, Julian Rivero

April 16, 1937 - Hills of Old Wyoming - Cowboy, Indian Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Chief John Big Tree, Morris Ankrum

April 18, 1937 - Love From A Stranger - Agatha Christie Mystery Suspense Thriller
Starring Ann Harding, Basil Rathbone, Binnie Hale, Bruce Seton, Jean Cadell

April 21, 1937 - Bulldog Drummond Escapes - British Detective Adventure
Starring Ray Milland, Heather Angel, Guy Standing, Reginald Denny

April 22, 1937 - Thunder in the City - Romantic Business Adventure
Starring Edward G. Robinson, Luli Deste, Nigel Bruce, Constance Collier

April 24, 1937 - Home Run on the Keys - One-Reel Baseball Musical Adventure
Starring Babe Ruth, Zez Confrey, Byron Gay, the DeMarco Sisters

April 26, 1937 - The Hit Parade - Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring Edward G. Robinson, Luli Deste, Nigel Bruce, Constance Collier

April 27, 1937 - A Star is Born - Moviestar Tragedy Drama
Starring Janet Gaynor, Frederic March

May 2, 1937 - It Happened Out West - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Judith Allen, Paul Kelly, Johnny Arthur, LeRoy Mason

May 5, 1937 - Gunsmoke Ranch - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Jean Carmen

May 7, 1937 - The Law Commands - Western Settler Crime Adventure
Starring Tom Keene, Lorraine Randall, Robert Fiske, Budd Buster

May 12, 1937 - Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Armida, Monte Blue

May 22, 1937 - Damaged Goods - Exploitation Medical Drama
Starring Douglas Walton, Arletta Duncan, Pedro de Cordoba, Esther Dale

May 24, 1937 - Come on Cowboys! - Cowboy Crime Adventure
Starring Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Maxine Doyle

May 24, 1937 - Tough to Handle - Noir Crime Thriller
Starring Frankie Darro, Kane Richmond, Phyllis Cerf, Harry Worth

May 25, 1937 - What Price Vengeance? - Canadian Crime Gangster Adventure
Starring Lyle Talbot, Wendy Barrie, Eddie Acuff, Lucille Lund

May 28, 1937 - Hollywood Cowboy - Western Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring George O'Brien, Cecilia Parker, Joe Caits, Frank Milan, Maude Eburne

May 31, 1937 - Under the Red Robe - British Historical Drama
Starring Conrad Veidt, Annabella, Raymond Massey, Romney Brent

June, 1937 - Night Ride - British Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Julian Vedey, Jimmy Hanley, Joan Ponsford, Wally Patch

June 7, 1937 - Dangerous Holiday - Young Teen Runaway Adventure
Starring Ronald Sinclair, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Hedda Hopper, Jack La Rue

June 7, 1937 - Bank Alarm - G-man Crime Adventure
Starring Conrad Nagel, Eleanor Hunt, Vince Barnett, Wheeler Oakman

June 8, 1937 - Sweetheart of the Navy - Navy Romantic Comedy
Starring Eric Linden, Cecilia Parker, Jason Robards Sr., Roger Imhof

June 14, 1937 - Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge - Cowboy Eastern Adventure
Starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Betty Bronson, LeRoy Mason

June 15, 1937 - Anything for a Thrill - Newsreel Cameraman Romantic Action Adventure
Starring Frankie Darro, Kane Richmond, June Johnson, Ann Evers

June 18, 1937 - Riding on Air - Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Joe E. Brown, Guy Kibbee, Florence Rice, Vinton Hayworth

June 21, 1937 - Fury and the Woman, Lucky Corrigan - Canadian Logging Adventure
Starring William Gargan, Molly Lamont, James McGrath, David Clyde

June 21, 1937 - Rhythm in the Clouds - Romantic Musical Madcap Comedy
Starring Patricia Ellis, Warren Hull, William Newell, Zeffie Tilbury

June 28, 1937 - North of the Rio Grande - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Gabby Hayes, Morris Ankrum

June 30, 1937 - Range Defenders - Cowboy Western Crime Comedy
Starring Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Eleanor Stewart

June 30, 1937 - The 13th Man - Whodunit Reporter Murder Mystery
Starring Weldon Heyburn, Inez Courtney, Milburn Stone, Grace Durkin

July, 1937 - Murder at the Baskervilles - Sherlock Holmes Mystery
Starring Arthur Wontner, Ian Fleming, Lyn Harding, John Turnbull

July 1, 1937 - Boys Will Be Girls - British Situation Comedy
Starring Leslie Fuller, Greta Gynt, Nellie Wallace, Judy Kelly

July 1, 1937 - Midnight Menace, Bombs Over London - British Sci-Fi Crime Adventure
Starring Charles Farrell, Margaret Vyner, Fritz Kortner, Arthur Finn

July 1, 1937 - Flying Fists - Boxing Crime Adventure
Starring Bruce Bennett, Jeanne Martel, Fuzzy Knight, Dickie Jones

July 2, 1937 - Dark Journey - WWI Romantic Spy Thriller
Starring Conrad Veidt, Vivien Leigh, Joan Gardner, Anthony Bushell

July 11, 1937 - Three Legionnaires - World War One Situation Comedy
Starring Robert Armstrong, Lyle Talbot, Fifi D'Orsay, Anne Nagel, Donald Meek

July 7, 1937 - Hoosier Schoolboy - Small Town Drama
Starring Mickey Rooney, Anne Nagel, Frank Shields, Edward Pawley

July 12, 1937 - Meet the Boy Friend - Screwball Romantic Comedy
Starring Robert Paige, Carol Hughes, Warren Hymer, Pert Kelton

July 21, 1937 - Paradise Isle - South Seas Romantic Adventure
Starring Movita, Warren Hull, Willima B. Davidson, John St. Polis

July 22, 1937 - Island Captives - South Seas Crime Drama
Starring Edward Nugent, Joan Barclay, Henry Brandon, Charles King

July 23, 1937 - Rustler's Valley - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Lee J. Cobb, Muriel Evans

July 25, 1937 - Slaves in Bondage - Big City Exploitation Drama
Starring Lona Andre, Donald Reed, Wheeler Oakman, Florence Dudley

July 26, 1937 - King Solomon's Mine - African Adventure Treasure Hunt
Starring Paul Robeson, Cedric Hardwicke, Roland Young, Anna Lee

July 26, 1937 - Good Morning, Boys! - British Comedy Adventure
Starring Will Hay, Peter Gawthorne, Graham Moffatt, Lilli Palmer

July 27, 1937 - Zane Grey's Forlorn River - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Syd Saylor, Harvey Stephens, Ruth Warren

August 4, 1937 - The Outer Gate - Crime, Revenge Drama
Starring Ralph Morgan, Kay Linaker, Ben Alexander, Eddie Acuff

August 6, 1937 - The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Tex Ritter, Iris Meredith, Horace Murphy, Charles King

August 17, 1937 - Brief Ecstacy - Scottish Romantic Drama
Starring Paul Lucas, Linden Travers, Hugh Williams, Marie Ney

August 20, 1937 - Hopalong Rides Again - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Russell Hayden, Billy King

August 20, 1937 - Sea Racketeers - Romantic Comedy Crime Adventure
Starring Weldon Heyburn, Jeanne Madden, Warren Hymer, Penny Singleton

August 25, 1937 - Atlantic Flight - Airplane Crime Drama
Starring Dick Merrill, Jack Lambie, Paula Stone, Milburn Stone

August 27, 1937 - Make A Wish - Musical Situation Comedy
Starring Bobby Breen, Basil Rathbone, Marion Claire, Henry Armetta

August 25, 1937 - Doctor Syn - British Comedy Smuggling Adventure
Starring George Arliss, Margaret Lockwood, Roy Emerton, Graham Moffatt

September 1, 1937 - Escape by Night - Feel-Good Crime Drama
Starring William Hall, Anne Nagel, Dean Jagger, Ward Bond

September 21, 1937 - Millions - British Situation Comedy
Starring Gordon Harker, Frank Pettingell, Richard Hearne, Jane Carr

September 24, 1937 - Small Town Boy - Situation Comedy
Starring Stuart Erwin, Joyce Compton, Jed Prouty, Clara Blandick

September 29, 1937 - A Bride for Henry - Romantic Comedy
Starring Anne Nagle, Warren Hull, Henry Mollison, Claudia Dell

September 29, 1937 - Renfrew of the Royal Mounted - Outdoors Crime Adventure
Starring James Newill, Carol Hughes, William Royle, Herbert Corthell

September 30, 1937 - Something to Sing About - Romantic Musical Comedy
Starring James Cagney, Evelyn Daw, William Frawley, Gene Lockhart

October 4, 1937 - Boots, Saddles - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Gene Autrey, Smiley Burnette, Judith Allen, Ronald Sinclair

October 4, 1937 - Youth on Parole - Jewel Thief Crime Adventure
Starring Marian Marsh, Gordon Oliver, Miles Mander, Milburn Stone

October 11, 1937 - The Wrong Road - Bank Robbery Crime Adventure
Starring Richard Cromwell, Helen Mack, Lionel Atwill, Marjorie Main

October 15, 1937 - The Girl Said No - Romantic Musical Comedy
Starring Robert Armstrong, Irene Hervey, Edward Brophy, Vera Ross

October 18, 1937 - Roll Along, Cowboy - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Smith Ballew, Cecilia Parker, Stanley Fields, Ruth Robinson

October 18, 1937 - Love Takes Flight - Airplane Romantic Situation Adventure
Starring Bruce Cabot, Beatrice Roberts, John Sheehan, Astrid Allwyn

October 20, 1937 - Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel - Romantic Spy Thriller
Starring Barry K. Barnes, James Mason, Sophie Stewart, Margaretta Scott

October 29, 1937 - The Shadow Strikes - Crime Murder Mystery
Starring Rod La Rocque, Agnes,erson, James Blakeley, Walter McGrail

November 3, 1937 - Danger Valley - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Addison Randall, Lois Wilde, Charles King, Hal Price

November 8, 1937 - Portia on Trial - Female Lawyer Courtroom Adventure
Starring Frieda Inescort, Neil Hamilton, Heather Angel, Ruth Donnelly

November 15, 1937 - Hitchcock's Young, Innocent - British Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney, Edward Rigby, Percy Marmont

November 26, 1937 - Nothing Sacred - Screwball Romantic Comedy
Starring Carole Lombard, Fredric March, Charles Winninger, Walter Connolly

November 26, 1937 - Texas Trail - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Gabby Hayes, Billy King

November 27, 1937 - Manhattan Merry-Go-Round - Manhattan Nightclub Music Revue
Starring Phil Regan, Joe DiMaggio, Cab Calloway, Kay Thompson

November 28, 1937 - Non-Stop New York - British Chorus Girl Murder Thriller
Starring Anna Lee, John Loder, Francis L. Sullivan, Desmond Tester

November 29, 1937 - The Duke Comes Back - Boxing Crime Adventure
Starring Allan Lane, Heather Angel, Genevieve Tobin, Ben Welden

December, 1937 - Murder is News - Radio Reporter Whodunit Adventure
Starring John Gallaudet, Iris Meredith, George McKay, John Hamilton

December 2, 1937 - Clipped Wings - Airplane Gangster Smuggling Adventure
Starring Lloyd Hughes, Rosalind Keith, William Janney, Jason Robards Sr.

December 5, 1937 - The Fighting Deputy - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Fred Scott, Phoebe Logan, Al St. John, Charles King

December 7, 1937 - Telephone Operator - Romantic Adventure Thriller
Starring Judith Allen, Grant Withers, Warren Hymer, Alice White

December 8, 1937 - Boy of the Streets - Teenage Coming of Age Drama
Starring Jackie Cooper, Maureen O'Connor, Kathleen Burke, Marjorie Main

December 10, 1937 - Helltown - Romantic Action Western
Starring John Wayne, Marsha Hunt, Johnny Mack Brown, Alan Ladd

December 16, 1937 - Bulldog Drummond's Revenge - British Spy Mystery
Starring John Barrymore, John Howard, Reginald Denny, E.E. Clive

December 20, 1937 - Exiled to Shanghai - Romantic Sci-Fi Crime Adventure
Starring Wallace Ford, Dean Jagger, Jonathan Hale, June Travis

December 22, 1937 - Lady Behave - Romantic Madcap Family Comedy
Starring Sally Eilers, Neil Hamilton, Joseph Schildkraut, Grant Mitchell


Unknown day, 1938 - The Hooded Terror - British Detective Crime Mystery
Starring George Curzon, Tod Slaughter, Greta Gynt, Tony Sympson

Unknown day, 1938 - Sex Madness, They Must Be Told - Exploitation Drama
Starring Vivian McGill, Rose Tapley, Al Rigali, Mark Daniels

January 1, 1938 - The Villiers Diamond - British Jewel Thief Adventure
Starring Leslie Harcourt, Frank Birch, Evelyn Ankers, Julie Suedo

January 7, 1938 - Tarzan's Revenge - Jungle Adventure
Starring Glenn Morris, Eleanor Holm, George Barbier, Hedda Hopper

January 7, 1938 - Here's Flash Casey - Newspaper Photographer Crime Adventure
Starring Eric Linden, Boots Mallory, Cully Richards, Victor Adams

January 10, 1938 - The Edge of the World - Scottish Isle Adventure
Starring John Laurie, Belle Chrystall, Niall MacGinnis, Eric Berry

January 14, 1938 - Partners of the Plains - Cowboy Western Comedy Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Harvey Clark, Gwen Gaze, Hilda Plowright

January 15, 1938 - The Divorce of Lady X - Romantic Comedy
Starring Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier, Binnie Barnes

January 26, 1938 - To The Victor - British Small Village Adventure
Starring Will Fyffe, John Loder, Margaret Lockwood, Graham Moffatt

January 27, 1938 - Bank Holiday - British Romantic Situation Drama
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Hugh Williams, René Ray, John Lodge

January 29, 1938 - The Old Barn Dance - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Joan Valerie, Sammy McKim

February 2, 1938 - Where the West Begins - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Fuzzy Knight, Addison Randall, Luana Walters, Richard Alexander

February 9, 1938 - My Old Kentucky Home - Musical Romantic Drama
Starring Evelyn Venable, Grant Richards, Clara Blandick, Bernadene Hayes

February 4, 1938 - Swing it, Sailor! - Navy Romantic Cornball Comedy
Starring Wallace Ford, Ray Mayer, Isabel Jewell, Mary Treen

February 14, 1938 - Tarzan and the Green Goddess - Jungle Adventure
Starring Bruce Bennett, Ula Holt, Frank Baker, Ashton Dearhold

February 16, 1938 - Born to be Wild - Truck Driver Adventure
Starring Ralph Byrd, Doris Weston, Ward Bond, Robert Emmett Keane

February 18, 1938 - Mr. Boggs Steps Out - Small Town 'feel-good' Adventure
Starring Stuart Erwin, Helen Chandler, Toby Wing, Milburn Stone

February 23, 1938 - Port of Missing Girls - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Harry Carey, Judith Allen, Milburn Stone, Betty Compson

February 25, 1938 - Cassidy of Bar 20 - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Frank Darien, Gertrude Hoffman

February 28, 1938 - The Hollywood Stadium Mystery - Romantic Sports Mystery
Starring Neil Hamilton, Evelyn Venable, Jimmy Wallington, Barbara Pepper

March 11, 1938 - Hawaii Calls - South Seas Singing Adventure
Starring Bobby Breen, Ned Sparks, Mamo Clark, Warren Hull

March 18, 1938 - Bulldog Drummond's Peril - Murder Detective Mystery Adventure
Starring John Barrymore, John Howard, Reginald Denny, E.E. Clive

March 18, 1938 - King of the Newsboys - Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Lew Ayres, Helen Mack, Sheila Bromley, Victor Varconi

March 30, 1938 - Millionaire Merry-Go-Round - Musical Romantic Drama
Starring Hal Thompson, Evelyn Dall, Florence Desmond, Maureen O'Hara

April 1, 1938 - Spirit of Youth - Black Cinema Boxing Adventure
Starring Joe Louis, Clarence Muse, Edna Mae Harris, Mae Turner

April 4, 1938 - Invisible Enemy - Pre-War Romantic Spy Adventure
Starring Alan Marshal, Tala Birell, Mady Correll, C. Henry Gordon

April 8, 1938 - Rawhide - Baseball Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Lou Gehrig, Smith Ballew, Evalyn Knapp, Arthur Loft

April 15, 1938 - Female Fugitive - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Evelyn Venable, Craig Reynolds, Reed Hadley, John Kelly

April 18, 1938 - Call of the Yukon - Alaska Wilderness Animal Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Beverly Roberts, Lyle Talbot, Garry Owen

April 18, 1938 - The Feud Maker - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Marion Weldon, Karl Hackett, Frank Ball

April 20, 1938 - Under Western Stars - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Carol Hughes, Guy Usher

April 22, 1938 - Heart of Arizona - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Natalie Moorhead, Dorothy Short

April 23, 1938 - The Shadow in International Crime - Detective Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Rod La Rocque, Astrid Allwyn, Thomas E. Jackson, Lew Hearn

May, 1938 - The Terror - Horror Crime Drama
Starring Arthur Wontner, Alastair Sim, Wilfrid Lawson, Bernard Lee

May 6, 1938 - Law of the Underworld - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Chester Morris, Anne Shirley, Eduardo Ciannelli, Lee Patrick

May 7, 1938 - Knight of the Plains - Cowboy Western Crime Comedy
Starring Fred Scott, Al St. John, Marion Weldon, Lafe McKee

May 15, 1938 - Songs and Bullets - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Fred Scott, Al St. John, Alyce Ardell, Charles King

May 11, 1938 - Romance on the Run - Romantic Crime Comedy
Starring Donald Woods, Patricia Ellis, Grace Bradley, Edward Brophy, William Demarest

May 19, 1938 - Sinners in Paradise - South Seas Island Adventure
Starring Madge Evans, John Boles, Gene Lockhart, Milburn Stone

May 23, 1938 - Gangs of New York - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Charles Bickford, Alan Baxter, Wynne Gibson, Ann Dvorak

May 24, 1938 - Affairs of Cappy Ricks - Comedy Family Adventure
Starring Walter Brennan, Mary Brian, Lyle Talbot, Georgia Caine

June, 1938 - Convict 99 - British Comedy Adventure
Starring Will Hay, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt, Roddy McDowall

June 1, 1938 - Songs and Saddles - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Gene Austin, Lynne Berkeley, Henry Roquemore, Karl Hackett

June 2, 1938 - The Devil's Party - Best Friends Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Victor McLaglen, William Gargan, Paul Kelly, Beatrice Roberts

June 3, 1938 - Wives Under Suspicion - Murder Crime Drama
Starring Warren William, Gail Patrick, Ralph Morgan, William Lundigan

June 16, 1938 - Romance of the Limberlost - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Jean Parker, Marjorie Main, Betty Blythe, Sarah Padden

June 17, 1938 - Held for Ransom - Kidnapping Crime Adventure
Starring Blanche Mehaffey, Grant Withers, Bruce Warren, Jack Mulhall

June 24, 1938 - Bar 20 Justice - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Russell Hayden, Pat J. O'Brien

June 30, 1938 - Young Fugitives - Small Town Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Robert Wilcox, Dorothea Kent, Harry Davenport, Clem Bevans

July, 1938 - Alf's Button Afloat - Fantasy Comedy Adventure
Starring Bud Flanagan, Alastair Sim, Glennis Lorimer, James Carney

July 1, 1938 - Danger on the Air - Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Nan Grey, Donald Woods, Berton Churchill, Lee J. Cobb

July 1, 1938 - The Rage of Paris - Romantic Comedy
Starring Danielle Darrieux, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Mischa Auer, Louis Hayward

July 1, 1938 - Rebellious Daughters - Runaway Crime Adventure
Starring Marjorie Reynolds, Verna Hillie, Sheila Bromley, Dennis Moore

July 8, 1938 - Pride of the West - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Earle Hodgins, Billy King

July 22, 1938 - Little Tough Guy - Dead End Kids Crime Drama
Starring Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Helen Parrish, Marjorie Main

August 1, 1938 - Kate Plus Ten - British Crime Comedy Adventure
Starring Jack Hulbert, Genevieve Tobin, Googie Withers, Noel Madison

August 3, 1938 - Barefoot Boy - Small Town Teen Adventure
Starring Jackie Moran, Marcia Mae Jones, Bradley Metcalfe, Marilyn Knowlden

August 5, 1938 - Letter of Introduction - Romantic Drama
Starring Adolphe Menjou, Andrea Leeds, George Murphy, Edgar Bergen

August 5, 1938 - Algiers - Romantic Adventure
Starring Charles Boyer, Sigrid Gurie, Hedy Lamarr, Alan Hale

August 5, 1938 - The Marines Come Through - Romantic Spy Situation Comedy
Starring Wallace Ford, Toby Wing, Grant Withers, Sheila Lynch

August 24, 1938 - Bulldog Drummond in Africa - Detective Spy Adventure
Starring John Howard, Heather Angel, Reginald Denny, Anthony Quinn

August 31, 1938 - Under the Big Top - Romantic Circus Adventure
Starring Marjorie Main, Anne Nagel, Jack La Rue, Grant Richards

September 1, 1938 - The Duke is Tops - Black Cinema Vaudeville Adventure
Starring Ralph Cooper, Lena Horne, Laurence Criner, Neva Peoples

September 4, 1938 - Billy the Kid Returns - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Lynne Roberts, Morgan Wallace

September 9, 1938 - In Old Mexico - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Jan Clayton, Betty Amann

September 14, 1938 - The Mexicali Kid - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Jack Randall, Wesley Barry, Eleanor Stewart, Wilhlem von Brincken

September 15, 1938 - Crashing Through Danger - Electric Company Adventure
Starring Sally Blane, Ray Walker, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, James Bush

September 16, 1938 - Renegade Ranger - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring George O'Brien, Rita Hayworth

September 21, 1938 - Mark of the Avenger - Zane Grey Cowboy Adventure
Starring Douglass Dumbrille, Sidney Toler, Monte Blue, Russell Hayden

September 21, 1938 - Wanted by the Police - Delinquent Teen Crime Adventure
Starring Frankie Darro, Evalyn Knapp, Lillian Elliott, Matty Fain

September 22, 1938 - Breaking the Ice - Musical Mennonite Adventure
Starring Bobby Breen, Charles Ruggles, Jonathan Hale, Irene Dare

September 29, 1938 - The Drum - British War Adventure
Starring Sabu, Raymond Massey, Roger Livesey, Valerie Hobson

October 1938 - Hey! Hey! USA! - British Comedy Adventure
Starring Will Hay, Edgar Kennedy, David Burns, Edmon Ryan

October 1, 1938 - Crackerjack - British Romantic Crime Comedy
Starring Tom Walls, Lilli Palmer, Noel Madison, Charles Heslop

October 4, 1938 - Slander House - Romantic Comedy
Starring Adrienne Ames, Craig Reynolds, Esther Ralston, George Meeker

October 5, 1938 - Mr. Wong, Detective - Detective Crime Mystery
Starring Boris Karloff, Grant Withers, Maxine Jennings, Evelyn Brent

October 6, 1938 - Pygmalion - British Classic Romantic Comedy
Starring Leslie Howard, Wendy Hiller, Scott Sunderland, David Tree

October 10, 1938 - Lightning Carson Rides Again - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Tim McCoy, Joan Barclay, Ted Adams, Bob Terry

October 14, 1938 - Shadows Over Shanghai - Chinese Spy Thriller
Starring James Dunn, Ralph Morgan, Lynda Grey, Robert Barrat

October 18, 1938 - St. Martin's Lane - Showbusiness Romantic Drama
Starring Charles Laughton, Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison, Larry Adler

October 26, 1938 - Prison Train - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Fred Keating, Dorothy Comingore, Clarence Muse, Faith Bacon

November 1, 1938 - The Lady Vanishes - British Romantic Espionage Adventure
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Paul Lukas, Dame May Whitty

November 3, 1938 - The Young in Heart - Feel-Good Gold-Digger Adventure
Starring Janet Gaynor, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Roland Young, Billie Burke

November 10, 1938 - Gang Bullets - Gangsters vs The Law Adventure
Starring Anne Nagel, Robert Kent, Charles Trowbridge, Morgan Wallace

November 11, 1938 - Sunset Murder Case - Noir Murder Thriller
Starring Sally Rand, Dennis Moore, Kathryn Kane, Lorna Andre

November 16, 1938 - Gangster's Son - Teen Growing-Up Adventure
Starring Jackie Cooper, Robert Warwick, Lucy Gilman, Tommy Wonder

November 25, 1938 - Six-Gun Trail - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tim McCoy, Nora Lane, Ben Corbett, Stephen Chase

December, 1938 - They Drive by Night - British Demented Killer Thriller
Starring Emlyn Williams, Ernest Thesiger, Anna Konstam, Allan Jeayes

December 1, 1938 - The Terror of Tiny Town - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Billy Curtis, Yvonne Moray, 'Little Billy' Rhodes, Nita Krebs

December 1, 1938 - Climbing High - British Romantic Madcap Comedy
Starring Jessie Matthews, Michael Redgrave, Alastair Sim, Margaret Vyner

December 2, 1938 - Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus - Pre-Teen Family Situation Comedy
Starring Tommy Kelly, George 'Spanky' McFarland, William Demarest, Edgar Kennedy

December 15, 1938 - While New York Sleeps - Nightclub Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Michael Whalen, Jean Rogers, Chick Chandler, William Demarest

December 16, 1938 - The Frontiersmen - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Russell Hayden, Evelyn Venable

December 25, 1938 - The Beachcomber - British South Seas Romantic Adventure
Starring Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester, Robert Newton, Tyrone Guthrie

December 29, 1938 - The Duke of West Point - Military Academy Adventure
Starring Louis Hayward, Joan Fontaine, Tom Brown, Richard Carlson

December 30, 1938 - Gang Smashers - Black Cinema Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Nina Mae McKinney, Laurence Criner, Monte Hawley, Mantan Moreland


January 1, 1939 - The Bronze Buckaroo - Black Cinema Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Herb Jeffries, Lucius Brooks, Artie Young, F.E. Miller

January 6, 1939 - Water Rustlers - Singing Cowgirl Western Adventure
Starring Dorothy Page, Dave O'Brien, Vince Barnett, Stanley Price

January 6, 1939 - Long Shot - Horse Racing Crime Adventure
Starring Gordon Jones, Marsha Hunt, C. Henry Gordon, Harry Davenport

January 11, 1939 - Arrest Bulldog Drummond - Mad Scientist Detective Crime Adventure
Starring John Howard, Heather Angel, H.B. Warner, Reginald Denny

January 13, 1939 - Trigger Pals - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Arthur Jarrett, Al St. John, Dorothy Fay, Ted Adams

January 18, 1939 - Convict's Code - Racketeering Crime Adventure
Starring Robert Kent, Anne Nagel, Sidney Blackmer, Victor Kilian

January 20, 1939 - Mr. Moto's Last Warning - Sleuth Spy Crime Adventure
Starring Peter Lorre, Richard Cortez, Virginia Field, John Carradine

February 3, 1939 - Fisherman's Wharf - Father and Son Family Adventure
Starring Bobby Breen, Leo Carrillo, Henry Armetta, Lee Patrick

January 28, 1939 - They Made Me A Criminal - Crime Drama
Starring John Garfield, Claude Rains, Ann Sheridan, Leo Gorcey

February 8, 1939 - Navy Secrets - Spy vs Spy Adventure
Starring Fay Wray, Grant Withers, Dewey Robinson, George Sorel

February 10, 1939 - Made For Each Other - New Year's Eve Love Story
Starring Carole Lombard, James Stewart, Charles Coburn, Louise Beavers

February 18, 1939 - Nancy Drew, Reporter - Teen Girl Detective Adventure
Starring Bonita Granville, Frankie Thomas, Dickie Jones, John Litel

February 22, 1939 - Star Reporter - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Warren Hull, Marsha Hunt, Wallis Clark, Clay Clement

February 24, 1939 - Sunset Trail - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Gabby Hayes, Charlotte Wynters

February 25, 1939 - Code of the Cactus - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tim McCoy, Ben Corbett, Dorothy Short, Dave O'Brien

March 8, 1939 - The Mystery of Mr. Wong - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Boris Karloff, Grant Withers, Dorothy Tree, Craig Reynolds

March 13, 1939 - Rough Riders Round-up - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Lynne Roberts

March 17, 1939 - The Little Princess - Family Drama
Starring Shirley Temple, Richard Green, Anita Louise, Arthur Treacher

March 20, 1939 - Panama Patrol - Secret Cipher Spy Adventure
Starring Leon Ames, Charlotte Wynters, Adrienne Ames, Weldon Heyburn

March 19, 1939 - Southward Ho - Romantic Cowboy Western
Starring Roy Rogers, Lynne Roberts, George 'Gabby' Hayes

March 29, 1939 - Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring John Howard, Heather Angel, H.B. Warner, Leo G. Carroll

March 31, 1939 - Silver on the Sage - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Gabby Hayes, Stanley Ridges

April, 1939 - The Face in the Window - Murder Horror Thriller
Starring Tod Slaughter, Marjorie Taylor, John Warwick, Robert Adair

April 7, 1939 - Love Affair - Romantic Drama
Starring Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer

April 12, 1939 - Frontier Pony Express - Historic Cowboy Western
Starring Roy Rogers, Lynne Roberts, Raymond Hatton, Edward Keane

April 12, 1939 - Abe Lincoln of the Ninth Avenue - Big City Christmas Drama
Starring Jackie Cooper, Martin Spellman, Marjorie Reynolds, George Irving

April 19, 1939 - Outlaw's Paradise - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Tim McCoy, Joan Barclay, Ben Corbett, Ted Adams

April 19, 1939 - Undercover Agent - Racketeer Crime Adventure
Starring Russell Gleason, Shirley Deane, J.M. Kerrigan, Maude Eburne

April 20, 1939 - Back Door to Heaven - Crime Drama
Starring Jimmy Lydon, Anita Magee, Raymond Roe, Van Heflin

April 29, 1939 - A Girl Must Live - British Romantic Comedy
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Renee Houston, Lilli Palmer, Helen Haye

May 1, 1939 - Boys Reformatory - Teenage Hoodlum Crime Drama
Starring Frankie Darro, Grant Withers, Lillian Elliott, Frank Coghlan Jr.

May 1, 1939 - Lying Lips - Black Cinema Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Edna Mae Harris, Carman Newsome, Robert Earl Jones, Frances E. Williams

May 5, 1939 - Sorority House - College Campus Romantic Comedy
Starring Anne Shirley, James Ellison, Barbara Read, Pamela Blake

May 22, 1939 - Wolf Call - Canadian Wilderness Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring John Carroll, Movita, George Lynn, Guy Usher, Polly Ann Young

May 26, 1939 - The Gorilla - Horror-Comedy
Starring Jimmy Ritz, Harry Ritz, Al Ritz

May 26, 1939 - The Zero Hour - Soap-Opera Romantic Drama
Starring Frieda Inescort, Otto Kruger, Adrienne Ames, Donald Douglas

June 8, 1939 - Should a Girl Marry? - Prison Crime Blackmail Adventure
Starring Anne Nagel, Warren Hull, Mayo Methot, Weldon Heyburn

June 14, 1939 - Down the Wyoming Trail - Christmas Cowboy Adventure
Starring Tex Ritter, Mary Brodel, Bobby Larson, Horace Murphy

June 16, 1939 - Law of the Wolf - Rin Tin Tin Crime Adventure
Starring Dennis Moore, Luana Walters, Martin Spellman, Jack Ingram

June 19, 1939 - In Old Caliente - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Lynne Roberts, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Jack La Rue

July 10, 1939 - Bad Boy - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Johnny Downs, Rosalind Keith, Helen MacKellar, Spencer Williams

July 12, 1939 - Bulldog Drummond's Bride - Detective Mystery Adventure
Starring John Howard, Heather Angel, H.B. Warner, Reginald Denny

July 21, 1939 - Way Down South - Pre-Civil War Plantation Musical
Starring Bobby Breen, Alan Mowbray, Clarence Muse, Steffi Duna

July 25, 1939 - Renegade Trail - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Charlotte Wynters, Russell Hopton

August 1, 1939 - Mr. Wong in Chinatown - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Boris Karloff, Marjorie Reynolds, Grant Withers, Lotus Long

August 19, 1939 - Inspector Hornleigh - British Detective Mystery Adventure
Starring Gordon Harker, Alastair Sim, Miki Hood, Steven Geray

August 22, 1939 - The Port of Hate - South Seas Island Murder Adventure
Starring Polly Ann Young, Kenneth Harlan, Shia Jung, Carleton Young, Ted Adams

August 22, 1939 - Irish Luck - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland, Sheila Darcy, Lillian Elliott

August 28, 1939 - Daughter of the Tong - Chinese Crime Adventure
Starring Evelyn Brent, Grant Withers, Dorothy Short, Dave O'Brien

August 29, 1939 - Ask a Policeman - Comedy Crime Adventure
Starring Will Hay, Graham Moffatt, Moore Marriott, Glennis Lorimer

September 1, 1939 - The Fighting Renegade - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tim McCoy, Joyce Bryant, Ben Corbett, Ted Adams

September 8, 1939 - Range War - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Britt Wood, Pedro de Cordoba

September 12, 1939 - Tailspin Tommy in Sky Patrol - Airplane Crime Adventure
Starring John Trent, Marjorie Reynolds, Milburn Stone, Jackie Coogan

September 29, 1939 - The Arizona Kid - Civil War Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Sally March, Stuart Hamblen

October 2, 1939 - The Great Commandment - Crucifixion Drama
Starring John Beal, Albert Dekker, Marjorie Cooley, Lloyd Corrigan

October 7, 1939 - Eternally Yours - Romantic Comedy
Starring Loretta Young, David Niven, Billie Burke, Zasu Pitts, Broderick Crawford, Eve Arden

October 13, 1939 - Jamaica Inn - Smuggling Crime Adventure
Starring Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Hara, Robert Newton, Leslie Banks

October 13, 1939 - Religious Racketeers - Spiritualist Crime Drama
Starring Mrs. Harry Houdini, Robert Fiske, Helene LeBerthon, Betty Compson

October 17, 1939 - The Phantom Creeps - Mad Scientist Adventure
Starring Bela Lugosi, Robert Kent,Dorothy Arnold, Edwin Stanley

October 29, 1939 - On the Night of the Fire - British Crime Murder Drama
Starring Ralph Richardson, Diana Wynyard, Mary Clare, Henry Oscar

October 31, 1939 - Mutiny in the Big House - Prison Crime Adventure
Starring Charles Bickford, Barton MacLane, Pat Moriarity, Dennis Moore

November 1, 1939 - Tailspin Tommy in Danger Flight - Airplane Crime Adventure
Starring John Trent, Marjorie Reynolds, Milburn Stone, Jason Robards Sr.

November 3, 1939 - The Flying Deuces - Comedy
Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy

November 3, 1939 - Law of the Pampas - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Sidney Toler, Steffi Duna

November 5, 1939 - Fighting Mad - Canadian Mountie Crime Adventure
Starring James Newill, Sally Blane, Dave O'Brien, Benny Rubin, Milburn Stone

November 6, 1939 - Buried Alive - Prison Electric Chair Drama
Starring Beverly Roberts, Robert Wilcox, George Pembroke, Wheeler Oakman

November 7, 1939 - Heroes in Blue - Cops vs Gangsters Crime Adventure
Starring Dick Purcell, Charles Quigley, Frank Sheridan, Edward Keane

November 14, 1939 - The Invisible Killer - Gangster Gambling Crime Adventure
Starring Grace Bradley, Roland Drew, Jean Brooks, Alex Callam

November 14, 1939 - The Mill on the Floss - British Soap-Opera Adventure
Starring James Mason, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Victoria Hopper, Frank Lawton

November 17, 1939 - Meet Doctor Christian - Feel-Good Small Town Adventure
Starring Jean Hersholt, Dorothy Lovett, Patsy Parsons, Paul Harvey

November 24, 1939 - The Secret of Dr. Kildare - Romantic Medical Drama
Starring Lew Ayres, Lionel Barrymore, Lionel Atwill, Helen Gilbert

December, 1939 - Paradise in Harlem - Black Cinema Musical Comedy
Starring Frank H. Wilson, Mamie Smith, Norman Astwood, Edna Mae Harris

December 4, 1939 - Mercy Plane - Airplane Crime Adventure
Starring James Dunn, Frances Gifford, Matty Fain, William Pawley

December 1, 1939 - Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday - British Detective Murder Comedy
Starring Gordon Harker, Alastair Sim, Linden Travers, Wally Patch

December 7, 1939 - The Devil's Daughter - Romantic Horror Drama
Starring Nina Mae McKinney, Jack Carter, Ida James

December 16, 1939 - Double Deal - Gangster Crime Murder Adventure
Starring Monte Hawley, Jeni Le Gon, Edward Thompson, Florence O'Brien

December 22, 1939 - Gulliver's Travels - Technicolor Animated Fairy Tale
Starring Jessica Dragonette, Lanny Ross, Sam Parker, animator Dave Fleischer

December 22, 1939 - Escape to Paradise - South American Musical Adventure
Starring Bobby Breen, Kent Taylor, Marla Shelton, Joyce Compton

December 29, 1939 - The Days of Jesse James - Romantic Cowboy Western
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Pauline Moore


Unknown day, 1940 - The French Way - WW2 Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Josephine Baker, Micheline Presle, Georges Marchal, Saturnin Fabre

Unknown day, 1940 - Friendly Neighbors - Hillbilly Comedy Adventure
Starring Leon Weaver, Frank Weaver, June Weaver, Loretta Weaver

Unknown day, 1940 - Mystery in Swing - Black Cinema Musical Crime Adventure
Starring Monte Hawley, Marguerite Whitten, Tommie Moore, Edward Thompson

Unknown day, 1940 - Son of Ingagi - Black Cinema Horror Mystery Thriller
Starring Zack Williams, Laura Bowman

January 2, 1940 - Yukon Flight - Canadian Airplane Crime Adventure
Starring James Newill, Louise Stanley, Warren Hull, Dave O'Brien

January 6, 1940 - Where's That Fire? - British Slapstick Comedy Classic
Starring Will Hay, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt

January 7, 1940 - 21 Days - British Crime Love Story
Starring Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Banks, Hay Petrie

January 10, 1940 - The Son of Monte Cristo - Action Adventure Thriller
Starring Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett, George Sanders, Florence Bates

January 15, 1940 - Mr. Wong, The Fatal Hour - Detective Crime Mystery
Starring Boris Karloff, Marjorie Reynolds, Grant Withers, Charles Trowbridge

January 18, 1940 - His Girl Friday - Romantic Comedy
Starring Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy

January 18, 1940 - Laddie - Feel-Good Romantic Adventure
Starring Tim Holt, Virginia Gilmore, Spring Byington, Peter Cushing

January 22, 1940 - Slightly Honorable - Murder Mystery Romantic Comedy
Starring Pat O'Brien, Broderick Crawford, Ruth Terry, Eve Arden

January 26, 1940 - Santa Fé Marshal - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Earle Hodgins, Marjorie Rambeau, Bernadene Hayes

January 29, 1940 - British Intelligence - British Mystery Spy Adventure
Starring Boris Karloff, Margaret Lindsay, Holmes Herbert, John Graham Spacey

January 30, 1940 - Chasing Trouble - Comedy Spy Thriller
Starring Frankie Darro, Marjorie Reynolds, Mantan Moreland, Milburn Stone

February 2, 1940 - Danger on Wheels - Race Car Action Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Andy Devine, Peggy Moran, Sandra King

February 10, 1940 - East Side Kids - Big City Crime Adventure
Starring Leon Ames, Dennis Moore, Joyce Bryand, Hal E. Chester

February 21, 1940 - Lovers and Luggers - South Seas Romantic Adventure
Starring Lloyd Hughes, Ann Richards, Elaine Hamill, Sidney Wheeler

March 8, 1940 - The Showdown - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Britt Wood, Jan Clayton

March 8, 1940 - Isle of Destiny - South Seas Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring June Lang, William Gargan, Wallace Ford, Gilbert Roland

March 20, 1940 - Midnight Limited - Railroad Detective Crime Adventure
Starring John 'Dusty' King, Marjorie Reynolds, George Cleveland, Edward Keane

March 23, 1940 - Band Waggon - WWII Musical Comedy
Starring Arthur Askey, Jack Hylton, his band, Richard Murdoch

March 29, 1940 - Gang War - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Ralph Cooper, Gladys Snyder, Jess Lee Brooks, Laurence Criner

March 30, 1940 - Son of the Navy - Christmas Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Jean Parker, James Dunn, Martin Spellman, Selmer Jackson

March 31, 1940 - Phantom Rancher - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Ken Maynard, Dorothy Short, Harry Harvey, Ted Adams

April 5, 1940 - The Courageous Dr. Christian - Small Town Medical Drama
Starring Jean Hersholt, Dorothy Lovett, Robert Baldwin, Vera Lewis

April 5, 1940 - Half A Sinner - Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Heather Angel, John 'Dusty' King, Constance Collier

April 5, 1940 - One Million B.C. - Pre-Historic Fantasy Adventure
Starring Victor Mature, Carole Landis, Lon Chaney Jr., Conrad Nagel

April 12, 1940 - Dr. Kildare's Strange Case - Medical Mystery Thriller
Starring Lew Ayers, Lionel Barrymore, Laraine Day, Shepperd Strudwick

April 12, 1940 - Young Buffalo Bill - Historical Cowboy Western
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Pauline Moore, Hugh Sothern

April 17, 1940 - The Light of Western Stars - Zane Grey Western Adventure
Starring Victor Jory, Jo Ann Sayers, Alan Ladd, Noah Beery Jr.

May 5, 1940 - Mad Youth - Romantic Drama
Starring Mary Ainslee, Betty Compson, Willy Castello

May 9, 1940 - The Cowboy from Sundown - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tex Ritter, Roscoe Ates, Glenn Strange, Pauline Haddon

May 10, 1940 - Beyond Tomorrow - Christmas Romantic Ghost Story
Starring Harry Carey, C. Aubrey Smith, Charles Winninger, Richard Carlson

May 15, 1940 - A Window in London - British Murder Adventure
Starring Michael Redgrave, Sally Gray, Patricia Roc, Paul Lukas

May 20, 1940 - Police Rookie - Gangster Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Gordon Jones, Joyce Compton, Veda Ann Borg, Craig Reynolds

May 24, 1940 - Our Town - Small Town Romantic Drama
Starring William Holden, Martha Scott, Fay Bainter, Beulah Bondi

June 7, 1940 - Hopalong Cassidy in Hidden Gold - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Britt Wood, Minor Watson

June 25, 1940 - Gaslight - Psychological Murder Mystery
Starring Anton Walbrook, Diana Wynyard, Frank Pettingell, Cathleen Cordell

June 25, 1940 - The Last Alarm - Noir Crime Drama
Starring J. Farrell MacDonald, Polly Ann Young

June 28, 1940 - Hold That Woman - Romantic Comedy Crime Adventure
Staring James Dunn, Frances Gifford, George Douglas, Rita La Roy

July 1, 1940 - The Carson City Kid - Cowboy Western
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes

July 7, 1940 - Sky Bandits - Canadian Sci-Fi Crime Adventure
Starring James Newill, Louise Stanley, Dewey Robinson, William Pawley

July 12, 1940 - Stagecoach War - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Julie Carter, J. Farrell MacDonald

July 15, 1940 - Boys of the City - Comedy
Starring Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey

July 19, 1940 - Tom Brown's School Days - British Coming-of-Age School Adventure
Starring Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Jimmy Lydon, Freddie Bartholomew, Billy Halop

July 22, 1940 - Haunted House - Teen Mystery Adventure
Starring Jackie Moran, Marcia Mae Jones, George Cleveland, Christian Rub

July 30, 1940 - The Ranger and the Lady - Cowboy Western
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes

August 5, 1940 - Dr. Christian Meets the Women - Family Medical Drama
Starring Jean Hersholt, Dorothy Lovett, Edgar Kennedy

August 12, 1940 - Mr. Wong, Doomed to Die - Detective Crime Mystery
Starring Boris Karloff, Marjorie Reynolds, Grant Withers, William Stelling

August 29, 1940 - The Girl in the News - British Detective Murder Thriller
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Barry K. Barnes, Emlyn Williams, Roger Livesey

September 9, 1940 - Up in the Air - Mystery Comedy Adventure
Starring Frankie Darro, Marjorie Reynolds, Mantan Moreland, Gordon Jones

September 15, 1940 - Colorado - Cowboy Western
Starring Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes

September 23, 1940 - That Gang of Mine - Comedy
Starring Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey, Joyce Bryant

September 28, 1940 - The Case of the Frightened Lady - Crime Drama
Starring Marius Goring, Helen Haye

September 30, 1940 - The Ape - Science Fiction Horror
Starring Boris Karloff, Maris Wrixon

September 30, 1940 - Billy the Kid in Texas - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Al St. John, Charles King, Carleton Young

September 30, 1940 - Desert Escape - Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring William Hull, Isabel Jewell, John Dilson, Paul Bryar

September 30, 1940 - Dreaming Out Loud - Comedy
Starring Chester Lauck (Lum), Norris Goff (Abner), Frances Langford

October 5, 1940 - Waldo's Last Stand - Children's Comedy Short
Starring Spanky McFarland, Alfalfa Switzer, Robert Blake, Darla Hood

October 7, 1940 - Drums of the Desert - French Foreign Legion Romantic Drama
Starring Ralph Byrd, Lorna Gray, George Lynn, Mantan Moreland

October 11, 1940 - The Villain Still Pursued Her - Comedy Spoof Adventure
Starring Alan Mowbray, Anita Louise, Buster Keaton, Margaret Hamilton

October 21, 1940 - Young Bill Hickock - Historical Cowboy Western
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Julie Bishop, Sally Payne

November 1, 1940 - Li'l Abner - Comedy
Starring Jeff York, Martha O'Driscoll, Buster Keaton

November 2, 1940 - Saloon Bar - Crime Drama
Starring Gordon Harker, Elizabeth Allan

November 11, 1940 - Take Me Back to Oklahoma - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tex Ritter, Bob Wills, Slim Andrews, Terry Walker

November 15, 1940 - Three Men from Texas - Cowbown Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Andy Clyde, Esther Estrella

November 18, 1940 - Phantom of Chinatown - Romantic Crime Mystery
Starring Keye Luke, Grant Withers, Virginia Carpenter

November 29, 1940 - Dr. Christian in Remedy for Riches - Feel-Good Crime Comedy
Starring Jean Hersholt, Dorothy Lovett, Edgar Kennedy, Maude Eburne

November 29, 1940 - Little Men - Teenage Family Feel-Good Adventure
Starring Kay Francis, Jimmy Lydon, Ann Gillis, Jack Oakie, George Bancroft

December 1940 - Stolen Paradise - Teen Coming-of-Age Adventure
Starring Leon Janney, Eleanor Hunt, Esther Muir, Wilma Francis

December 5, 1940 - West of the Badlands - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Carol Hughes, Joe Sawyer

December 6, 1940 - Neutral Port - British WWII Comedy Adventure
Starring Will Fyffe, Leslie Banks, Yvonne Arnaud, Phyllis Calvert

December 6, 1940 - The Fargo Kid - Humorous Cowboy Adventure
Starring Tim Holt, Ray Whitley, Emmett Lynn, Jane Drummond

December 15, 1940 - The Devil Bat - Crime Horror
Starring Bela Lugosi, Suzanne Kaaren

December 15, 1940 - Pride of the Bowery - East End Kids CCC Adventure
Starring Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Kenneth Howell, Mary Ainslee

December 20, 1940 - No, No, Nanette - Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring Anna Neagle, Richard Carlson, Victor Mature, Roland Young

December 19, 1940 - Night Train to Munich - British WWII Spy Thriller
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison, Paul Henreid, Basil Radford

December 20, 1940 - Misbehaving Husbands - Comedy
Starring Harry Langdon, Betty Blythe, Gig Young

December 25, 1940 - Her First Romance - Cinderella Romantic Comedy
Starring Edith Fellows, Wilbur Evans, Alan Ladd, Julie Bishop

December 27, 1940 - Billy the Kid's Gun Justice - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Al St. John, Carleton Young, Louise Currie

December 28, 1940 - Santa Fe Trail - Romantic Cowboy Western
Starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Ronald Reagan

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Unknown day, 1941 - Murder With Music - Jazz & Swing Murder Musical
Starring Bob Howard, Nellie Hill, Pinky Williams, Noble Sissle with his orchestra

January 17, 1941 - Caught in the Act - Situation Comedy Crime Adventure
Starring Henry Armetta, Iris Meridith, Robert Baldwin, Maxine Leslie

January 20, 1941 - You're Out of Luck - Amateur Detective Crime Adventure
Starring Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland, Kay Sutton, Vickie Lester

January 21, 1941 - Secret Evidence - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Marjorie Reynolds, Charles Quigley, Malcolm 'Bud' McTaggart, Howard Masters

January 28, 1941 - Arkansas Judge - Hillbilly Crime Drama
Starring Frank Weaver, Roy Rogers, Spring Byington, Veda Ann Borg

February 1, 1941 - Gasbags - WWII Slapstick Comedy
Starring Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen, Jimmy Nervo, Teddy Knox

February 18, 1941 - Road Show - Slapstick Musical Comedy
Starring Adolphe Menjou, Carole Landis

February 21, 1941 - Cheers for Miss Bishop - Feel-Good Family Drama
Starring Martha Scott, William Gargan, Edmund Gwenn, Sterling Holloway

March 1, 1941 - Old Bill, Son - British WWII Comedy Adventure
Starring Morland Graham, John Mills, Renee Houston, René Ray

March 1, 1941 - Shadows on the Stairs - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Frieda Inescort, Paul Cavanagh, Heather Angel, Bruce Lester

March 7, 1941 - Robot Pilot - WWII Sabotage Spy Thriller
Starring Forrest Tucker, Carol Hughes, Evelyn Brent, Emmett Vogan

March 10, 1941 - Flying Wild - WWII Spy Comedy
Starring Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Joan Barclah, Dave O'Brien

March 14, 1941 - In Old Colorado - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Andy Clyde, Margaret Hayes

March 21, 1941 - Topper Returns - Murder Mystery Ghost Comedy
Starring Joan Blondell, Roland Young, Carole Landis, Billie Burke

March 25, 1941 - Sign of the Wolf - Jack London Wilderness Adventure
Starring Grace Bradley, Darryl Hickman, Mantan Moreland, Michael Whalen

March 27, 1941 - City of Missing Girls - Noir Murder Mystery
Starring Gale Storm, H.B. Warner, Astrid Allwyn, John Archer

March 28, 1941 - Melody for Three - Musical Drama
Starring Jean Hersholt, Fay Wray

April 1, 1941 - Uncle Joe - Musical Comedy
Starring Slim Summerville, Zasu Pitts, Gale Storm

April 3, 1941 - Pot O' Gold - Feel-Good Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring Jimmy Stewart, Paulette Goddard, Horace Heidt, Charles Winninger

April 11, 1941 - Hitchhike to Hell - Exploitation Prostitution Drama
Starring Don Hirst, Diane Winthrop, Margaret Weiner, Charles Maurice

April 18, 1941 - Border Vigilantes - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Andy Clyde, Frances Gifford

April 18, 1941 - Roar of the Press - Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Jean Parker, Wallace Ford, Jed Prouty, Suzanne Kaaren

April 20, 1941 - That Uncertain Feeling - Romantic Dramatic Comedy
Starring Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas, Burgess Meredith, Eve Arden

April 24, 1941 - Penny Serenade - Love Story Weeper
Starring Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Edgar Buchanan, Beulah Bondi

April 25, 1941 - Invisible Ghost - Horror Murder Mystery
Starring Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young, John McGuire, Clarence Muse

April 26, 1941 - The Blood of Jesus - Black Cinema Fantasy Drama
Starring Cathryn Caviness, Spencer Williams, Rogenia Goldthwaite

May 1, 1941 - South of Panama - Romantic Spy Action Adventure
Starring Roger Pryor, Virginia Vale, Lionel Royce, Hugh Beaumont

May 3, 1941 - Meet John Doe - Christmas Season Romantic Drama
Starring Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward Arnold, Walter Brennan

May 7, 1941 - The Sheriff of Tombstone - Western
Starring Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes

May 10, 1941 - Ghost Story - Supernatural Spirit Thriller
Starring Derek Farr, Vera Lindsay, Hay Petrie, Diana King

May 14, 1941 - King of the Zombies - Voodoo Horror Comedy Adventure
Starring Dick Purcell, Joan Woodbury, Mantan Moreland, Henry Victor

May 14, 1941 - Major Barbara - Morality vs Money Drama
Starring Wendy Hiller, Rex Harrison, Robert Morley, Robert Newton

May 23, 1941 - Pirates on Horseback - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Andy Clyde, Morris Ankrum

May 24, 1941 - Crook's Tour - British Sabotage Adventure
Starring Greta Gynt, Naunton Wayne, Basil Radford, Gordon McLeod

May 30, 1941 - Sunny - Broadway Musical Romantic Mardi Gras Drama
Starring Anna Neagle, John Carroll, Ray Bolger, Edward Everett Horton

May 31, 1941 - The Ghost Train - Comedy Crime Horror Adventure
Starring Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch, Kathleen Harrison, Carole Lynn

June 4, 1941 - Power Dive - Airplane Test Pilot Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Don Castle, Jean Parker, Cliff Edwards

June 6, 1941 - An Apple in His Eye - Cornball Comedy Short
Starring Edgar Kennedy, Vivien Oakland, Charlie Hall, Harry Harvey

June 11, 1941 - The Gang's All Here - Gangster Comedy Adventure
Starring Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland, Robert Homans, Marcia Mae Jones

June 13, 1941 - Gangs, Inc. - Gangster Noir Crime Adventure
Starring Joan Woodbury, Jack La Rue, Alan Ladd, Linda Ware

June 13, 1941 - Broadway Limited - Railroad Comedy Adventure
Starring Victor McLaglen, Marjorie Woodworth, Dennis O'Keefe, Zasu Pitts

June 20, 1941 - Roy Rogers in "Nevada City" - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Sally Payne, George Cleveland

June 27, 1941 - Double Cross - Police Crime Gangster Adventure
Starring Kane Richmond, Pauline Moore, Wynne Gibson, John Miljan

June 28, 1941 - Love on the Dole - Family 'Hard Times' Drama
Starring Deborah Kerr, Clifford Evans, George Carney, Mary Merrall

June 30, 1941 - Murder by Invitation - Comic Murder Whodunit
Starring Wallace Ford, Marian Marsh, Sarah Padden, Gavin Gordon

July 1, 1941 - Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It - British WWII Murder Mystery
Starring Gordon Harker, Alastair Sim, Phyllis Calvert, Edward Chapman

July 4, 1941 - Desperate Cargo - Airline Crime Adventure
Starring Ralph Byrd, Carol Hughes, Jack Mulhall, Julie Duncan

July 5, 1941 - East of Piccadilly - British Serial Killer Thriller
Starring Judy Campbell, Sebastian Shaw, George Pughe, Niall MacGinnis

July 11, 1941 - Dr. Christian in 'They Meet Again' - Small Town Family Drama
Starring Jean Hersholt, Dorothy Lovett, Robert Baldwin, Maude Eburne

July 11, 1941 - Forced Landing - South Pacific Romantic Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Eva Gabor, J. Carrol Naish, Nils Asther

July 19, 1941 - Arizona Bound - Rough Riders Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton, Tristram Coffin

July 21, 1939 - Pimpernel Smith - British Spy Adventure
Starring Leslie Howard, Francis L. Sullivan, Hugh McDermott, Mary Morris

July 30, 1941 - Fugitive Valley - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Ray Corrigan, Dusty King, Max Terhune, Julie Duncan

August 1, 1941 - Bowery Blitzkrieg - Tough Streets Crime Adventure
Starring Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall, Warren Hull

August 1, 1941 - Gambling Daughters - College Girls Crime Adventure
Starring Gale Storm, Cecilia Parker, Roger Pryor, Charles Miller

August 8, 1941 - Wide Open Town - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Evelyn Brent, Victor Jory, Morris Ankrum

August 28, 1941 - No Greater Sin - Exploitation STD Drama
Starring Leon Ames, Luana Walters, Pamela Blake, Bud McTaggart

August 29, 1941 - Saddle Mountain Roundup - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune, Lita Conway

September 2, 1941 - Gentleman from Dixie - Horse Racing Crime Adventure
Starring Jack La Rue, Marian Marsh, Clarence Muse, Mary Ruth

September 5, 1941 - Bad Man of Deadwood - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Carol Adams, Henry Brandon

September 5, 1941 - Reg'lar Fellers - Pre-Teen Crime Comedy Adventure
Starring Billy Lee, Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer, Buddy Boles, Janet Dempsey

September 6, 1941 - Cottage to Let - British WWII Mystery Thriller
Starring Leslie Banks, Alastair Sim, John Mills, Jeanne De Casalis

September 12, 1941 - Dangerous Lady - Amateur Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Neil Hamilton, June Storey, Douglas Fowley, Evelyn Brent

September 12, 1941 - Tanks A Million - Army Cornball Comedy
Starring William Tracy, Joe Sawyer, Elyse Knox, Noah Beery Jr.

September 12, 1941 - Let's Go Collegiate - College Situation Comedy
Starring Frankie Darro, Marcia Mae Jones, Gale Storm, Mantan Moreland

September 12, 1941 - I'll Sell My Life - Gangster Crime Murder Adventure
Starring Rose Hobart, Michael Whalen, Stanley Fields, Joan Woodbury

September 12, 1941 - Parachute Battalion - Army Romantic Adventure
Starring Robert Preston, Nancy Kelly, Edmond O'Brien, Harry Carey

September 17, 1941 - Riders of the Timberline - Lumber Camp Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Victor Jory, J. Farrell MacDonald

September 17, 1941 - Stick to Your Guns - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jennifer Holt, Weldon Heyburn

September 19, 1941 - Jungle Man, Drums of Africa - African Jungle Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Sheila Darcy, Weldon Heyburn, Vince Barnett

September 29, 1941 - Twilight on the Trail - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Wanda McKay, Jack Rockwell

October 4, 1941 - Billy the Kid, Wanted - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Dave O'Brien, Glenn Strange

October 8, 1941 - 49th Parallel - Canadian WWII Adventure Drama
Starring Leslie Howard, Laurence Olivier, Raymond Massey, Anton Walbrook

October 17, 1941 - Niagara Falls - Romantic Comedy
Starring Marjorie Woodworth, Tom Brown, Zazu Pitts, Slim Summerville

October 17, 1941 - Jesse James at Bay - Historic Cowboy Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Gale Storm

October 17, 1941 - Hard Guy - Nightclub Gangster Adventure
Starring Jack La Rue, Mary Healy, Kane Richmond, Iris Adrian

October 20, 1941 - I Thank You - Musical Slapstick WWII Comedy
Starring Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch, Lily Morris, Moore Marriott

October 24, 1941 - Spooks Run Wild - Horror Comedy
Starring Bela Lugosi, Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall

October 31, 1941 - Riding the Sunset Trail - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tom Keene, Frank Yaconelli, Betty Miles, Sugar Dawn

October 31, 1941 - All-American Co-Ed - Romantic Musical Comedy
Starring Frances Langford, Johnny Downs, Marjorie Woodworth, Noah Beery Jr.

October 31, 1941 - Sundown - WWII British Adventure in Africa
Starring Gene Tierney, Bruce Cabot, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Harry Carey

November 1, 1941 - Outlaws of the Desert - Cowboy Arabian Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Brad King, Duncan Renaldo

November 4, 1941 - Escort Girl - Exploitation Crime Adventure
Starring Betty Compson, Margaret Marquis, Robert Kellard, Wheeler Oakman

November 7, 1941 - Zis Boom Bah - Vaudeville Meets College Campus
Starring Grace hayes, Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy, Huntz Hall

November 11, 1941 - Miss Polly - Cornball Situation Comedy
Starring Zasu Pitts, Slim Summerville, Kathleen Howard, Brenda Forbes

November 14, 1941 - The Miracle Kid - Romantic Cornball Comedy
Starring Tom Neal, Carol Hughes, Vickie Lester, Betty Blythe

November 14, 1941 - The Forgotten Village - John Steinbeck Docu-Drama
Starring Burgess Meredith

November 15, 1941 - Secret of the Wasteland - Cowboy Western Chinese Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Soo Yong, Barbara Britton, Keith Richards, Richard Loo

November 21, 1941 - Underground Rustlers - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune, Gwen Gaze

November 28, 1941 - I Killed That Man - Locked Room Murder Mystery
Starring Ricardo Cortez, Joan Woodbury, Pat Gleason, Iris Adrian

November 28, 1941 - Fiesta - Mexican Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring Ann Ayars, Jorge Negtete, Armida, George Givot

December 1941 - Murder on Lenox Avenue - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Mamie Smith, Alec Lovejoy, Norman Astwood, Augustus Smith

December 1, 1941 - No Hands on the Clock - Comic Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Chester Morris, Jean Parker, Rose Hobart, Astrid Allwyn

December 1, 1941 - In Old Cheyenne - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, Joan Woodbury, Sally Payne

December 5, 1941 - Swamp Woman - Swamp Murder Crime Drama
Starring Ann Corio, Jack La Rue, Mary Hull, Jay Novello

December 5, 1941 - Borrowed Hero - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Alan Baxter, Florence Rice, Constance Worth, John Hamilton

December 5, 1941 - Hedda Hopper's Hollywood - One-Reel Movie Star Sightings
Starring Hedda Hopper, Mary Pickford, George Raft

January 10, 1941 - Doomed Caravan - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Minna Gombell, Morris Ankrum

December 12, 1941 - Red River Valley - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Gale Storm, Gabby Hayes, Sally Payne

December 12, 1941 - Billy the Kid's Roundup - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Fuzzy St. John, Joan Barclay, Charles King

December 18, 1941 - Harvard Here I Come - Comedy Adventure
Starring Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom, Arline Judge, Marie Wilson, Byron Foulger

December 19, 1941 - Law of the Timber - Lumberjack Sabotage Murder Mystery
Starring Marjorie Reynolds, Monte Blue, Sven Hugo Borg, Hal Brazeale

December 25, 1941 - Forbidden Trails - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton, Dave O'Brien

December 26, 1941 - Blonde Comet - Car Racing Adventure
Starring Virginia Vale, Robert Kent, Barney Oldfield, Vince Barnett

December 27, 1941 - Hi Gang! - British Family Comedy
Starring Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon, Vic Oliver, Moore Marriott


Unknown day, 1942 - The Power of God - Lutheran Church Relationship Drama
Starring John Barclay, Selmer Jackson, Sarah Padden, Earle Hodgins

January 2, 1942 - Hay Foot - Madcap Comedy Army Adventure
Starring William Tracy, Joe Sawyer, James Gleason, Noah Beery Jr., Elyse Knox

January 2, 1942 - Freckles Comes Home - Romantic Comedy Murder Mystery
Starring Johnny Downs, Gale Storm, Mantan Moreland, Irving Bacon

January 9, 1942 - The Road to Happiness - Feel-Good Family Drama
Starring John Boles, Billy Lee, Mona Barrie, Roscoe Karns

January 16, 1942 - Private Snuffy Smith - Ozarks Comedy Adventure
Starring Bob Duncan, Edgar Kennedy, Sarah Padden, Jimmy Dodd

January 23, 1942 - Man From Headquarters - Reporter Gangster Adventure
Starring Frank Albertson, Joan Woodbury, Dick Elliott, Byron Foulger

February 6, 1942 - Law of the Jungle - Jungle Crime Romantic Adventure
Starring Arline Judge, John King, Mantan Moreland, Arthur O'Connell

February 10, 1942 - Lucky Ghost - Gambling Ghost Comedy Adventure
Starring Mantan Moreland, F.E. Miller, Maceo Bruce Sheffield, Florence O'Brien

February 13, 1942 - Western Mail - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Tom Keene, Frank Yaconelli, LeRoy Mason, Jean Trent

February 17, 1942 - South of Santa Fe - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Linda Hayes, Paul Fix

February 20, 1942 - Mr. Wise Guy - East Side Kids Crime Comedy
Starring Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Billy Gilbert, Ann Doran

February 22, 1942 - Too Many Women - Romantic Madcap Comedy Adventure
Starring Neil Hamilton, June Lang, Joyce Compton, Barbara Read

February 27, 1942 - Billy the Kid Trapped - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Bud McTaggart, Glenn Strange

March 3, 1942 - The Panther's Claw - Who-dunit Murder Mystery
Starring Byron Foulger, Sidney Blackmer, Rick Vallin, Lynn Starr

March 6, 1942 - Black Dragons - WWII Horror Spy Thriller
Starring Bela Lugosi, Joan Barclay, George Pembroke, Clayton Moore

March 6, 1942 - Girls' Town - Hollywood Romantic Comedy
Starring Edith Fellows, June Storey, Kenneth Howell, Alice White

March 7, 1942 - Bullet Scars - Gangster Noir Crime Thriller
Starring Regis Toomey, Adele Longmire, Howard Da Silva, Ben Welden

March 13, 1942 - The Man With Two Lives - Sci-Fi Horror Thriller
Starring Edward Norris, Marlo Dwyer, Eleanor Lawson, Edward Keane

March 19, 1942 - The Bashful Bachelor - Comedy
Starring Chester Lauck, Norris Goff, Zasu Pitts

March 27, 1942 - Unforgotten Crime - Small Town Romantic Murder Adventure
Starring Dennis O'Keefe, Ruth Terry, Gloria Dickson, George E. Stone

March 27, 1942 - The Dawn Express - WWII Spy Thriller
Starring Michael Whalen, Ann Nagel, William Bakewell, Constance Worth

April 1, 1942 - Lady Gangster - Gangster Prison Crime Adventure
Starring Faye Emerson, Julie Bishop, Frank Wilcox, Jackie Gleason

April 1, 1942 - Sunset on the Desert - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, Bob Nolan, Beryl Wallace

April 3, 1942 - Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" - Family Fantasy Adventure
Starring Sabu, Joseph Calleia, Rosemary DeCamp, Patricia O'Rourke

April 17, 1942 - So’s Your Aunt Emma - Gangster Crime Comedy
Starring Zasu Pitts, Roger Pryor, Warren Hymer, Tristram Coffin

April 17, 1942 - Back Room Boy - British Comedy
Starring Arthur Askey, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt, Googie Withers

April 23, 1942 - Sauce for the Gander - Hotpoint Situation Comedy
Starring Joan Woodbury, Damian O'Flynn, Evalyn Knapp, Alan Ladd

April 24, 1942 - Boot Hill Bandits - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring I. Stanford Jolley, Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune

May 3, 1942 - You're Telling Me! - Cornball Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Hugh Herbert, Anne Gwynne, Robert Paige, Esther Dale

May 8, 1942 - Inside the Law - Feel-Good Crime Drama
Starring Wallace Ford, Frank Sully, Harry Holman, Luana Walters

May 8, 1942 - The Corpse Vanishes - Horror Mystery Thriller
Starring Bela Lugosi, Luana Walters, Tristram Coffin, Elizabeth Russell

May 15, 1942 - Men of San Quentin - Prison Reform Drama
Starring J. Anthony Hughes, Eleanor Steward, Dick Curtis, Charles Middleton

May 15, 1942 - The Mad Monster - Werewolf Horror Thriller
Starring Johnny Downs, George Zucco, Anne Nagel, Glenn Strange

May 18, 1942 - Hard Steel - British Steel Mill Drama
Starring Wilfrid Lawson, Betty Stockfeld, John Stuart, George Carney

May 18, 1942 - Romance on the Range - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, Sally Payne, Linda Hayes

May 27, 1942 - Why We Fight, Prelude to War - Government Documentary
Starring Walter Huston, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Delano Roosevelt

May 29, 1942 - Let's Get Tough - East Side Kids Comedy
Starring Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall

May 29, 1942 - Gallant Lady - Prison Escape Crime Adventure
Starring Rose Hobart, Sidney Blackmer, Claire Rochelle, Lynn Starr

June 1, 1942 - Bob's Busy Day - Bob Hope Comedy Short
Starring Bob Hope, Leah Ray, William Edmunds, Frances Halliday

June 5, 1942 - Bombs Over Burma - Chinese WWII Spy Adventure
Starring Anna May Wong, Noel Madison, Leslie Denison, Nedrick Young

June 5, 1942 - Horace Takes Over - Honeymoon Gangster Comedy Adventure
Starring John Beal, Wanda McKay, Warren Hymer, Barbara Pepper

June 15, 1942 - Next of Kin - British WWII Spy Adventure
Starring Mervyn Johns, Nova Pilbeam, Reginald Tate, Stephen Murray

June 16, 1942 - I Live for Danger - Radio Reporter Crime Thriller
Starring Chester Morris, Jean Parker, Dick Purcell, Ralph Sanford

June 19, 1942 - They Raid at Night - WWII British Commando Adventure
Starring Lyle Talbot, June Duprez, Victor Varconi, George N. Neise

June 26, 1942 - Rubber Racketeers - WWII Crime Adventure
Starring Ricardo Cortez, Rochelle Hudson, William Henry, Alan Hale Jr.

July 3, 1942 - Lure of the Islands - Tahiti Island Romantic Adventure
Starring Margie Hart, Robert Lowery, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Gale Storm

July 24, 1942 - A Yank in Libya - WWII Crime Adventure
Starring Walter Woolf King, Joan Woodbury, Harry Parke, H.B. Warner

August 2, 1942 - Smart Alecks - East Side Kids Comedy
Starring Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall

August 10, 1942 - Let the People Sing - British Situation Comedy
Starring Alastair Sim, Edward Rigby, Patricia Roc, Fred Emney

August 14, 1942 - Salute John Citizen - Blitz of London Family Drama
Starring Edward Rigby, Peggy Cummins, Jimmy Hanley, Dinah Sheridan

August 14, 1942 - Jungle Siren - WWII African Jungle Adventure
Starring Ann Corio, Buster Crabbe, Evelyn Wahl, Milton Kibbee

August 14, 1942 - Hillbilly Blitzkrieg - Hillbilly Comedy Spy Adventure
Starring Bud Duncan, Edgar Kennedy, Doris Linden, Nicolle Andre

September 2, 1942 - Sheriff of Sage Valley - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Dave O'Brien, Charles King

September 3, 1942 - Wildcat - Oil Well Discovery Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Arline Judge, William Frawley, Buster Crabbe

September 4, 1942 - Arizona Stage Coach - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune, Charles King

September 4, 1942 - Prairie Pals - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Art Davis, Bill 'Cowboy Rambler' Boyd, Lee Powell, Esther Estrella

September 12, 1942 - The Young Mr. Pitt - British Historical Political Drama
Starring Robert Donat, Robert Morley, Phyllis Calvert, John Mills

September 14, 1942 - The Battle of Midway - Historical Documentary
Starring Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell

September 14, 1942 - Sunset Serenade - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Bob Nolan, Helen Parrish

September 14, 1942 - The First of the Few - WWII Docu-Drama
Starring Leslie Howard, David Niven

September 20, 1942 - Baby Face Morgan - Romantic Crime Comedy
Starring Richard Cromwell, Mary Carlisle, Robert Armstrong, Chick Chandler

October 5, 1942 - Secret Mission - British WWII Espionage Thriller
Starring Hugh Williams, James Mason, Michael Wilding, Carla Lehmann

October 8, 1942 - Flying Tigers - WWII Fighter Pilots Adventure
Starring John Wayne, John Carroll, Anna Lee, Paul Kelly

October 16, 1942 - Eyes in the Night - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Edward Arnold, Ann Harding, Donna Reed, Stephen McNally

October 16, 1942 - Texas to Bataan - Cowboys vs. Spies WWII Adventure
Starring John 'Dusty' King, David Sharpe, Max Terhune, Marjorie Manners

October 24, 1942 - Undercover Man - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Chris-Pin Martin, Antonio Moreno

October 30, 1942 - Bowery at Midnight - Gangster Madman Murder Thriller
Starring Bela Lugosi, John Archer, Wanda McKay, Tom Neal

November 4, 1942 - X Marks the Spot - Whodunit Gangster Murder Mystery
Starring Damian O'Flynn, Helen Parrish, Dick Purcell, Jack La Rue

November 11, 1942 - Wrecking Crew - Jinx Working Man Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Chester Morris, Jean Parker, Joe Sawyer

November 13, 1942 - War Dogs - WWII Docu-Drama
Starring Billy Lee, Addison Richards, Kay Linaker, Herbert Rawlinson

November 20, 1942 - ’Neath the Brooklyn Bridge - East Side Kids Comedy
Starring Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall

November 23, 1942 - Miss V From Moscow - WW2 Spy Adventure
Starring Lola Lane, Noel Madison, Howard Banks, Paul Weigel

November 24, 1942 - The Pay Off - Noir Crime Murder Thriller
Starring Lee Tracy, Tina Thayer, Evelyn Brent, Jack La Rue

November 27, 1942 - The Living Ghost - Horror Comedy Murder Mystery
Starring James Dunn, Joan Woodbury, Paul McVey, Vera Gordon

November 28, 1942 - Outlaws of Boulder Pass - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring George Huston, Al St. John, Marjorie Manners, I. Stanford Jolley

December 4, 1942 - Trail Riders - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Dusty King, David Sharpe, Max Terhune, Charles King

December 8, 1942 - Lost Canyon - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jay Kirby, Lola Lane, Douglas Fowley

December 11, 1942 - American Empire - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Richard Dix, Leo Carrillo, Preston Foster, Frances Gifford

December 21, 1942 - Lady From Chungking - WWII Resistance Drama
Starring Anna May Wong, Harold Huber, Mae Clarke, Rick Vallin

December 23, 1942 - In Which We Serve - WWII Navy Adventure
Starring Noel Coward, Derek Elphinstone, Richard Attenborough, Leslie Howard

December 28, 1942 - King Arthur Was A Gentleman - WWII Comedy Adventure
Starring Arthur Askey, Max Bacon, Evelyn Dall, Vera Frances


Unknown day, 1943 - December 7: The Movie - War Docu-Drama
Starring Walter Houston, Harry Davenport, Dana Andrews, George O'Brien

January 1943 - So This is Washington - Lum & Abner Comedy
Starring Chester Lauck, Norris Goff

January 1, 1943 - Strictly G.I. - Army-Navy Screen Magazine for WWII Troops
Starring Bob Hope, Betty Hutton, Lana Turner, Judy Garland

January 4, 1943 - Man of Courage - Big-City Crime Adventure
Starring Barton MacLane, Dorothy Burgess, Patsy Nash, Lyle Talbot

January 11, 1943 - The Peterville Diamond - British Romantic Crime Comedy
Starring Anne Crawford, Donald Stewart, Renee Houston, Oliver Wakefield

January 14, 1943 - City Without Men - Prison Break Adventure
Starring Linda Darnell, Edgar Buchanan, Glenda Farrell, Doris Dudley

January 15, 1943 - The Powers Girl - Model Agency Romantic Comedy
Starring George Murphy, Carole Landis, Anne Shirley, Dennis Day

January 27, 1943 - The Kid Rides Again - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Charles King, I. Stanford Jolley

January 29, 1943 - Prison Mutiny - Prison Crime Adventure
Starring Edward Norris, Jack La Rue, Milburn Stone, Joan Woodbury

February 5, 1943 - Kid Dynamite - East End Kids Boxing Comedy
Starring Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan, Pamela Blake

February 5, 1943 - Lady of Burlesque - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Michael O'Shea, Iris Adrian, Charles Dingle

February 5, 1943 - The Outlaw - Romantic Cowboy Western
Starring Jack Buetel, Jane Russell, Walter Houston

February 12, 1943 - Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon - Mystery Adventure
Starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Lionel Atwill

February 18, 1943 - A Night For Crime - Hollywood Murder Mystery
Starring Glenda Farrell, Lyle Talbot, Lina Basquette, Donald Kirke

February 19, 1943 - Haunted Ranch - Range Busters Cowboy Adventure
Starring John 'Dusty' King, David Sharpe, Max Terhune, Julie Duncan

February 26, 1943 - Two Weeks To Live - Comedy
Starring Chester Lauck (Lum), Norris Goff (Abner)

March 5, 1943 - The Ape Man - Classic Horror Thriller
Starring Bela Lugosi, Louise Currie, Wallace Ford, Minerva Urecal

March 10, 1943 - Idaho - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Bob Nolan, Virginia Grey

March 12, 1943 - Hoppy Serves a Writ - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, George Reeves, Robert Mitchum

March 20, 1943 - Aerial Gunner - WWII Military Adventure
Starring Chester Morris, Richard Arlen, Jimmy Lydon, Amelita Ward

March 26, 1943 - Land of Hunted Men - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Ray Corrigan, Dennis Moore, Max Terhune, Charles King

April, 1943 - A Stranger in Town - Feel-Good Small Town Adventure
Starring Frank Morgan, Richard Carlson, Jean Rogers, Porter Hall

April 2, 1943 - Border Patrol - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Robert Mitchum, George Reeves, Claudia Drake

April 9, 1943 - King of the Cowboys - WWII Saboteur Cowboy Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette

April 12, 1943 - Dead Men Walk - Vampire Horror Thriller
Starring George Zucco, Mary Carlisle, Nedrick Young, Dwight Frye

April 19, 1943 - The Ghost and the Guest - Haunted Honeymoon Crime Comedy
Starring James Dunn, Florence Rice, Robert Dudley, Sam McDaniel

April 23, 1943 - The Clancy Street Boys - Teenage Comedy Adventure
Starring Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Noah Beery, Amelita Ward

May 8, 1943 - The Leopard Man - Terror Murder Crime Mystery
Starring Dennis O'Keefe, Margo, Jean Brooks, Isabel Jewell

May 14, 1943 - Western Cyclone - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Glenn Strange, Charles King

May 17, 1943 - The Bells Go Down - WWII London Fireman Adventure
Starring Tommy Trinder, James Mason, Philip Friend, Mervyn Johns

May 17, 1943 - Girls in Chains - Noir Prison Crime Adventure
Starring Barbara Pepper, Arline Judge, Addison Randall, Roger Clark

May 20, 1943 - We Dive at Dawn - WWII Submarine Battle Adventure
Starring John Mills, Louis Bradfield, Eric Portman, Niall MacGinnis

May 23, 1943 - The Gentle Sex - WWII Drama
Starring Joan Gates, Jean Gillie, Joan Greenwood, Joyce Howard

May 28, 1943 - Leather Burners - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Victor Jory, George Reeves, Ellanora Needles

May 31, 1943 - The Black Raven - Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring George Zucco, Wanda McKay, Noel Madison, Byron Foulger

June 14, 1943 - Miss London Ltd. - British WW2 Musical Cornball Comedy
Starring Arthur Askey, Evelyn Dall, Anne Shelton, Peter Graves

June 14, 1943 - Song of Texas - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Sheila Ryan, Barton MacLane, Harry Shannon

June 18, 1943 - Colt Comrades - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, George Reeves, Robert Mitchum

July 20, 1943 - Submarine Base - World War 2 Sabotage Adventure
Starring John Litel, Alan Baxter, Eric Blore, Iris Adrian, Jacqueline Dalya

June 21, 1943 - Wolves of the Range - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Robert Livingston, Al St. John, Frances Gladwin, I. Stanford Jolley

June 24, 1943 - Stage Door Canteen - Star-Studded Salute to Soldiers
Starring Marjorie Riordan, William Terry, Lon McCallister, Katharine Hepburn

June 28, 1943 - Submarine Alert - WW2 Spy Thriller
Starring Richard Arlen, Wendy Barrie, Nils Asther, Roger Pryor

June 30, 1943 - Confessions of a Vice Baron - Crime Exploitation Drama
Starring Willy Castello, Lloyd Ingraham, Lona Andre, Betty Compson

July 29, 1943 - A Scream in the Night - Oriental Crime Adventure
Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Zarah Tazil, Sheila Terry, Manuel Lopez

July 30, 1943 - Ghosts on the Loose - Horror Comedy
Starring Bela Lugosi, Leo Gorcey, Ava Gardner

August 2, 1943 - Hi Diddle Diddle - Romantic Con-Man Crime Comedy
Starring Adolphe Menjou, Martha Scott, Dennis O'Keefe, Billie Burke, Pola Negri

August 6, 1943 - The Last Three - Comedy Short
Starring Bobby Watson, Joe Devlin

August 12, 1943 - Silver Spurs - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, John Carradine, Phyllis Brooks, Joyce Compton, Smiley Burnette

August 14, 1943 - Irving Berlin's This Is The Army - Wartime Musical Comedy
Starring Irving Berlin, Ronald Reagan, George Murphy, Joan Leslie, Joe Louis

August 15, 1943 - Isle of Forgotten Sins - South Seas Sunken Treasure Adventure
Starring John Carradine, Gale Sondergaard, Sidney Toler, Frank Fenton

August 16, 1943 - Cattle Stampede - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Fuzzy St. John, Charles King, Glenn Strange

August 23, 1943 - Danger! Women at Work - World War 2 Situation Comedy
Starring Patsy Kelly, Mary Brian, Isabel Jewell, Wanda McKay, Betty Compson

September 3, 1943 - Johnny Come Lately - Feel-Good Newspaper Crime Adventure
Starring James Cagney, Grace George, Marjorie Main, Hattie McDaniel

September 6, 1943 - The Flemish Farm - British WWII Commando Adventure
Starring Clifford Evans, Jane Baxter, Philip Friend, Clive Brook

September 10, 1943 - The Kansan - Romantic Cowboy Western
Starring Richard Dix, Jane Wyatt, Albert Dekker, Eugene Pallette

September 24, 1943 - The Adventures of Tartu - WWII Secret Agent Adventure
Starring Robert Donat, Valerie Hobson, Walter Rilla, Glynis Johns

September 27, 1943 - Adventure in Iraq - WWII Hostage Thriller
Starring John Loder, Ruth Ford, Warren Douglas, Paul Cavanagh

October 4, 1943 - The Girl From Monterey - Romantic Boxing Adventure
Starring Armida, Edgar Kennedy, Vera Ann Borg, Jack La Rue

October 17, 1943 - The Underdog - Boy & His Dog WWII Spy Adventure
Starring Bobby Larson, Barton MacLane, Jan Wiley, Jack Kennedy

October 18, 1943 - The Dark Tower - British Circus Murder Thriller
Starring Ben Lyon, Anne Crawford, David Farrar, Herbert Lorn

October 20, 1943 - Bar 20 - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, George Reeves, Robert Mitchum, Dustine Farnum, Betty Blythe

October 30, 1943 - Texas Legionnaires - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Pat Brady, Ann Gillis, Paul Kelly

November 3, 1943 - Devil Riders - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Patti McCarty, Charles King

November 4, 1943 - The North Star - Ukranian Village WWII Drama
Starring Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, Walter Huston, Walter Brennan

November 5, 1943 - False Colors - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Douglass Dumbrille, Robert Mitchum

November 10, 1943 - Minesweeper - Navy War Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Jean Parker, Frank Fenton, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams

November 22, 1943 - Harvest Melody - World War 2 Musical Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Jean Parker, Frank Fenton, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams

November 29, 1943 - The Butler's Dilemma - British Farce Romantic Comedy
Starring Richard Hearne, Judy Kelly, Hermione Gingold, Francis L. Sullivan

December, 1943 - Combat America - World War II U.S. Air Force Documentary
Starring Clark Gable, General Henry Arnold, Prince Henry, Major Ace Akins

December 3, 1943 - Riders of the Deadline - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Robert Mitchum, Anthony Warde

December 6, 1943 - War of the Wildcats - Romantic Comedy Cowboy Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Martha Scott, Albert Dekker, George 'Gabby' Hayes

December 20, 1943 - Gung Ho! - WWII Marine Battle True Story
Starring Randolph Scott, Noah Beery Jr., Robert Mitchum, Milburn Stone

December 20, 1943 - The Demi-Paradise - British Comedy War Love Story
Starring Sir Laurence Olivier, Penelope Dudley-Ward, Margaret Rutherford, Felix Aylmer

December 24, 1943 - The Ghost Ship - Psychological Murder Thriller
Starring Richard Dix, Russell Wade, Edith Barrett, Ben Bard

December 31, 1943 - The Woman of the Town - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Claire Trevor, Albert Dekker, Barry Sullivan, Henry Hull


Unknown day, 1944 - The Shining Future - Canadian War Bond Promotion
Starring Charles Ruggles, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman

Unknown day, 1944 - A Night of Magic - British Musical Revue
Starring Robert Griffith, Marian Olive, Billy 'Uke' Scott, Vera Bradley

January 1, 1944 - Candles at Nine - British Romantic Comedy Horror Thriller
Starring Jessie Matthews, John Stuart, Beatrix Lehmann, John Salew

January 5, 1944 - Hands Across the Border - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Ruthe Terry, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Mary Treen

January 11, 1944 - Career Girl - Broadway Musical Adventure
Starring Frances Langford, Edward Norris, Iris Adrian, Craig Woods

January 13, 1944 - Timber Queen - Gangster Wilderness Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Mary Beth Hughes, June Havoc, Sheldon Leonard

January 25, 1944 - Nabonga - Gorilla Jungle Girl Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Julie London, Barton MacLane, Fifi D'Orsay

February 8, 1944 - Texas Masquerade - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Don Costello, Mady Correll

February 12, 1944 - Men on Her Mind - Romantic Soap-Opera Musical Drama
Starring Mary Beth Hughes, Edward Norris, Ted North, Alan Edwards

February 19, 1944 - Casanova in Burlesque - Burlesque Situation Comedy
Starring Joe E. Brown, June Havoc, Dale Evans, Marjorie Gateson

February 21, 1944 - Voodoo Man - Mad Scientist Zombie Horror Thriller
Starring Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, George Zucco, Wanda McKay

February 26, 1944 - The Navy Way - Navy Boot Camp Adventure
Starring Robert Lowery, Jean Parker, William Henry, Roscoe Karns

February 28, 1944 - Million Dollar Kid - Bowery Boys Crime Comedy
Starring Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Herbert Heyes, Louise Currie

March 4, 1944 - Frontier Outlaws - Comedy Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Marin Sais, Emmett Lynn, Charles King

March 15, 1944 - Lady in the Death House - Romantic Noir Crime Drama
Starring Jean Parker, Lionel Atwill, Douglas Fowley, Marcia Mae Jones

March 20, 1944 - Bees in Paradise - British Musical Comedy
Starring Arthur Askey, Anne Shelton, Peter Graves

March 31, 1944 - Guns of the Law - Texas Rangers Cowboy Western
Starring Dave O'Brien, James Newill, Guy Wilkerson, Charles King

April 13, 1944 - The Memphis Belle - WWII Docu-Drama
Featuring King George VI, Queen Mother Elizabeth, and the Crew of the Memphis Belle Flying Fortress

April 14, 1944 - The Halfway House - Welsh WWII Ghost Story
Featuring Mervyn Johns, Glynis Johns, Françoise Rosay, Tom Walls

April 15, 1944 - The Monster Maker - Mad Scientist Horror Thriller
Starring J. Carrol Naish, Ralph Morgan, Tala Birell, Wanda McKay

April 24, 1944 - Trocadero - Musical Nightclub Adventure
Starring Rosemary Lane, Johnny Downs, Ralph Morgan, Sheldon Leonard

April 25, 1944 - Law Men - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, Jan Wiley, Kirby Grant

April 27, 1944 - Gambler's Choice - NYC Cops, Racketeer Adventure
Starring Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly, Russell Hayden, Sheldon Leonard

April 28, 1944 - Lumberjack - Cowboy Western Action Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Ellen Hall, Douglass Dumbrille

May 8, 1944 - Time Flies - British Sci-Fi Comedy Adventure
Starring Tommy Handley, Evelyn Dall, George Moon, Felix Aylmer

May 10, 1944 - The Contender - Romantic Boxing Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Arline Judge, Julie Gibson, Donald Mayo

May 13, 1944 - The Cowboy and the Señorita - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans

May 13, 1944 - Detective Kitty O'Day - Murder Mystery Crime Comedy
Starring Jean Parker, Peter Cookson, Tim Ryan, Edward Gargan

June 1, 1944 - Hotel Reserve - British/French WWII Spy Thriller
Starring James Mason, Herbert Lom, Clare Hamilton, Patricia Medina

June 2, 1944 - Song of the Open Road - Teenage Musical Situation Comedy
Starring Jane Powell, Jackie Moran, Bonita Granville, Peggy O'Neill, Edgar Bergen

June 3, 1944 - The Way Ahead - British WWII Infantry Drama
Starring David Niven, Stanley Holloway

June 3, 1944 - Spook Town - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Dave O'Brien, James Newill, Guy Wilkerson, Harry Harvey

June 10, 1944 - Waterfront - WWII Spy Thriller
Starring John Carradine, J. Carrol Naish, Maris Wrixon, Edwin Maxwell

June 23, 1944 - Forty Thieves - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Douglass Dumbrille, Louise Currie

July 2, 1944 - The Hairy Ape - Social Class Clash Drama
Starring William Bendix, Susan Hayward, John Loder, Dorothy Comingore

July 4, 1944 - Desirable Lady - Show Business Drama
Starring Jan Wiley, Phil Warren, Eddie Dunn, Janet Scott

July 15, 1944 - Delinquent Daughters - Teenage Girls Crime Drama
Starring June Carlson, Teala Loring, Mary Bovard, Fifi D'Orsay

July 27, 1944 - Seven Doors to Death - Detective Murder Whodunit
Starring Chick Chandler, June Clyde, George Meeker, Edgar Dearing

July 28, 1944 - English Without Tears - British Romantic Comedy
Starring Michael Wilding, Penelope Dudley-Ward, Lilli Palmer, Claude Dauphin

July 30, 1944 - Brand of the Devil - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Dave O'Brien, James Newill, I. Stanford Jolley, Charles King

August 5, 1944 - Song of Nevada - Fantasy Cowboy Western
Starring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans

August 15, 1944 - Dixie Jamboree - Musical Comedy Crime Adventure
Starring Frances Langford, Guy Kibbee, Charles Butterworth, Lyle Talbot

August 16, 1944 - The San Antonio Kid - Red Ryder Cowboy Adventure
Starring Wild Bill Elliott, Robert Blake, Duncan Renaldo, Glenn Strange

August 18, 1944 - Machine Gun Mama - Mexican Carnival Comedy
Starring Armida, El Brendel, Wallace Ford, Jack La Rue

September, 1944 - Dark Mountain - Noir Gangster Murder Thriller
Starring Robert Lowery, Ellen Drew, Regis Toomey, Eddie Quillan

September 8, 1944 - Moonlight and Cactus - Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring The Andrews Sisters, Leo Carrillo, Elyse Knox, Shemp Howard

September 8, 1944 - Swing Hostess - Musical Romantic Drama
Starring the Martha Tilton, Iris Adrian, Charles Collins, Cliff Nazarro

September 14, 1944 - That's My Baby - Vaudeville Situation Cornball Comedy
Starring Richard Arlen, Ellen Drew, Minor Watson, Leonid Kinskey

September 22, 1944 - Gangsters of the Frontier - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson, Patty McCarty

October 1, 1944 - One Body Too Many - Comedy Horror Murder Mystery
Starring Jack Haley, Jean Parker, Bela Lugosi, Lyle Talbot

October 1, 1944 - Hoodlum Girls - Teenage Coming-of-Age Adventure
Starring Joy Reese, Warren Burr, Kay Morley, Michael Owen

October 31, 1944 - I'm from Arkansas - Hillbilly Musical Comedy
Starring Slim Summerville, El Brendel, Iris Adrian, Bruce Bennett

November 3, 1944 - The Woman in the Window - Murder Mystery Suspense Adventure
Starring Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Raymond Massey, Dan Duryea

November 4, 1944 - I Accuse My Parents - Gangster Murder Growing-Up Adventure
Starring Robert Lowell, Mary Beth Hughes, George Meeker, George Lloyd

November 6, 1944 - The Lights of Old Santa Fe - Cowboy Western Musical
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans

November 10, 1944 - Enemy of Women - WWII German Drama
Starring Claudia Drake, Wolfgang Zilzer, Donald Woods, Beryl Wallace

November 15, 1944 - The Great Mike - Teen Family Drama
Starring Stuart Erwin, Robert 'Buzz' Henry, Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer, Edythe Elliott

November 20, 1944 - Bluebeard - Noir Horror Thriller
Starring John Carradine, Jean Parker, Nils Asther, Ludwig Stossel

December 6, 1944 - Rogues Gallery - Newspaper Reporter Murder Comedy
Starring Robin Raymond, Frank Jenks, H.B. Warner, Ray Walker

December 9, 1944 - Oath of Vengeance - Cowboy Western Comedy
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al 'Fuzzy' St. John, Charles King, Mady Lawrence

December 15, 1944 - The Town Went Wild - Slapstick Family Comedy
Starring Freddy Bartholomew, Jimmy Lydon, Edward Everett Horton, Tom Tully

December 18, 1944 - Dangerous Passage - Crime Noir Adventure
Starring Robert Lowery, Phyllis Brooks, Charles Arnt


January 14, 1945 - The Great Flamarion - Gold Digger Murder Drama
Starring Erich von Stroheim, Mary Beth Hughes, Dan Duryea, Steve Barclay

January 19, 1945 - Adventures of Kitty O'Day - Slapstick Comedy Crime Mystery
Starring Jean Parker, Peter Cookson, Tim Ryan, Jan Wiley

January 22, 1945 - The Big Show-Off - Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Arthur Lake, Dale Evans, Lionel Stander, George Meeker

February 3, 1945 - His Brother's Ghost - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Charles King, Karl Hackett

February 5, 1945 - Meet Sexton Blake - British WWII Detective Spy Adventure
Starring David Farrar, John Varley, Betty Huntley-Wright, Gordon McLeod

February 6, 1945 - The Kid Sister - Coming-of-Age Romantic Crime Comedy
Starring Judy Clark, Roger Pryor, Frank Jenks, Constance Worth

February 8, 1945 - Marked for Murder - Musical Cowboy Western
Starring Tex Ritter, Marilyn McConnell

February 15, 1945 - Fog Island - Horror Mystery Drama
Starring George Zucco, Lionel Atwill, Jerome Cowan, Sharon Douglas

February 19, 1945 - A Song for Miss Julie - Romantic Musical Drama
Starring Shirley Ross, Barton Hepburn, Jane Farrar, Roger Clark

February 23, 1945 - High Powered - Romantic Comedy Construction Adventure
Starring Robert Lowery, Phyllis Brooks, Mary Treen, Joe Sawyer

March 15, 1945 - The Man Who Walked Alone - World War II Romantic Comedy
Starring Dave O'Brien, Kay Aldridge, Walter Catlett, Isabel Randolph

March 21, 1945 - Utah - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans

March 31, 1945 - Delightfully Dangerous - Romantic Musical Comedy
Starring Jane Powell, Ralph Bellamy, Arthur Treacher, Constance Moore

March 31, 1945 - Strange Illusion - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Jimmy Lydon, Warren William, Sally Eilers, Regis Toomey

April 1, 1945 - I'll Remember April - Musical Comedy Murder Mystery
Starring Gloria Jean, Milburn Stone, Kirby Grant, Edward Brophy

April 2, 1945 - Identity Unknown - WWII Soldier Amnesia Drama
Starring Richard Arlen, Cheryl Walker, Roger Pryor, Lola Lane

April 15, 1945 - Crime, Inc. - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Tom Neal, Martha Tilton, Leo Carrillo, Sheldon Leonard

April 17, 1945 - Salome, Where She Danced - Western Romantic Adventure
Starring Yvonne De Carlo, David Bruce, Walter Slezak, Rod Cameron

April 19, 1945 - Shadows of Death - Comedy Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al 'Fuzzy' St. John, Dona Dax, Charles King

April 25, 1945 - Hollywood and Vine - Romantic Comedy
Starring James Ellison, Wanda McKay, Franklin Pangborn, Ralph Morgan

April 30, 1945 - The Southerner - Pioneer Farm Family Drama
Starring Zachary Scott, Betty Field, Beulah Bondi, Percy Kilbride

May 2, 1945 - The Phantom of 42nd Street - Broadway Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Dave O'Brien, Kay Aldridge, Alan Mowbray, Frank Jenks

May 10, 1945 - The Brighton Strangler - British WWII Murder Thriller
Starring John Loder, June Duprez, Michael St. Angel, Rose Hobart

May 10, 1945 - The All-Star Bond Rally - Patriotic Star-Studded Fund Raiser
Starring Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Betty Grable, Bing Crosby

May 11, 1945 - Charlie Chan The Scarlet Clue - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland, Virginia Brissac

May 16, 1945 - The Lady Confesses - Noir Murder Mystery
Starring Mary Beth Hughes, Hugh Beaumont, Edmund MacDonald, Claudia Drake

May 25, 1945 - Molly and Me - Family Comedy Adventure
Starring Gracie Fields, Monty Woolley, Roddy McDowall, Natalie Schafer

May 26, 1945 - The Last Chance - WWII Italian Escape Adventure
Starring Ewart G. Morrison, John Hoy, Ray Reagan, Luisa Rossi

June 1, 1945 - The Missing Corpse - Comedy Murder Adventure
Starring J. Edward Bromberg, Isabel Randolph, Frank Jenks, Ben Welden

June 14, 1945 - Gangster's Den - Cowboy Western Crime Comedy
Starring Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Charles King, I. Stanford Jolley

June 19, 1945 - The Bells of Rosarita - Circus Cowboy Western
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans

June 22, 1945 - Her Favorite Patient - Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring John Carroll, Ruth Hussey, Charles Ruggles, Ann Rutherford

June 25, 1945 - Scared Stiff (Treasure of Fear) - Comedy Murder Mystery
Starring Jack Haley, Ann Savage, Barton MacLane, Veda Ann Borg

July 9, 1945 - Great Day - British Village Feminine Drama
Starring Flora Robson, Sheila Sim, Marjorie Thodes, Eric Portman

July 18, 1945 - Wildfire - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Sterling Holloway, Eddie Dean, Virginia Maples

July 27, 1945 - Midnight Manhunt - Missing-Body Gangster Adventure
Starring William Gargan, Ann Savage, Leo Gorcey, George Zucco

July 27, 1945 - The Woman in Green - Sherlock Holmes Detective Mystery
Starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Hillary Brooke, Henry Daniell

July 30, 1945 - I'll Be Your Sweetheart - British Musical Business Drama
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Michael Rennie, Peter Graves, Moore Marriott

August 17, 1945 - The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry - Noir Romantic Murder Drama
Starring George Sanders, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Ella Raines, Moyna MacGill

September 27, 1945 - Apology for Murder - Noir Murder Adventure
Starring Ann Savage, Hugh Beaumont, Charles D. Brown, Budd Buster

October 4, 1945 - The True Glory - WWII Documentary
Starring General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Peter Ustinov

October 12, 1945 - Song of Old Wyoming - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Sarah Padden, Eddie Dean, Lash La Rue, Jennifer Holt

October 13, 1945 - Club Paradise - Coming-of-Age Drama
Starring Robert Lowery, Doris Merrick, Eddie Quillan, Constance Worth

October 15, 1945 - Blood on the Sun - pre WWII Spy Drama
Starring James Cagney, Sylvia Sidney, Porter Hall, John Emery

October 16, 1945 - Frenzy - British Horror Mystery
Starring Derrick De Marney, Frederick Valk, Joan Greenwood, Joan Seton

October 31, 1945 - And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie Murder Mystery
Starring Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Houston, Louis Hayward, June Duprez

November 2, 1945 - White Pongo - Jungle Gorilla Adventure
Starring Richard Fraser, Maris Wrixon, Gordon Richards, Ray Corrigan

November 7, 1945 - Edgar Ulmer's 'Detour' - Film Noir Crime Drama
Starring Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake, Pat Gleason

November 9, 1945 - The House I Live In - One-Reel Tolerance Musical
Starring Frank Sinatra, Axel Stordahl, Teddy Infuhr, Harry McKim

November 22, 1945 - Captain Kidd - British Pirate Adventure
Starring Charles Laughton, Randolph Scott, Barbara Britton, John Carradine

November 30, 1945 - Northwest Trail - Canadian Wilderness Crime Adventure
Starring Bob Steele, Joan Woodbury, John Litel, Poodles Hanneford

December 1, 1945 - Dick Tracy - Comic Book Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Morgan Conway, Anne Jeffreys, Mike Mazurki, Jane Greer

December 16, 1945 - The Echo Murders - WWII British Murder Thriller
Starring David Farrar, Dennis Price, Pamela Stirling

December 28, 1945 - The Stork Club - Rags-to-Riches Romantic Comedy
Starring Betty Hutton, Barry Fitzgerald, Don DeFore, Iris Adrian

December 28, 1945 - Scarlet Street - Black Comedy Murder Drama
Starring Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Dan Duryea, Margaret Lindsay

December 31, 1945 - Doll Face - Romantic Burlesque Drama
Starring Vivian Blaine, Dennis O'Keefe, Perry Como, Carmen Miranda

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unknown day, 1946 - The Girl in Room 20 - Black Cinema Crime Adventure
Starring Geraldine Brock, Spencer Williams, R. Jore, July Jones

January, 1946 - Detour to Danger - Feel-Good Comedy Adventure
Starring Britt Wood, John Daheim, Nancy Brinckman, Eddie Kane

January 1, 1946 - People Are Funny - Comedy Adventure
Starring Jack Haley, Helen Walker, Rudy Vallee, Ozzie Nelson

January 8, 1946 - Danny Boy - Boy, His Dog Feel-Good Family Story
Starring Robert 'Buzz' Henry, Ralph Lewis, Walter Soderling, Ace the Wonder Dog

January 11, 1946 - Abilene Town - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Randolph Scott, Ann Dvorak, Edgar Buchanan, Rhonda Fleming

January 16, 1946 - Colonel Effingham's Raid - Feel-Good Romantic Comedy
Starring Charles Coburn, Joan Bennett

January 16, 1946 - Love Laughs at Andy Hardy - Feel-Good Family Comedy
Starring Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone, Fay Holden, Dorothy Ford

January 24, 1946 - A Close Call for Boston Blackie - Screwball Comedy Detective Adventure
Starring Chester Morris, Lynn Merrick, Frank Sully, George E. Stone

January 26, 1946 - Whistle Stop - Romantic Gangster Crime Drama
Starring George Raft, Ava Gardner, Victor McLaglen, Tom Conway

February 1, 1946 - Terror by Night - Sherlock Holmes Detective Mystery
Starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Alan Mowbray, Renee Godfrey

February 1, 1946 - Shock - Medical Murder Crime Thriller
Starring Vincent Price, Lynn Bari, Anabel Shaw, Reed Hadley

February 1, 1946 - The Flying Serpent - Sci-Fi Murder Thriller
Starring George Zucco, Ralph Lewis, Hope Kramer, Eddie Acuff

February 15, 1946 - Behind Green Lights - Film Noir Murder Mystery
Starring William Gargan, Carole Landis, John Ireland, Mary Anderson

February 15, 1946 - The Magnificent Rogue - Romantic Comedy
Starring Lynne Roberts, Warren Douglas, Gerald Mohr, Stephanie Bachelor

February 16, 1946 - The Shadow Returns - Detective Crime Mystery
Starring Kane Richmond, Barbara Read, Tom Dugan, Joseph Crehan

February 26, 1946 - Breakfast in Hollywood - Variety
Starring Tom Breneman, Beulah Bondi, Billie Burke, Hedda Hopper, Nat 'King' Cole

March 2, 1946 - Fear - Detective Murder Thriller
Starring Peter Cookson, Warren William, Anne Gwynne, Nestor Paiva

March 4, 1946 - They Knew Mr. Knight - British Rags-to-Riches Drama
Starring Mervyn Johns, Nora Swinburne, Alfred Drayton, Joyce Howard

March 9, 1946 - Song of Arizona - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans

March 16, 1946 - Swing Parade of 1946 - Musical Comedy Adventure
Starring Gale Storm, Phil Regan, Louis Jordan, The Three Stooges

May 1, 1946 - Quiet Weekend - British Family Adventure
Starring Derek Farr, Barbara White, Frank Cellier, Edward Rigby

May 3, 1946 - They Made Me A Killer - Crime Drama
Starring Robert Lowery, Barbara Britton, Lola Lane, Paul Harvey

May 10, 1946 - Heartbeat - Romantic Adventure Drama
Starring Ginger Rogers, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Adolphe Menjou

May 25, 1946 - The Stranger - Psychological Killer Thriller
Starring Edward G. Robinson, Orson Welles, Loretta Young, Richard Long

June 1, 1946 - A Boy, a Girl, and a Dog - Feel-Good Pre-Teen Family Adventure
Starring Sharyn Moffett, Jerry Hunter, Harry Davenport, Lionel Stander

June 7, 1946 - Sherlock Holmes in "Dressed to Kill" - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Patricia Morison, Edmund Breon

July 10, 1946 - My Pal Trigger - Singing Cowboy Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, Dale Evans, George 'Gabby' Hayes

July 19, 1946 - A Scandal in Paris - Romantic Crime Comedy Adventure
Starring George Sanders, Signe Hasso, Carole Landis, Gene Lockhart

July 24, 1946 - The Strange Love of Martha Ivers - Noir Murder Crime Drama
Starring Barbara Stanwyk, Van Heflin, Kirk Douglas, Lizabeth Scott

July 24, 1946 - Swamp Fire - Romantic Jungle Adventure
Starring Johnny Weissmuller, Virginia Grey, Buster Crabbe

August 7, 1946 - Inner Circle - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Adele Mara, Warren Douglas, William Frawley

September 20, 1946 - Angel on my Shoulder - Fantasy Crime Adventure
Starring Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, Claude Rains, George Cleveland

October 1, 1946 - Flight to Nowhere - Atomic Spy Thriller
Starring Alan Curtis, Evelyn Ankers, Micheline Cheirel, Jack Holt

October 14, 1946 - Theirs is the Glory - WWII Battle of Arnhem Docu-Drama
Starring Stanley Maxted, Thomas Scullion, Alland Wood, Geoff van Rijssel

October 18, 1946 - Home in Oklahoma - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Carol Hughes

October 18, 1946 - The Dark Mirror - Film Noir Psychological Thriller
Starring Olivia de Havilland, Lew Ayers, Thomas Mitchell, Richard Long

October 25, 1946 - The Strange Woman - Noir Thriller
Starring Hedy Lamarr, George Sanders, Gene Lockhart, Hillary Brooke

November 1, 1946 - Rolling Home - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Jean Parker, Russell Hayden

November 15, 1946 - The Devil's Playground - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Elaine Riley, Joseph J. Greene

November 16, 1946 - The Chase - Romantic Noir Crime Drama
Starring Robert Cummings, Michele Morgan, Steve Cochran, Peter Lorre

November 30, 1946 - Night Comes Too Soon - British Ghost Story
Starring Valentine Dyall, Anne Howard, Alec Faversham, Howard Douglas

December 2, 1946 - Carnival - British Costume Romantic Drama
Starring Sally Gray, Michael Wilding, Stanley Holloway, Hazel Court

December 5, 1946 - Till the Clouds Roll By - Broadway Musical Biography
Starring June Allyson, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Lena Horne

December 15, 1946 - Heldorado - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans, Paul Harvey

December 18, 1946 - Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball - Comic Book Detective Mystery
Starring Morgan Conway, Ann Jeffreys, Lyle Latell, Dick Wessel

December 23, 1946 - That Brennan Girl - Mother's Day Family Drama
Starring Mona Freeman, James Dunn, William Marshall, June Duprez

December 23, 1946 - Stagecoach to Denver - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Allan Lane, Roy Barcroft, Peggy Stewart, Robert Hyatt

December 23, 1946 - Send for Paul Temple - Scotland Yard Detective Crime Adventure
Starring Anthony Hulme, Joy Shelton, Tamara Desni, Jack Raine

December 25, 1946 - A Matter of Life, Death - Wartime Romantic Fantasy
Starring David Niven, Kim Hunter

December 25, 1946 - Renegade Girl - Civil War Cowgirl Adventure
Starring Ann Savage, Alan Curtis, Edward Brophy, Russell Wade

December 26, 1946 - Great Expectations - British Gothic Crime Adventure
Starring John Mills, Alec Guinness, Jean Simmons, Valerie Hobson


Unknown day, 1947 - Nelly Was a Lady - Stephen Foster Music and Bio
Starring Donn Reed, Milton Shockley, Joy Gwynell, Mary Worth

Unknown day, 1947 - Things Happen at Night - British Haunted Comedy
Starring Gordon Harker, Alfred Drayton, Gwynneth Vaughan, Garry Marsh

Unknown day, 1947 - Reet, Petite, and Gone - Black Cinema Swing Music Adventure
Starring Louis Jordan, June Richmond, Pat Rainey, Bea Griffith

January 7, 1947 - Hungry Hill - Irish Feuding Romantic Drama
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Dennis Price, Dermot Walsh, Jean Simmons

January 15, 1947 - It's a Joke, Son - Comedy
Starring Kenny Delmar, June Lockhart

January 15, 1947 - Queen of the Amazons - Jungle Adventure
Starring Patricia Morison, Robert Lowery, Amira Moustafa, J. Edward Bromberg

January 17, 1947 - Wild Country - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Eddie Dean, Roscoe Ates, Peggy Wynne, I. Stanford Jolley, Douglas Fowley

January 31, 1947 - Calendar Girl - Romantic Musical Drama
Starring Jane Frazee, William Marshall, Gail Patrick, Kenny Baker

January 31, 1947 - Fools Gold - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jane Randolph, Robert Emmett Keane

February 1, 1947 - Scared to Death - Horror Crime Mystery
Starring Bella Lugosi, Molly Lamont

February 5, 1947 - The Root of All Evil - British Tycoon Romantic Drama
Starring Phyllis Calvert, John McCallum, Michael Rennie, Brefni O'Rorke

February 15, 1947 - Angel and the Badman - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Wayne, Gail Russell, Harry Carey, Bruce Cabot

February 15, 1947 - Apache Rose - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

February 21, 1947 - The Fabulous Dorseys - Musical Biographical Drama
Starring Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Paul Whiteman, William Lundigan

February 21, 1947 - Ramrod - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake, Don DeFore, Preston Foster

February 28, 1947 - Law of the Lash - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Lash La Rue, Al St. John

March, 1947 - Smash-Up, The Story of a Woman - Relationship Drama
Starring Susan Hayward, Lee Bowman, Marsha Hunt, Eddie Albert

March 15, 1947 - Shoot to Kill - Noir Gangster Double-Cross Adventure
Starring Luana Walters, Edmund MacDonald, Russell Wade, Robert Kent

March 16, 1947 - The Red House - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Edward G. Robinson, Lon McCallister, Julie London, Allene Roberts

March 28, 1947 - Seven Were Saved - Life Boat Survival Drama
Starring Richard Denning, Catherine Craig, Ann Doran, Keith Richards

March 28, 1947 - The Unexpected Guest - Ghostly Cowboy Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Una O'Connor, Patricia Tate

March 29, 1947 - Lost Honeymoon - Romantic Comedy Misadventure
Starring Franchot Tone, Ann Richards, Tom Conway, Frances Rafferty

April 4, 1947 - My Favorite Brunette - Classic Cornball Comedy
Starring Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Peter Lorre, Lon Chaney Jr.

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April 4, 1947 - The Sin of Harold Diddlebock - Comedy
Starring Harold Lloyd, Rudy Vallee, Jimmy Conlin

April 7, 1947 - Boy, What A Girl! - Romantic Musical Comedy
Starring Tim Moore, Slam Stewart, Deek Watson, Big Sid Catlett

April 12, 1947 - Philo Vance's Gamble - Whodunit Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Alan Curtis, Vivian Austin, Frank Jenks, Gavin Gordon

April 14, 1947 - Philo Vance Returns - Whodunit Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Leon Belasco, William Wright, Vivian Austin, Ramsay Ames, Damian O'Flynn

April 18, 1947 - Fear in the Night - Detective Murder Thriller
Starring DeForest Kelly, Paul Kelly, Ann Doran, Kay Scott

April 21, 1947 - Out of the Blue - Romantic Screwball Comedy
Starring George Brent, Virginia Mayo, Ann Dvorak, Turhan Bey

April 24, 1947 - Spoilers of the North - Alaska Salmon Fishing Crime Adventure
Starring Paul Kelly, Lorna Gray, Evelyn Ankers, James Millican

May 9, 1947 - Hi De Ho - Musical Drama
Starring Cab Calloway, Ida James

May 16, 1947 - The Dishonored Lady - Romantic Nympho Murder Drama
Starring Hedy Lamarr, Dennis O'Keefe, John Loder, William Lundigan

May 20, 1947 - Dick Tracy's Dilemma - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Ralph Byrd, Lyle Latell, Kay Christopher, Jack Lambert

May 23, 1947 - Dangerous Venture - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Fritz Leiber, Betty Alexander

June 3, 1947 - Dual Alibi - British Circus Murder Drama
Starring Herbert Lom, Phyllis Dixey, Terence de Marney, Ronald Frankau

June 7, 1947 - Bush Pilot - Canadian Wilderness Flying Adventure
Starring Rochelle Hudson, Jack La Rue, Austin Willis, Frank Perry

June 12, 1947 - The Hat Box Mystery - Private Eye Murder Mystery
Starring Tom Neal, Pamela Blake, Allen Jenkins, Virginia Sale

June 17, 1947 - The Upturned Glass - Murder Crime Drama
Starring James Mason, Rosamund John, Pamela Mason, Ann Stephens

June 25, 1947 - Dancing with Crime - British Noir Crime Drama
Starring Richard Attenborough, Sheila Sim, Barry K. Barnes, Judy Kelly

June 28, 1947 - Heartaches - Hollywood Murder Crime Mystery
Starring Sheila Ryan, Edward Norris, Chill Wills, James Seay

July 1, 1947 - The Marauders - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Ian Wolfe, Dorinda Clifton

July 4, 1947 - The Perils of Pauline - Biographical Action Adventure
Starring Betty Hutton, John Lund, William Demarest, Billy De Wolfe

July 4, 1947 - The Road to Hollywood - Biographical Musical Comedy
Starring Bing Crosby, Luis Alberni, Bud Pollard, Ann Christy

July 15, 1947 - Gunfighters - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Randolph Scott, Barbara Britton, Dorothy Hart, Forrest Tucker

July 15, 1947 - Springtime in the Sierras - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Jane Frazee, Andy Devine, Stephanie Bachelor

July 18, 1947 - Hoppy's Holiday - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Andrew Tombes, Leonard Penn

July 24, 1947 - Blackmail - Noir Private Eye Murder Adventure
Starring William Marshall, Adele Mara, Ricardo Cortez, Grant Withers

August 2, 1947 - Killer Dill - Gangster Crime Comedy
Starring Stuart Erwin, Anne Gwynne, Frank Albertson, Milburn Stone

August 11, 1947 - The Pretender - Murder-for-Hire Crime Thriller
Starring Albert Dekker, Catherine Craig, Charles Drake, Linda Stirling

August 13, 1947 - Adventure Island - South Seas Island Adventure
Starring Rory Calhoun, Rhonda Fleming, Paul Kelly, Alan Napier

August 15, 1947 - Juke Joint - Black Cinema Situation Comedy
Starring Spencer Williams, July Jones, Dauphine Moore, Melody Duncan

August 30, 1947 - Philo Vance's Secret Mission - Private Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Alan Curtis, Sheila Ryan, Tala Birell, Frank Jenks

September 13, 1947 - Life with Father - Family Situation Comedy Adventure
Starring William Powell, Irene Dunne, Elizabeth Taylor, Zasu Pitts

September 25, 1947 - Railroaded! - Noir Gangster Murder Drama
Starring John Ireland, Jane Randolph, Hugh Beaumont, Sheila Ryan

September 26, 1947 - Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome - Detective Mystery Adventure
Starring Boris Karloff, Ralph Byrd, Anne Gwynne, Lyle Latell

September 27, 1947 - Fame is the Spur - British Political Drama
Starring Michael Redgrave, Rosamund John, Bernard Miles, Carla Lehmann

October 4, 1947 - The Spirit of West Point - Football Championship Docu-Drama
Starring Doc Blanchard, Glenn Davis, Alan Hale Jr, Michael Browne

October 7, 1947 - Magic Town - Feel-Good Romantic Comedy
Starring James Stewart, Jane Wyman, Kent Smith, Ned Parks

October 8, 1947 - Uncle Silas - British Gothic Horror Thriller
Starring Jean Simmons, Katina Paxinou, Derrick De Marney, Derek Bond

October 18, 1947 - Bury Me Dead - Film Noir Murder Thriller
Starring June Lockhart, Hugh Beaumont, Mark Daniels, Cathy O'Donnell

October 26, 1947 - Black Hills - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Eddie Dean, Roscoe Ates, William Fawcett, Shirley Patterson

October 30, 1947 - Sing a Song of Six Pants - Three Stooges Comedy
Starring Shemp Howard, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Virginia Hunter

November 1, 1947 - That Hagen Girl - Small Town Relationship Drama
Starring Ronald Reagan, Shirley Temple, Rory Calhoun, Lois Maxwell, Conrad Janis

November 3, 1947 - Take My Life - British Murder Thriller
Starring Hugh Williams, Greta Gynt, Marius Goring, Francis L. Sullivan

November 9, 1947 - Body and Soul - Noir Boxing Crime Drama
Starring John Garfield, Lilli Palmer, William Conrad, Hazel Brooks

November 10, 1947 - Roses Are Red - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Don Castle, Peggy Knudsen, Patricia Knight, Joe Sawyer

November 11, 1947 - Brideless Groom - Three Stooges Comedy Short
Starring Shemp Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Dee Green

November 13, 1947 - An Ideal Husband - British Romantic Comedy
Starring Paulette Goddard, Hugh Williams, Glynis Johns, Michael Wilding

November 15, 1947 - Love From a Stranger - British Noir Murder Thriller
Starring John Hodiak, Sylvia Sidney, Ann Richards, John Howard

November 20, 1947 - Whispering City - Noir Murder Thriller
Starring Paul Lukas, Mary Anderson, Helmut Dantine, John Pratt

November 22, 1947 - Blonde Savage - Jungle Crime Adventure
Starring Leif Erickson, Gale Sherwood, Veda Ann Borg, Frank Jenks

November 29, 1947 - Shadow Valley - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Eddie Dean, Roscoe Ates, Jennifer Holt, George Chesebro, Eddie Parker

December 6, 1947 - Heading for Heaven - Madcap Situation Comedy
Starring Stuart Erwin, Irene Ryan, Milburn Stone, Dick Elliott

December 12, 1947 - Big Town After Dark - Reporters vs. Mobsters Crime Drama
Starring Phillip Reed, Hillary Brooke, Richard Travis, Ann Gillis

December 15, 1947 - T-Men - Noir Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Dennis O'Keefe, Alfred Ryder, Wallace Ford, June Lockhart

December 17, 1947 - For You I Die - Escaped Convict Crime Noir
Starring Cathy Downs, Paul Langton, Mischa Auer, Jane Weeks

December 22, 1947 - Nightbeat - British Romantic Murder Drama
Starring Anne Crawford, Ronald Howard, Christine Norden, Maxwell Reed


Unknown day, 1948 - Adventures of Gallant Bess - Man, his Horse Adventure
Starring Cameron Mitchell, Audrey Long, Fuzzy Knight, James Millican

Unknown day, 1948 - Killer Diller - Black Cinema Song and Dance Crime Comedy
Starring Dusty Fletcher, George Wiltshire, Butterfly McQueen, Nellie Hill

January 2, 1948 - Women in the Night - WWII Spy Thriller
Starring Tala Birell, Virginia Christine, Frances Chung, Jean Brooks

January 15, 1948 - I Love Trouble - Detective Crime Drama
Starring Franchot Tone, Janet Blair

February 1, 1948 - Reaching From Heaven - Religious Situation Relationship Adventure
Starring Hugh Beaumont, Cheryl Walker, Regis Toomey, Margaret Hamilton

February 5, 1948 - My Brother Jonathan - British Epic Relationship Drama
Starring Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray, Ronald Howard, Beatrice Campbell

February 11, 1948 - Against the Wind - British Espionage Spy Adventure
Starring Robert Beatty, Simone Signoret, Jack Warner, Gordon Jackson

February 18, 1948 - Blanche Fury - British Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Valerie Hobson, Stewart Granger, Michael Gough, Walter Fitzgerald

February 23, 1948 - Madonna of the Desert - Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Lynne Roberts, Don Castle, Sheldon Leonard, Paul Hurst

March 18, 1948 - Parole Inc. - Prison Crime Drama
Starring Michael O'Shea, Turhan Bey

March 15, 1948 - Here Comes Trouble - Slapstick Murder Crime Adventure
Starring William Tracy, Emory Parnell, Betty Compson, Joan Woodbury

March 18, 1948 - The Return of the Whistler - Detective Crime Mystery
Starring Michael Duane, Lenore Aubert

March 19, 1948 - Silent Conflict - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Rand Brooks, Virginia Belmont

March 23, 1948 - Snowbound - Italian Alps Treasure Hunt Thriller
Starring Dennis Price, Stanley Holloway, Herbert Lom, Robert Newton

March 26, 1948 - Mr. Reckless - Oil Well Roustabout Romantic Adventure
Starring William Eythe, Barbara Britton, Walter Catlett, Minna Gombell

April 1, 1948 - The Devil's Cargo - 'The Falcon' Detective Crime Mystery
Starring John Calvert, Rochelle Hudson

April 6, 1948 - Miranda - Mermaid Fantasy Comedy Adventure
Starring Glynis Johns, Margaret Rutherford, Griffith Jones, David Tomlinson

April 9, 1948 - Who Killed Doc Robbin? - Children's Crime Comedy
Starring Larry Olsen, Eilene Janssen, Peter Miles, Ardda Lynwood

April 10, 1948 - The Hawk of Powder River - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Eddie Dean, Roscoe Ates, Jennifer Holt, June Carlson

April 15, 1948 - Money Madness - Noir Crime Thriller
Starring Hugh Beaumont, Frances Rafferty, Harlan Warde, Cecil Weston

April 25, 1948 - One Night With You - Romantic Screwball Comedy
Starring Nino Martini, Patricia Roc, Bonar Colleano, Charles Goldner

April 28, 1948 - Good-Time Girl - Crime Drama
Starring Jean Kent, Peter Glenville, Flora Robson, Herbert Lom

April 30, 1948 - Under California Stars - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Jane Frazee, Andy Devine, the Sons of the Pioneers

April 30, 1948 - The Dead Don't Dream - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Rand Brooks, John Parrish

May 14, 1948 - Speed to Spare - Truck Driving Adventure
Starring Richard Arlen, Jean Rogers, Roscoe Karns, Nanette Parks

May 18, 1948 - Counterblast - British WW2 Spy Thriller
Starring Robert Beatty, Mervyn Johns, Nova Pilbeam, Margaretta Scott

May 19, 1948 - Daybreak - British Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Eric Portman, Ann Todd, Edward Rigby, Maxwell Reed

May 27, 1948 - Big Town Scandal - Juvenile Delinquent Crime Adventure
Starring Phillip Reed, Hillary Brooke, Darryl Hickman, Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer

May 31, 1948 - Broken Journey - British Airplane Survival Adventure
Starring Phyllis Calvert, James Donald, Margot Grahame, Guy Rolfe

June 7, 1948 - A Song for Tomorrow - British Musical Romantic Drama
Starring Evelyn McCabe, Ralph Michael, Shaun Noble, James Hayter

June 9, 1948 - Shed No Tears - Noir Murder Mystery
Starring Wallace Ford, June Vincent, Mark Roberts, Dick Hogan

June 9, 1948 - Close-Up - Noir Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Alan Baxter, Virginia Gilmore, Richard Kollmar, Loring Smith

June 11, 1948 - Sinister Journey - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Elaine Riley, John Kellogg

June 23, 1948 - Mickey - Coming of Age Comedy
Starring Lois Butler, Bill Goodwin, Irene Hervey, Hattie McDaniel

June 26, 1948 - Penny and the Pownall Case - British Comic Strip Crime Adventure
Starring Ralph Michael, Peggy Evans, Christoper Lee, Diana Dors

July 5, 1948 - The Calendar - British Romantic Crime Comedy
Starring Greta Gynt, John McCallum, Raymond Lovell, Sonia Holm

July 15, 1948 - The Eyes of Texas - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Andy Devine, Lynne Roberts, Nana Bryant

July 16, 1948 - Texas, Brooklyn, and Heaven - Light Hearted Romantic Comedy
Starring Guy Madison, Diana Lynn, James Dunn, Florence Bates

July 21, 1948 - The Vicious Circle (Woman in Brown) - Courtroom Drama
Starring Conrad Nagel, Philip Van Zandt, Lyle Talbot, Frank Ferguson

July 24, 1948 - Borrowed Trouble - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Rand Brooks, Anne O'Neal

July 24, 1948 - Blonde Ice - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Robert Paige, Leslie Brooks

July 29, 1948 - The Amazing Mr. X - Horror Thriller
Starring Turhan Bey, Lynn Bari

August 9, 1948 - My Brother's Keeper - British Crime Adventure
Starring Jack Warner, David Tomlinson, Jane Hylton, Yvonne Owen

August 11, 1948 - Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid - Fantasy Romantic Comedy
Starring William Powell, Ann Blyth, Irene Hervy, Andrea King

August 18, 1948 - The Scar - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Paul Henreid, Joan Bennett

August 24, 1948 - Pitfall - Noir Murder Thriller
Starring Dick Powell, Lizabeth Scott, Jane Wyatt, Raymond Burr

August 25, 1948 - Mr. Perrin, Mr. Traill - British School Relationship Drama
Starring David Farrar, Marius Goring, Greta Gynt, Raymond Huntley

August 29, 1948 - Charlie Chan and the Golden Eye - Detective Mystery
Starring Roland Winters, Wanda McKay, Mantan Moreland

September 3, 1948 - The Time of Your Life - Feel-Good Situation Comedy
Starring James Cagney, William Bednix, Jeanne Cagney, Ward Bond

September 5, 1948 - Night Time in Nevada - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Adele Mara, Andy Devine, Marie Harmon

September 9, 1948 - The Blind Goddess - British Court Crime Drama
Starring Eric Portman, Anne Crawford, Michael Dension, Hugh Williams

September 10, 1948 - False Paradise - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Cliff Clark, Kenneth MacDonald

September 10, 1948 - Sunset Carson Rides Again - Cowboy Western
Starring Sunset Carson, Al Terry, Pat Starling, Dan White

September 28, 1948 - Esther Waters - British Olde English Drama
Starring Kathleen Ryan, Dirk Bogarde, Cyril Cusack, Ivor Barnard

October 1, 1948 - Frank Borzage's "Moonrise" - Small Town Murder Drama
Starring Dane Clark, Gail Russell, Ethel Barrymore, Allyn Joslyn, Rex Ingram

October 8, 1948 - Strange Gamble - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Rand Brooks, Elaine Riley

October 15, 1948 - Inner Sanctum - Noir Murder Terror Thriller
Starring Charles Russell, Mary Beth Hughes, Dale Belding, Billy House

October 27, 1948 - The Guinea Pig - British School Coming-of-Age Adventure
Starring Richard Attenborough, Sheila Sim, Cecil Trouncer, Bernard Miles

October 28, 1948 - Louisiana Story - Young Cajun Boy Adventure
Starring Joseph Boudreaux, Lionel Le Blanc, E. Bienvenu, Frank Hardy

October 29, 1948 -Million Dollar Weekend - Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Gene Raymond, Osa Massen, Francis Lederer, Robert Warwick

November 5, 1948 - My Dear Secretary - Madcap Romantic Comedy
Starring Kirk Douglas, Laraine Day, Keenan Wynn, Rudy Vallee

November 15, 1948 - Belle Starr's Daughter - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Ruth Roman, Rod Cameron, George Montgomery, Wallace Ford

November 24, 1948 - Appointment with Murder - Detective Crime Adventure
Starring John Calvert, Catherine Craig, Jack Reitzen, Lyle Talbot

November 24, 1948 - He Walked by Night - Crime Noir
Starring Richard Basehart, Scott Brady, Jack Webb

November 29, 1948 - Fly Away Peter - British Empty-Nest Family Story
Starring Frederick Piper, Kathleen Boutall, Margaret Barton, Patrick Holt

December 1, 1948 - Escape From Broadmoor - British Ghostly Murder Mystery
Starring Victoria Hooper, John Le Mesurier, John Stuart, Tony Doonan

December 15, 1948 - Loaded Pistols - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Gene Autry, Barbara Britton, Chill Wills, Russell Arms

December 29, 1948 - The Far Frontier - Singing Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Gail Davis, Andy Devine, Clayton Moore


Unknown day, 1949 - The Adventures of Jane - British Burlesque Slapstick Crime Comedy
Starring Chrystabel Leighton-Porter, Michael Hogarth, Sonya O'Shea, Ian Colin

Unknown day, 1949 - Man in Black - British Murder Thriller
Starring Betty Ann Davies, Sheila Burrell, Hazel Penwarden, Sidney James

Unknown day, 1949 - The Rim of the Canyon - Cowboy Western
Starring Gene Autry, Nan Leslie

January 18, 1949 - Dynamite - Romantic Construction Drama
Starring William Gargan, Virginia Welles, Richard Crane, Irving Bacon

January 31, 1949 - The Judge - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Milburn Stone, Paul Guilfoyle, Jonathan Hale, John Hamilton

February 1, 1949 - Silent Dust - British Relationship Drama
Starring Stephen Murray, Sally Gray, Derek Farr, Beatrice Campbell

February 11, 1949 - State Department: File 649 - Diplomatic Hostage Crime Adventure
Starring William Lundigan, Virginia Bruce, Richard Loo, Philip Ahn

February 15, 1949 - Daughter of the West - American Indian Crime Adventure
Starring Martha Vickers, Phillip Reed, Donald Woods, Marion Carney

February 28, 1949 - Scarlet Heaven - British Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Douglass Montgomery, Hazel Court, Patricia Burke, Ronald Shiner

March 1, 1949 - The Blue Lagoon- British South Seas Shipwreck Adventure
Starring Jean Simmons, Donald Houston, Noel Purcell, James Hayter

March 11, 1949 - Jigsaw - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Franchot Tone, Jean Wallace

March 22, 1949 - The Green Promise - Family Relationships Drama
Starring Marguerite Chapman, Walter Brennan, Natalie Wood, Robert Paige

March 29, 1949 - The Cardboard Cavalier - British Comedy Spy Adventure
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Sid Field, Jerry Desmonde, Irene Handl

April, 1949 - The Big Cat - Wilderness Family Feud Adventure
Starring Lon McCallister, Peggy Ann Garner, Preston Foster, Forrest Tucker

April 1, 1949 - Paper Orchid - British Newspaper Murder Mystery
Starring Hugh Williams, Hy Hazell, Sidney James, Garry Marsh

April 19, 1949 - The Big Sombrero - Singing Cowboy Mexican Adventure
Starring Gene Autry, Elena Verdugo, Stephen Dunne, Vera Marshe

April 21, 1949 - For Them That Trespass - British Murder Mystery
Starring Richard Todd, Patricia Plunkett, Stephen Murray, Rosalyn Boulter

April 22, 1949 - Susanna Pass - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Robert Emmett Keane, Estelita Rodriguez

April 25, 1949 - All Over the Town - British Small Town Newspaper Drama
Starring Norman Wooland, Sarah Churchill, Cyril Cusack, James Hayter

April 30, 1949 - D.O.A. - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton, Beverly Garland, Luther Adler

May 1, 1949 - Blue Scar - Welsh Coal Mining Romantic Drama
Starring Emrys Jones, Gwynneth Vaughan, Anthony Pendrell, Rachel Thomas

May 2, 1949 - Outpost in Morocco - French Foreign Legion Adventure
Starring George Raft, Marie Windsor, John Litel, John Doucette

May 18, 1949 - The Devil's Sleep - Teen Pill-Pushing Crime Drama
Starring Lita Grey Chaplin, John Mitchum, Tracy Lynne, Timothy Farrell

May 23, 1949 - The Perfect Woman - British Romantic Robot Screwball Comedy
Starring Patricia Roc, Stanley Holloway, Nigel Patrick, Pamela Devis

May 27, 1949 - Africa Screams - Comedy
Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Clyde Beatty

May 27, 1949 - C-Man - Detective Murder Thriller
Starring Dean Jagger, John Carradine, Lottie Elwen, Rene Paul

June 1, 1949 - Stop Press Girl - British Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy
Starring Sally Ann Howes, Gordon Jackson, James Robertson Justice, Sonia Holm

June 11, 1949 - Alimony - Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring Martha Vickers, John Beal, Hillary Brooke, Laurie Lind

June 20, 1949 - She Shoulda Said 'No' - Crime Drug Drama
Starring Alan Baxter, Lyle Talbot, Lila Leeds, Mary Ellen Popel

June 24, 1949 - Not Wanted - Mothers-Warn-Your-Daughters Drama
Starring Sally Forrest, Keefe Brasselle, Leo Penn, Rita Lupino

July 5, 1949 - Poet's Pub - British Feel-Good Romantic Comedy
Starring Derek Bond, Rona Anderson, James Robertson Justice, Barbara Murray

July 22, 1949 - Special Agent - Railroad Detective Crime Adventure
Starring William Eythe, Kasey Rogers, George Reeves, Paul Valentine

July 23, 1949 - The Adventures of PC 49 - British Constable Crime Adventure
Starring Hugh Latimer, Annette D. Simmonds, Patricia Cutts, Pat Nye

August 13, 1949 - Too Late for Tears - Noir Murder Crime Drama
Starring Lizabeth Scott, Don DeFore, Dan Duryea, Kristine Miller

August 23, 1949 - Madness of the Heart - British Romantic Thriller
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Paul Dupuis, Kathleen Byron, Raymond Lovell

September 15, 1949 - The Cowboy and the Indians - Christmas Cowboy, Indians
Starring Gene Autry, Frank Richards, Jay Silverheels, Chief Yowlachie

September 26, 1949 - Impact - Murder Crime Drama
Starring Brian Donlevy, Ella Raines, Charles Coburn, Helen Walker

October 1, 1949 - Trapped - Crime Drama
Starring Lloyd Bridges, Barbara Payton

October 7, 1949 - Enter The Lone Ranger - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels, Glenn Strange, George J. Lewis

October 12, 1949 - The Interrupted Journey - British Adultery Murder Mystery
Starring Valerie Hobson, Richard Todd, Christine Norden, Tom Walls

October 14, 1949 - Give Us This Day - Great Depression Drama
Starring Sam Wanamaker, Lea Padovani, Charles Goldner, Bonar Colleano

October 15, 1949 - Reign of Terror (The Black Book) - French Revolution Spy Adventure
Starring Robert Cummings, Richard Basehart, Richard Hart, Arlene Dahl

November 8, 1949 - The Great Dan Patch - Horse Racing Romantic Adventure
Starring Dennis O'Keefe, Gail Russell, Ruth Warrick, Charlotte Greenwood

November 28, 1949 - Port of New York - Narcotics Smuggling Crime Drama
Starring Yul Brynner, Chet Huntley, Scott Brady, Richard Rober, K.T. Stevens

November 29, 1949 - The Romantic Age - British Finishing School Drama
Starring Mai Zetterling, Petula Clark, Margot Grahame, Hugh Williams

December 1, 1949 - The Spider and the Fly - Cat-Burglar vs Detective Spy Adventure
Starring Eric Portman, Guy Rolfe, Nadia Gray, George Cole

December 1, 1949 - Undertow - Gangster Murder Adventure
Starring Scott Brady, Peggy Dow, John Russell, Dorothy Hart

December 29, 1949 - The Young Lovers - Family Medical Drama
Starring Sally Forrest, Keefe Brasselle, Hugh O'Brian, Eve Miller

December 31, 1949 - The Inspector General - Feel-Good Family Situation Comedy
Starring Danny Kaye, Barbara Bates, Walter Slezak, Elsa Lanchester

December 31, 1949 - Tulsa - Oil Wells vs. Ranchers Romantic Adventure
Starring Susan Hayward, Robert Preston, Chill Wills, Pedro Armendariz


January 1, 1950 - What The Butler Saw - British Slapstick Comedy
Starring Edward Rigby, Henry Mollison, Mercy Haystead, Anne Valery

January 11, 1950 - Randolph Scott in "The Nevadan" - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Dorothy Malone, Frank Faylen

January 18, 1950 - The File on Thelma Jordon - Noir Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Wendell Corey, Paul Kelly, Joan Tetzel

February 20, 1950 - Guilty of Treason - Cold War Hungarian Drama
Starring Charles Bickford, Bonita Granville, Paul Kelly, Richard Derr

February 20, 1950 - Three Came Home - WWII Prisoner of War Drama
Starring Claudette Colbert, Patric Knowles, Florence Desmond, Sessue Hayakawa

February 21, 1950 - No Man of Her Own - Noir Murder Drama Thriller
Starring Barbara Stanwick, John Lund, Jane Cowl, Milburn Stone

March 1, 1950 - The Great Rupert - Family Christmas Classic
Starring Jimmy Durante, Terry Moore, Tom Drake, Frank Orth

March 1, 1950 - Borderline - Drama-Comedy
Starring Fred MacMurray, Claire Trevor, Raymond Burr

March 5, 1950 - Red Ingle, His Gang - Burlesque Musical Comedy Short
Starring Red Ingle, Karen Tedder, Dolores, Andy Albin

March 20, 1950 - The Angel with the Trumpet - British Romantic Situation Drama
Starring Eileen Herlie, Basil Sydney, Norman Wooland, Maria Schell

March 23, 1950 - The Fighting Stallion - Western Ranch Horse Adventure
Starring Bill Edwards, Doris Merrick, Forrest Taylor, Robert Carson

March 24, 1950 - Quicksand - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney, Barbara Bates, Peter Lorre

April 6, 1950 - The Big Lift - Cold War Drama
Starring Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas

April 8, 1950 - The Capture - Mexican Crime Drama
Starring Lew Ayres, Teresa Wright, Jacqueline White, Victor Jory

May 1, 1950 - The Reluctant Widow - British Gothic Romantic Spy Adventure
Starring Jean Kent, Guy Rolfe, Paul Dupuis, Kathleen Byron

May 2, 1950 - Prelude to Fame - British-Italian Prodigy Adventure
Starring Jeremy Spenser, Kathleen Byron, Guy Rolfe, Henry Oscar

May 5, 1950 - Johnny One-Eye - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Pat O'Brien, Wayne Morris, Dolores Moran, Gayle Reed

May 16, 1950 - The Jackie Robinson Story - Baseball Biographical Drama
Starring Jackie Robinson, Ruby Dee, Minor Watson

June 1, 1950 - Tony Draws a Horse - British Madcap Situation Comedy
Starring Anne Crawford, Cecil Parker, Barbara Everest, Derek Bond

July 2, 1950 - The Second Woman - Noir Mystery Thriller
Starring Betsy Drake, Robert Young, John Sutton, Florence Bates

August 4, 1950 - The Admiral Was A Lady - Comedy
Starring Edmond O'Brien, Wanda Hendrix, Rudy Vallee, Hillary Brook

September 1, 1950 - High Lonesome - Western Murder Mystery
Starring John Drew Barrymore, Chill Wills, John Archer, Lois Butler

November 1, 1950 - Prehistoric Women - Science Fiction Adventure
Starring Laurette Luez, Allan Nixon, Joan Shawlee, Judy Landon

November 1, 1950 - The Sun Sets at Dawn - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Sally Parr, Patrick Waltz, Walter Reed

November 2, 1950 - Again Pioneers - Immigration Situation Drama
Starring Colleen Townsend, Tom Powers, Sarah Padden, Regis Toomey

November 16, 1950 - Cyrano de Bergerac - Romantic Drama
Starring Jose Ferrer, Mala Powers

November 29, 1950 - Woman on the Run - Crime Noir Thriller
Starring Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe

November 30, 1950 - Black Jack - Mediterranean Smuggling Adventure
Starring George Sanders, Patricia Roc, Agnes Moorehead, Herbert Marshall

December, 1950 - One Too Many - Family Drama
Starring Ruth Warrick, Richard Travis, William Tracy, Rhys Williams

December 8, 1950 - Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill - Situation Comedy Adventure
Starring Clem Bevans, Virginia Grey, Cecil Kellaway, David Bruce

December 12, 1950 - Try and Get Me! - Crime Murder Adventure
Starring Frank Lovejoy, Lloyd Bridges, Richard Carlson, Kathleen Ryan

December 26, 1950 - The Man Who Cheated Himself - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Lee J. Cobb, Jane Wyatt

December 31, 1950 - Midnight Episode - British Murder Mystery
Starring Stanley Holloway, Leslie Dwyer, Reginald Tate, Meredith Edwards

December 31, 1950 - At War with the Army - Cornball Situation Comedy
Starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Jean Ruth, Polly Bergen


Unknown day, 1951 - Three Steps North - Italian Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Lloyd Bridges, Lea Padovani, Aldo Fabrizi, William Tubbs

January, 1951 - All That I Have - Religious Situation Crime Adventure
Starring Houseley Stevenson, Donald Woods, Onslow Stevens, Robert Stevenson

January 1, 1951 - The Third Visitor - British Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Sonia Dresdel, Eleanor Summerfield, Guy Middleton, Hubert Gregg

January 26, 1951 - Tokyo File 212 - Korean War Spy Adventure
Starring Lee Frederick, Florence Marly, Katsuhiko Haida, Tetsu Nakamura

February 3, 1951 - Cry Danger - Film Noir Crime Adventure
Starring Dick Powell, Regis Toomey, Rhonda Fleming, William Conrad

February 6, 1951 - The Long Dark Hall - British Serial Murder Thriller
Starring Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer, Raymond Huntley, Patricia Cutts

March 1, 1951 - Three Guys Named Mike - Romantic Comedy
Starring Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Howard Keel, Barry Sullivan

March 1, 1951 - To Have and To Hold - British Upper Crust Drama
Starring Avis Scott, Patrick Barr, Robert Ayres, Eunice Gayson

March 8, 1951 - Three Husbands - Fantasy Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Eve Arden, Ruth Warrick, Vanessa Brown, Howard Da Silva

March 22, 1951 - Mr. Peek-a-Boo - French Romantic Crime Situation Comedy
Starring Bourvil, Joan Greenwood, Roger Tréville, Jacques Erwin

March 23, 1951 - Royal Wedding - Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford, Sara Churchill

March 30, 1951 - Cause for Alarm - Noir Murder Thriller
Starring Barry Sullivan, Loretta Young, Bruce Cowling, Margalo Gillmore

March 30, 1951 - Behave Yourself! - Romantic Gangster Crime Comedy
Starring Farley Granger, Shelly Winters, William Demarest, Lon Chaney Jr.

April 13, 1951 - Only the Valiant - Western Military Adventure
Starring Gregory Peck, Barbara Payton, Ward Bond, Gig Young

April 25, 1951 - Five - Science Fiction Nuclear War Drama
Starring William Phipps, Susan Douglas Rubes, James,erson, Charles Lampkin, Earl Lee

April 27, 1951 - Father's Little Dividend - Romantic Comedy
Starring Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Bennett, Paul Harvey

May 4, 1951 - The Painted Hills - Pre-Teen Family Gold Digging Adventure
Starring Lassie, Paul Kelly, Bruce Cowling, Gary Gray, Art Smith

May 18, 1951 - New Mexico - Cavalry vs. Indians Western Adventure
Starring Lew Ayres, Marilyn Maxwell, Ted de Corsia, Raymond Burr

May 18, 1951 - Hometown Story - Political Drama
Starring Donald Crisp, Marilyn Monroe, Alan Hale Jr.

May 19, 1951 - The Fat Man - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring J. Scott Smart, Julie London, Rock Hudson

June 14, 1951 - The Man With My Face - Murder Crime Thriller
Starring Barry Nelson, Carole Mathews, Lynn Ainley, Jack Warden

July 5, 1951 - The Hoodlum - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Lawrence Tierney, Allene Roberts

July 16, 1951 - Why Husbands Leave Home - Hollywood Make-up Lesson
Starring Richard Denning, Julie Bishop, Ern Westmore, Ginger Prince

August, 1951 - The Basketball Fix - Sports Gambling Crime Adventure
Starring John Ireland, Marshall Thompson, Vanessa Brown, William Bishop

August 1, 1951 - A Case for PC 49 - British Constable Crime Adventure
Starring Brian Reece, Joy Shelton, Christine Norden, Leslie Bradley

August 21, 1951 - St. Benny the Dip - Crime Comedy
Starring Dick Haymes, Nina Foch, Roland Young, Lionel Stander

August 22, 1951 - My Outlaw Brother - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Mickey Rooney, Wanda Hendrix, Robert Preston, Robert Stack

September 3, 1951 - Happy Go Lovely - Feel-Good Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring David Niven, Vera Ellen, Cesar Romero, Diane Hart

September 7, 1951 - The Groom Wore Spurs - Hollywood Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Ginger Rogers, Jack Carson, Joan Davis, Stanley Ridges

September 7, 1951 - Two Dollar Bettor - Family Gambling Drama
Starring John Litel, Marie Windsor, Steve Brodie, Barbara Billingsley

September 22, 1951 - Go For Broke - WWII Action Adventure
Starring Van Johnson, Lane Nakano, George Miki, Akira Fukunaga

September 23, 1951 - Bowanga Bowanga Wild Women - Jungle Adventure
Starring Lewis Wilson, Don Orlando, Dana Broccoli, Charlene Hawks

October 10, 1951 - Bride of the Gorilla - Adventure Horror Comedy
Starring Barbara Payton, Lon Chaney Jr., Raymond Burr

October 16, 1951 - Drums in the Deep South - U.S. Civil War Drama
Starring James Craig, Barbara Payton, Guy Madison, Barton MacLane

October 22, 1951 - The Black Widow - British Noir Murder Adventure
Starring Christine Norden, Robert Ayres, Jennifer Jayne, Anthony Forwood

October 25, 1951 - Stronghold - Historical Revolutionary Drama
Starring Veronica Lake, Zachary Scott, Arturo de Cordova, Irene Ajay

October 26, 1951 - Unknown World - Sci-Fi Journey to the Center of the Earth
Starring Bruce Kellogg, Otto Waldis, Jim Bannon, Marilyn Nash

November 6, 1951 - Green Grow the Rushes - British Smuggling Comedy
Starring Roger Livesey, Honor Blackman, Richard Burton, Frederick Leister


unknown day, 1952 - Vampire Over London - British Horror Slapstick Comedy
Starring Arthur Lucan, Bela Lugosi, Dora Bryan, Philip Leaver

January 1, 1952 - Death of an Angel - British Murder Mystery
Starring Raymond Young, Jean Lodge, Patrick Barr, Julie Somers

January 6, 1952 - The Lady Says 'No' - Romantic Comedy
Starring Joan Caulfield, David Niven

January 8, 1952 - The Bushwhackers - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Lon Chaney Jr., Myrna Dell

January 31, 1952 - The Green Glove - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Glenn Ford, Geraldine Brooks

February 5, 1952 - The Big Trees - Lumber Baron Action Adventure
Starring Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller, Patrice Wymore, Edgar Buchanan

February 5, 1952 - The Late Edwina Black - British Romantic Murder Mystery
Starring David Farrar, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Roland Culver, Jean Cadell

February 8, 1952 - Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Clayton Moore, Slim,rews, Charles Harvey, Chief Yowlachie

February 8, 1952 - Colorado Sundown - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring June Vincent, Slim Pickens, Rex Allen, Mary Ellen Kay

February 11, 1952 - The Happy Family - British Situation Comedy Adventure
Starring Stanley Holloway, Kathleen Harrison, Naunton Wayne, Dandy Nichols

March, 1952 - The Pace that Thrills - Motorcycle Racing Action Adventure
Starring Bill Williams, Carla Balenda, Robert Armstrong, Frank McHugh

March 1, 1952 - The Frightened Man - British Jewel Thief Adventure
Starring Dermot Walsh, Charles Victor, Barbara Murray, Michael Ward

March 19, 1952 - The Snows of Kilimanjaro - Romantic Adventure Drama
Starring Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward, Ava Gardner, Leo G. Carroll

March 19, 1952 - Mutiny - British Navy Adventure
Starring Mark Stevens, Angela Lansbury

April 12, 1952 - Jack and the Beanstalk - Fairy Tale Comedy
Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Buddy Baer, Shaye Cogan

May 1, 1952 - Kid Monk Baroni - Boxing Action Adventure
Starring Leonard Nimoy, Allene Roberts, Bruce Cabot, Mona Knox

May 1, 1952 - Gobs and Gals - Navy Spy Situation Comedy
Starring George Bernard, Bert Bernard, Robert Hutton, Cathy Downs

May 2, 1952 - Geisha Girl - Madcap Situation Spy Comedy
Starring Steve Forrest, Martha Hyer, Archer MacDonald, Tetsu Nakamura

May 16, 1952 - Kangaroo, The Australian Story - Australian Adventure Drama
Starring Maureen O'Hara, Peter Lawford, Finlay Currie, Richard Boone

June, 1952 - Castle In The Air - Scottish Comedy Adventure
Starring Margaret Rutherford, David Tomlinson, Helen Cherry, Barbara Kelly

June 15, 1952 - I Dream of Jeanie - Biographical Musical Drama
Starring Ray Middleton, Bill Shirley, Muriel Lawrence, Eileen Christy

July 16, 1952 - Love Island - South Seas Romantic Comedy
Starring Paul Valentine, Eva Gabor

September 10, 1952 - Affair in Monte Carlo - Romantic Drama
Starring Merle Oberon, Richard Todd, Leo Genn, Stephen Murray

September 12, 1952 - Untamed Women - Pre-Historic South Seas Island Adventure
Starring Mikel Conrad, Doris Merrick, Richard Monahan, Autumn Russell

September 15, 1952 - Sarumba - Brazilian Romantic Musical Adventure
Starring Michael Whalen, Doris Dowling, Tommy Wonder, Dee Tatum

October, 1952 - A Killer Walks - British Murder Drama
Starring Laurence Harvey, Trader Faulkner, Susan Shaw, Laurence Naismith

October 8, 1952 - Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla - Sci-Fi Horror Comedy
Starring Bela Lugosi, Duke Mitchell, Sammy Petrillo

November 1, 1952 - Made in Heaven - British Situation Comedy
Starring David Tomlinson, Petula Clark, Sonja Ziemann, A.E. Matthews

November 11, 1952 - Kansas City Confidential - Noir Crime Drama
Starring John Payne, Coleen Grey

November 19, 1952 - Road to Bali - Comedy
Starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour

December 10, 1952 - Invasion U.S.A. - A-Bomb Nuclear War Thriller
Starring Gerald Mohr, Peggie Castle, Dan O'Herlihy, Tom Kennedy

December 23, 1952 - The Man in the Attic - Horror Mystery Thriller
Starring Jack Palance, Constance Smith


Unknown day, 1953 - The Flaming Urge - Firebug Crime Drama
Starring Harold Lloyd Jr., Cathy Downs, Byron Foulger, Jonathan Hale

Unknown day, 1953 - The Broken Horseshoe - British Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Robert Beatty, Elizabeth Sellars, Peter Coke, Ferdy Mayne

January 13, 1953 - Decameron Nights - Italian Love Stories
Starring Louis Jourdan, Joan Fontaine, Joan Collins, Binnie Barnes

January 23, 1953 - Guerrilla Girl - Greek War Romantic Drama
Starring Helmut Dantine, Marianna, Irene Champlin, Ray Julian

January 28, 1953 - Never Wave at a WAC - Army Romantic Comedy
Starring Rosalind Russell, Paul Douglas, Marie Wilson, William Ching

February 1, 1953 - Black Orchid - British Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Ronald Howard, Olga Edwardes, John Bentley, Mary Laura Wood

February 20, 1953 - Dance Hall Racket - B-movie Crime Adventure
Starring Lenny Bruce, Timothy Farrell, Honey Bruce Friedman, Sally Marr

February 20, 1953 - Sword of Venus - Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Robert Clarke, Catherine McLeod, Dan O'Herlihy, William Schallert

February 22, 1953 - Kansas Pacific - Railroad Sabotage Adventure
Starring Sterling Hayden, Eve Miller, Barton MacLane, Harry Shannon

March 15, 1953 - Born to the Saddle - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Leif Erickson, Donald Woods, Chuck Courtney, Karen Morley

March 20, 1953 - Perils of the Jungle - Wild Animal Jungle Adventure
Starring Clyde Beatty, Stanley Farrar, Phyllis Coates, John Doucette

March 27, 1953 - Son of the Renegade - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Johnny Carpenter, Lori Irving, Joan McKellen, Valley Keene

March 30, 1953 - The Hitch-Hiker - Noir Crime Thriller
Starring Edmond O'Brien, Frank Lovejoy, William Talman, Jose Torvay

April 2, 1953 - Indiscretion of an American Wife - Italian Romantic Drama
Starring Jennifer Jones, Montgomery Clift, Gino Cervi, Richard Beymer

May 8, 1953 - Martin Luther - Historic Rebellion Adventure
Starring Niall MacGinnis, Guy VErney, Alastair Hunter, Heinz Piper

May 15, 1953 - Phantom From Space - Science Fiction Adventure
Starring Ted Cooper, Harry Landers, Noreen Nash, James Seay

June 17, 1953 - Mesa of Lost Women - Sci-Fi Spider Woman Thriller
Starring Jackie Coogan, Tandra Quinn, Paula Hill, Robert Knapp

June 23, 1953 - The Marshal's Daughter - Vaudeville Cowgirl Comedy Adventure
Starring Laurie Anders, Hoot Gibson, Ken Murray, Harry Lauter, Bob Duncan

July 1, 1953 - Wheel of Fate - British Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Patric Doonan, Sandra Dorne, Bryand Forbes, John Horsley

September 12, 1953 - Captain Scarlett - Romantic Adventure
Starring Richard Greene, Leonora Amar, Nedrick Young, Manuel Fabregas

September 18, 1953 - The Joe Louis Story - Biographical Boxing Drama
Starring Corey Wallace, Hilda Simms, Paul Stewart, James Edwards

October 1, 1953 - Albert R.N. - British Prisoner of War Adventure
Starring Anthony Steel, Jack Warner, Robert Beatty, William Sylvester

October 1, 1953 - The Straw Man - British Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Dermot Walsh, Clifford Evans, Lana Morris, Amy Dalby

October 2, 1953 - Mantrap - British Murder Detective Mystery
Starring Paul Henreid, Lois Maxwell, Kieron Moore, Hugh Sinclair

October 12, 1953 - The Saint's Girl Friday - British Murder Crime Mystery
Starring Louis Hayward, Naomi Chance, Jane Carr, Thomas Gallagher

October 15, 1953 - Captain Scarface - Atomic Communist Spy Thriller
Starring Barton MacLane, Virginia Grey, Leif Erickson, Peter Coe

November 1, 1953 - The Fighting Men - Italian Sicilian Mafia Adventure
Starring Rossano Brazzi, Claudine Dupuis, Ignazio Balsamo, Natale Cirino

November 4, 1953 - Man of Conflict - Father vs. Son Conflict Drama
Starring Edward Arnold, John Agar, Susan Morrow, Fay Roope

December, 1953 - Escape by Night - British Gangster-in-Hiding Adventure
Starring Bonar Colleano, Sidney James, Andrew Ray, Simone Silva

December 2, 1953 - Beneath the 12 Mile Reef - Romantic Adventure
Starring Robert Wagner, Terry Moore

December 3, 1953 - The Bigamist - Marriage Infidelity Drama
Starring Joan Fontaine, Ida Lupino, Edmund Gwenn, Edmond O'Brien

December 11, 1953 - The Limping Man - British Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Lloyd Bridges, Moira Lister, Alan Wheatley, Hélène Cordet

December 17, 1953 - Beat the Devil - Adventure
Starring Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollobrigida, Robert Morley, Peter Lorre


Unknown day - Girl Gang - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Joanne Arnold, Timothy Farrell, Harry Keaton, Mary Lou O'Connor

January 1954 - A Life at Stake - Noir Romantic Murder Thriller
Starring Angela Lansbury, Keith Andes, Douglass Dumbrille, Claudia Barrett

January 1, 1954 - White Fire - British Gangster Murder Adventure
Starring Scott Brady, Mary Castle, Ferdy Mayne, Colin Tapley

January 20, 1954 - Front Page Story - British Newspaper Situation Drama
Starring Jack Hawkins, Elizabeth Allan, Eva Bartok, Derek Farr

January 23, 1954 - Killers from Space - Science Fiction
Starring Peter Graves, Steve Pendleton, James Seay

February 16, 1954 - The Runaway Bus - British Comedy Crime Adventure
Starring Frankie Howard, Margaret Rutherford, Petula Clark, George Coulouris

February 23, 1954 - Rocky Jones Beyond the Moon - Sci-Fi Outer Space Adventure
Starring Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield, Patsy Parsons, Scotty Beckett

March 16, 1954 - Rocky Jones and the Gypsy Moon - Sci-Fi Outer Space Adventure
Starring Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield, Patsy Parsons, Robert Lyden

April 3, 1954 - The Last Time I Saw Paris - Post WW2 Soap Opera Style Drama
Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon, Eva Gabor, Donna Reed

April 5, 1954 - The Sergeant and the Spy - Cold War Spy Comedy
Starring Janis Carter, Richard Ney, John Steinmetz, Lucian B. Garcia

April 16, 1954 - Anne Baxter in Carnival Story - Romantic Carnival Drama
Starring Anne Baxter, Steve Cochran, Lyle Bettger, George Nader

May 8, 1954 - Rocky Jones and the Manhunt in Space - Sci-Fi Outer Space Adventure
Starring Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield, Scotty Beckett, Patsy Parsons

May 12, 1954 - Ed Wood's 'Jail Bait' - Crime Adventure
Starring Lyle Talbot, Steve Reeves, Timothy Farrell, Clancy Malone

May 29, 1954 - The Silver Needle in the Sky - Outer Space Sci-Fi Adventure
Starring Richard Crane, Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield, Robert Lyden

July, 1954 - The Embezzler - British Crime Adventure
Starring Charles Victor, Zena Marshall, Cyril Chamberlain, Avice Landone

July 1, 1954 - Delayed Action - British Crime Mystery
Starring Robert Ayres, Alan Wheatley, June Thorburn, Bruce Seton

July 10, 1954 - Rocky Jones in Crash of Moons - Sci-Fi Outer Space Adventure
Starring Richard Crane, Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield, Patsy Parsons

August 27, 1954 - Shield for Murder - Noir Cop-Gone-Bad Murder Adventure
Starring Edmond O'Brien, Marla English, John Agar, Carolyn Jones

September 4, 1954 - Jesse James' Women - Romantic Comedy Western Adventure
Starring Don 'Red' Barry, Peggie Castle, Lita Baron, Joyce Barrett

September 17, 1954 - Eight Witnesses - Spy Murder Adventure
Starring Peggy Ann Garner, Dennis Price, Charles Jacquemar, Wolfgang Buttner

October 1, 1954 - Orders are Orders - British Army Base Comedy
Starring Peter Sellers, Tony Hancock, Sidney James, Raymond Huntley

October 7, 1954 - Suddenly - Crime Drama
Starring Frank Sinatra, James Gleason

November, 1954 - The Snow Creature - Fantasy Monster Adventure
Starring Paul Langton, Leslie Denison, Teru Shimada, Lock Martin

November, 1954 - The White Orchid - Jungle Love Triangle Adventure
Starring Peggie Castle, William Lundigan, Armando Silvestre, Rosenda Monteros

December 8, 1954 - Make Me an Offer - British Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Peter Finch, Adrienne Corri, Rosalie Crutchley, Finlay Currie

December 8, 1954 - The Atomic Kid - Atomic Bomb Comedy Farce
Starring Mickey Rooney, Robert Strauss, Elaine Devry, Bill Goodwin

December 14, 1954 - Utopia - Comedy
Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Suzy Delair

December 15, 1954 - Hell's Outpost - Mining-Town Action Adventure
Starring Rod Cameron, Joan Leslie, Chill Wills, John Russell


Unknown day, 1955 - Wiretapper - Biographical Crime Adventure
Starring Bill Williams, Georgia Lee, Douglas Kennedy, Reverend Billy Graham

Unknown day, 1955 - Teenage Devil Dolls - Juvenile Delinquent Drug Drama
Starring Barbara Marks, Kurt Martell, Robert A. Sherry, Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.

Unknown day, 1955 - Rhythm and Blues Revue - Musical
Starring Lionel Hampton, Sarah Vaughn, Count Basie, others

February 13, 1955 - The Big Combo - Noir Gangster Crime Thriller
Starring Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Richard Conte, Brian Donlevy

February 15, 1955 - The Fast and The Furious - Car Racing Crime Adventure
Starring John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Iris Adrian, Bruno VeSota

March 22, 1955 - Yellowneck - Civil War Deserters Drama
Starring Lin McCarthy, Stephen Courtleigh, Berry Kroeger, Bill Mason

March 25, 1955 - Napoléon - French Historical Epic
Starring Raymond Pellegrin, Michéle Morgan, Orson Welles, Erich von Stroheim

March 26, 1955 - Rage at Dawn - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Mala Powers, J. Carrol Naish

June 5, 1955 - The Big Bluff - Crime Drama
Starring John Bromfield, Martha Vickers

July 1, 1955 - Kentucky Rifles - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Chill Wills, Lance Fuller, Sterling Holloway, Cathy Downs

July 7, 1955 - Lay That Rifle Down - Small Town Comedy Adventure
Starring Judy Canova, Robert Lowery, Jacqueline deWit, Richard Deacon

August 4, 1955 - Escapade - British Boarding School Adventure
Starring John Mills, Yvonne Mitchell, Alastair Sim, Jeremy Spenser

August 5, 1955 - The Atomic Man - British Sci-Fi Adventure
Starring Gene Nelson, Faith Domergue, Peter Arne, Joseph Tomelty

August 25, 1955 - The Woman for Joe - British Carnival Love Story
Starring Jimmy Karoubi, George Baker, Diane Cilento, Violet Farebrother

September 1, 1955 - One Way Out - British Crime Drama
Starring Jill Adams, Eddie Byrne, Lyndon Brook, John Chandos

October 1, 1955 - They Can't Hang Me - British Atomic Spy Thriller
Starring Terence Morgan, Reginald Beckwith, Anthony Oliver, André Morell

October 27, 1955 - No Man's Woman - Noir Murder Mystery
Starring Marie Windsor, John Archer, Nancy Gates, Jil Jarmyn

November 2, 1955 - The Blue Peter - British Outward Bound Adventure
Starring Kieron Moore, Sarah Lawson, Anthony Newley, Greta Gynt

November 22, 1955 - Fresh From Paris - Nightclub Musical Revue
Starring Forrest Tucker, Margaret Whiting, Dick Wesson, Martha Hyer

December 14, 1955 - Alias John Preston - British Murder Thriller
Starring Christopher Lee, Betta St. John, Alexander Knox, Peter Grant

December 22, 1955 - Daughter of Horror - Stupid Awful Excuse for a Movie
Starring Adrienne Barrett, Ed McMahon, Shelley Berman, Bruno VeSota


Unknown day, 1956 - The Violent Years - Ed Wood Crime Thriller
Starring Jean Moorhead, Theresa Hancock, Joanne Cangi, Gloria Farr

Unknown day, 1956 - Rocky Jones and the Menace from Outer Space - Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Richard Crane, Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield, Robert Lyden

January 4, 1956 - The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues - Sci-Fi Horror
Starring Kent Taylor, Cathy Downs, Michael Whalen, Helene Stanton

January 18, 1956 - Postmark for Danger - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Terry Moore, Robert Beatty, Josephine Griffin, Geoffrey Keen

January 29, 1956 - Warning From Space - Japanese Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Keizo Kawasaki, Toyomi Karita, Bin Yagasawa, Bontarô Miyake

February 1, 1956 - Manfish - Treasure Hunt Murder Adventure
Starring John Bromfield, Lon Chaney Jr., Victor Jory, Tessa Prendergast

February 8, 1956 - Time Table - Noir Train Robbery Crime Adventure
Starring Mark Stevens, King Calder, Felicia Farr, Wesley Addy

March 1, 1956 - The Man in the Road - British Spy Adventure
Starring Derek Farr, Ella Raines, Donald Wolfit, Lisa Daniely

March 10, 1956 - Please Murder Me - Noir Murder Drama
Starring Angela Lansbury, Raymond Burr, John Dehner, Lamont Johnson

March 25, 1956 - The Indestructible Man - Sci-Fi Horror Crime Thriller
Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Max Showalter, Marian Carr, Ross Elliott

March 27, 1956 - Patterns - Corrupt Bussiness Drama
Starring Van Heflin, Everett Sloan, Ed Begley, Beatrice Straght

April 1, 1956 - Mohawk - Soldiers, Indians Adventure
Starring Scott Brady, Rita Gam, Allison Hayes, Mae Clarke

May, 1956 - Ramsbottom Rides Again - Cowboy Slapstick Comedy
Starring Arthur Askey, Glenn Melvyn, Shani Wallis, Frankie Vaughn

May 18, 1956 - The Flesh Merchant - Exploitation Crime Drama
Starring Joy Reynolds, Lisa Rack, Marko Perri, Norman Wright

June 16, 1956 - I Shot Wild Bill Hickok - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Johnny Carpenter, Tom Brown, Denver Pyle, I. Stanford Jolley

June 17, 1956 - The Naked Hills - California Gold Rush Adventure
Starring David Wayne, Jim Backus, Denver Pyle, Keenan Wynn

September 1, 1956 - Fright - Psychological Killer Thriller
Starring Eric Fleming, Nancy Malone, Frank Marth, Dean L. Almquist

October 5, 1956 - Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer - Kentucky Pioneer Adventure
Starring Bruce Bennett, Lon Chaney Jr., Faron Young, Kem Dibbs

October 24, 1956 - Swamp Women - Romantic Crime Thriller
Starring Marie Windsor, Carole Mathews

October 31, 1956 - Dry Rot - British Cornball Comedy Caper
Starring Ronald Shiner, Brian Rix, Sidney James, Peggy Mount

November 15, 1956 - Shake, Rattle, Rock - Musical Rock Drama
Starring Mike Connors, Lisa Gaye, Fats Domino, Tommy Charles

December, 1956 - The Hideout - British Crime Adventure
Starring Dermot Walsh, Rona,erson, Ronald Howard, Sam Kydd

December 26, 1956 - Rock Rock Rock - Rock 'n Roll Musical Drama
Starring Alan Freed, his Rock 'n Roll Band, Fran Manfred, Tuesday Weld


Unknown day, 1957 - Final Curtain - Ed Wood 2-reel Cheesy Horror
Starring Duke Moore, Dudley Manlove, Jeannie Stevens

Unknown day, 1957 - The Strange Case of Dr. Manning - British Kidnapping Drama
Starring Greta Gynt, Garard Green, Bruce Seton, Virginia Keiley

Unknown day, 1957 - The Incredible Petrified World - Science Fiction Adventure
Starring John Carradine, Robert Clarke, Phyllis Coates, Sheila Noonan

Unknown day, 1957 - Flesh and the Spur - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Mike Connors, John Agar, Marla English, Raymond Hatton

January 1, 1957 - Thunder over Hawaii - Island Crime Adventure
Starring Beverly Garland, Richard Denning, Lisa Montell, Leslie Bradley

February 1, 1957 - Suspended Alibi - British Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Patrick Holt, Honor Blackman, Valentine Dyall, Naomi Chance

February 10, 1957 - Not of This Earth - Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Paul Birch, Beverly Garland, Morgan Jones, Hank Mann

June 26, 1957 - The Buckskin Lady - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Patricia Medina, Richard Denning, Gerald Mohr, Henry Hull

July 29, 1957 - The Hypnotist - Psychological Killer Thriller
Starring Paul Carpenter, Patricia Roc, Roland Culver, William Hartnell

November 1, 1957 - The Flying Scot - British Train Robbery Adventure
Starring Lee Patterson, Kay Callard, Alan Gifford, Jeremy Bodkin

November 1, 1957 - Raiders of Old California - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Jim Davis, Lee Van Cleef, Lawrence Dobkin, Harry Lauter

November 18, 1957 - Blonde in Bondage - Swedish Exploitation Crime Drama
Starring Mark Miller, Anita Thallaug, Ruth Johansson, Birgitta,er

November 26, 1957 - The Pied Piper of Hamelin - Family Musical Fantasy
Starring Van Johnson, Claude Rains, Lori Nelson, Jim Backus

November 27, 1957 - Teenage Thunder - Hot Rod Coming of Age Adventure
Starring Chuck Courtney, Melinda Byron, Robert Fuller, Paul Bryar

December 6, 1957 - Hell Ship Mutiny - South Seas Island Adventure
Starring Jon Hall, John Carradine, Peter Lorre, Roberta Haynes

December 11, 1957 - Gun Girls - Delinquent Girls Crime Adventure
Starring Eve Brent, Timothy Farrell, Jeanne Ferguson, Jacqueline Park


Unknown day, 1958 - Rocket Attack U.S.A. - Nuclear Rocket Destruction Drama
Starring Monica Davis, John McKay, Art Metrano, Sara Amman

Unknown day, 1958 - Lost, Lonely, Vicious - Teen Drama
Starring Ken Clayton, Barbara Wilson

Unknown day, 1958 - The Wild Women of Wongo - Teen Comedy Adventure
Starring Jean Hawkshaw, Johnny Walsh, Adrienne Bourbeau, Mary Ann Webb

January 21, 1958 - The Missouri Traveler - Coming of Age Family Drama
Starring Lee Marvin, Gary Merrill, Brandon De Wilde, Mary Hosford

February 12, 1958 - The Truth About Women - British Romantic Comedy Drama
Starring Laurence Harvey, Julie Harris, Eva Gabor, Diane Cilento

July 1958 - I Bury the Living - Horror Murder Thriller
Starring Richard Boone, Theodore Bikel, Peggy Maurer, Howard Smith

July 15, 1958 - The Case of Mrs. Loring - British Courtroom Divorce Drama
Starring Julie London, Anthony Steel, Basil Sidney, Donald Houston

July 22, 1958 - Hercules - Legendary Fantasy Adventure
Starring Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, Fabrizio Mioni, Gianna Maria Canale

August, 1958 - Night of the Blood Beast - Roger Corman Sci-Fi Horror Thriller
Starring John Baer, Angela Greene, Ed Nelson, Georgianna Carter

August, 1958 - A Lust to Kill - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Jim Davis, Don Megowan, Allison Hayes, Gerald Milton

August 1, 1958 - The Screaming Skull - Supernatural Horror Thriller
Starring John Hudson, Peggy Webber, Russ Conway, Alex Nicol

August 15, 1958 - She-gods of Shark Reef - Crime Drama
Starring Bill Cord, Don Durant, Lisa Montell

September 4, 1958 - The Day The Sky Exploded - Atomic End-of-World Adventure
Starring Paul Hubschmid, Fiorella Mari, Madeleine Fischer, Dario Michaelis

December 2, 1958 - The Invisible Avenger - The Shadow Mystery Adventure
Starring Richard Derr, Mark Daniels, Jeanne Neher, Dan Mullin


Unknown day, 1959 - The Bloody Brood - Beatnik Crime Drama
Starring Peter Falk, Jack Betts, Barbara Lord

Unknown day, 1959 - Teenage Zombies - Teen Drive-In Thriller
Starring Don Sullivan, Katherine Victor, Steve Conte, Brianne Murphy

February 14, 1959 - Hercules Unchained - Italian Sword-and-Sandal Adventure
Starring Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, Sylvia Lopez, Gabriele Antonini

February 17, 1959 - House on Haunted Hill - Murder Mystery Horror Thriller
Starring Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart, Richard Long, Carolyn Craig, Elisha Cook Jr.

April, 1959 - Louisiana Hussy - Swamp Vamp Adventure
Starring Nan Peterson, Robert Richards, Peter Coe, Betty Lynn

May 1, 1959 - The Young Land - Cowboy Courtroom Adventure
Starring Patrick Wayne, Dennis Hopper, Yvonne Craig, Dan O'Herlihy

June 1, 1959 - The Rabbit Trap - Family Situation Drama
Starring Ernest Borgnine, David Brian, Kevin Corcoran, June Blair

June 20, 1959 - Teenagers from Outer Space - Romantic Sci-Fi Horror Adventure
Starring David Love, Dawn Bender, Bryan Grant, Harvey B. Dunn

June 25, 1959 - The Killer Shrews - Sci-Fi Horror Adventure
Starring James Best, Ingrid Goude, Ken Curtis, Baruch Lumet

July 15, 1959 - The Angry Hills - British WWII Spy Adventure
Starring Robert Mitchum, Stanley Baker, Elisabeth Müller, Gia Scala

August 9, 1959 - The Bat - Mystery Horror Thriller
Starring Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead, Gavin Gordon, John Sutton

September 10, 1959 - The Saint Louis Bank Robbery - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Steve McQueen, Crahan Denton, Molly McCarthy, James Dukas

October, 1959 - The Scavengers - Hong Kong Crime Adventure
Starring Vince Edwards, Carol Ohmart, Tamar Benamy, Richard Loo

October, 1959 - Attack of the Giant Leeches - Roger Corman Horror Thriller
Starring Ken Clark, Yvette Vickers, Jan Shepard, Tyler McVey

October 16, 1959 - T-Bird Gang - Hoodlum Crime Adventure
Starring John Brinkley, Ed Nelson, Tony Miller, Pat George

October 21, 1959 - A Bucket of Blood - Roger Corman Horror Thriller
Starring Dick Miller, Barboura Morris, Antony Carbone, Bert Convy

October 30, 1959 - High School Big-Shot - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Tom Pittman, Virginia Aldridge

October 30, 1959 - Beast from Haunted Cave - Horror Crime Drama
Starring Michael Forest, Sheila Noonan

December 3, 1959 - The Giant of Marathon - Sword & Sandal Adventure
Starring Steve Reeves, Mylène Demongeot, Sergio Fantoni, Daniela Rocca

December 25, 1959 - Cuban Rebel Girls - Cuban War Docu-Drama
Starring Errol Flynn, Beverly Aadland, Marie Edmund, Jackie Jackler


January 1960 - Gangster Story - Crime Drama
Starring Walter Matthau, Carol Grace

January 20, 1960 - The Beatniks - Crime Drama
Starring Tony Travis, Karen Kadler, Peter Breck, Joyce Terry

January 22, 1960 - David and Goliath - Family Bible Story
Starring Orson Welles, Ivica Pajer, Hilton Edwards, Massimo Serato

February 3, 1960 - Unfinished Task - Religious Missionary Adventure
Starring John Bryant, Angie Dickinson, Ray Collins, Katherine Warren

February 3, 1960 - Ma Barker's Killer Brood - Depression Era Gangster Thriller
Starring Lurene Tuttle, Tristram Coffin, Paul Dubov, Myrna Dell

February 12, 1960 - The Wasp Woman - Science Fiction Horror
Starring Susan Cabot, Anthony Eisley, Barboura Morris, William Roerick

February 24, 1960 - Get Outta Town - Jazzy Noir Crime Drama
Starring Doug Wilson, Jeanne Baird, Marilyn O'Connor, Tony Louis

February 24, 1960 - The Amazing Transparent Man - Sci-Fi Crime Thriller
Starring Marguerite Chapman, Douglas Kennedy, James Griffith, Ivan Triesault

March 19, 1960 - This Rebel Breed - Teen Racial Murder Drama
Starring Rita Moreno, Dyan Cannon, Mark Damon, Jay Novello

April 8, 1960 - Ski Troop Attack - WWII Action Adventure
Starring Roger Corman, Michael Forest, Frank Wolff, Wally Campo

April 8, 1960 - Battle of Blood Island - WWII Action Adventure
Starring Richard Devon, Ron Gans, Roger Corman

April 16, 1960 - Too Hot To Handle - Soho Nightclub Crime Adventure
Starring Jayne Mansfield, Danik Patisson, Christopher Lee, Leo Genn

May 7, 1960 - The Slowest Gun in the West - Comedy Farce Cowboy Western
Starring Phil Silvers, Jack Benny, Ted de Corsia, Jack Elam

May 23, 1960 - Date Bait - Teenage Coming of Age Adventure
Starring Gary Clarke, Marlo Ryan, Dick Gering, Carol Dawne

June 16, 1960 - The Girl in Lover's Lane - Teen Coming of Age Crime Drama
Starring Brett Halsey, Joyce Meadows, Lowell Brown, Jack Elam

June 17, 1960 - The Wild Ride - Crime Drama
Starring Jack Nicholson, Georgianna Carter

August 5, 1960 - The Little Shop of Horrors - Black Comedy Horror Farce
Starring Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Mel Welles, Jack Nicholson

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August 5, 1960 - The Last Woman on Earth - Sci-Fi Drama
Starring Betsy Jones-Moreland, Anthony Carbone, Robert Towne

August 19, 1960 - Atom Age Vampire - Italian Sci-Fi Horror
Starring Alberto Lupo, Susanne Loret, Sergio Fantoni, Franca Parisi

August 25, 1960 - Assignment: Outer Space - Italian Sci-Fi Space Adventure
Starring Rik Van Nutter, Gabriella Farinon, David Montresor, Archie Savage

September 8, 1960 - Colossus and the Amazon Queen - Italian Sexist Comedy
Starring Rod Taylor, Ed Fury, Dorian Gray, Daniela Rocca

September 12, 1960 - Horror Hotel - Witchcraft Horror Thriller
Starring Dennis Lotis, Christopher Lee, Patricia Jesssel, Venetia Stevenson

September 22, 1960 - Tormented - Ghost Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Richard Carlson, Susan Gordon, Lugene Sanders adn Juli Reding

October 11, 1960 - The Siege of Sidney Street - British Crime Adventure
Starring Nicole Berger, Kieron Moore, Peter Wyndgarde, Donald Sinden

October 31, 1960 - First Spaceship on Venus - Science Fiction Thriller
Starring Yoko Tani, Oldrich Lukes, Ignacy Machowski, Julius Ongewe

November, 1960 - High School Caesar - Teenage School Crime Adventure
Starring John Ashley, Gary Vinson, Judy Nugent, Daria Massey

November 16, 1960 - The Sword and the Dragon - Russian Fantasy Fairy Tale
Starring Boris Andreyev, Shukur Burkanov, Andrey Abrikosov, Natalya Medvedeva

December 2, 1960 - Escort for Hire - British Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring June Thorburn, Noel Trevarthen, Pete Murray, Jan Holden

December 14, 1960 - Esther and the King - Historical Romantic Adventure
Starring Joan Collins, Richard Egan, Denis O'Dea, Sergio Fantoni


January 18, 1961 - Three Blondes in His Life - Private Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Jock Mahoney, Greta Thyssen, Jesse White, Elaine Edwards

February 10, 1961 - The White Warrior - Italian Romantic Adventure
Starring Steve Reeves, Giorgia Moll, Scilla Gabel, Renato Baldini

May 2, 1961 - The Beast of Yucca Flats - A-Bomb Monster Thriller
Starring Douglas Mellor, Barbara Francis, Bing Stafford, Larry Aten

May 9, 1961 - Black Tights - French Dance/Musical
Starring Zizi Jeanmaire, Cyd Charisse, Maurice Chevalier, Roland Petit

June, 1961 - Creature from the Haunted Sea - Comedy Horror Crime Adventure
Starring Antony Carbone, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Robert Towne, Beach Dickerson

June 6, 1961 - The Deadly Companions - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith, Steve Cochran, Chill Wills

August, 1961 - Two Wives at One Wedding - British Crime Adventure
Starring Gordon Jackson, Christina Gregg, Lisa Daniely, André Maranne

August 19, 1961 - Hercules and the Captive Women - Italian-French Fantasy Adventure
Starring Reg Park, Fay Spain, Luciano Marin, Laura Efrikian

September 8, 1961 - Naked Youth - Teen Crime Adventure
Starring Carol Ohmart, Steve Rowland, Jan Brooks, Robert Arthur

September 13, 1961 - Bloodlust! - Teen Horror Thriller
Starring Wilton Graff, June Kenney, Walter Brooke, Robert Reed

September 13, 1961 - The Devil's Hand - Witch Cult Thriller
Starring Linda Christian, Robert Alda, Neil Hamilton, Ariadne Welter

September 20, 1961 - The Steel Claw - WWII Jungle Adventure
Starring George Montgomery, Charito Luna, Mario Barri, Carmen Austin

October, 1961 - Johnny Nobody - Irish Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Nigel Patrick, Aldo Ray, William Bendix, Yvonne Mitchell

October 2, 1961 - Triumph of the Son of Hercules - Italian Peplum Adventure
Starring Kirk Morris, Cathia Caro, Ljubica Otasevic and Cesare Fantoni

October 3, 1961 - A Matter of WHO - British Medical Detective Mystery
Starring Terry-Thomas, Sonja Ziemann, Alex Nicol, Guy Deghy

October 10, 1961 - Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules - Italian Sword-n-Sandal Fantasy Adventure
Starring Mark Forest, Moira Orfei, Paul Wynter, Raffaella Carrà

October 26, 1961 - The Giant of Metropolis - Italian Sword-n-Sandal Sci-Fi Fantasy
Starring Gordon Mitchell, Bella Cortez, Roldano Lupi, Liana Orfei

October 30, 1961 - Battle of the Worlds - Italian Flying Saucer Adventure
Starring Claude Rains, Bill Carter, Umberto Orsini, Maya Brent

November 2, 1961 - The Hellions - South Africa Frontier Adventure
Starring Richard Todd, Jamie Uys, Zena Walker, Anne Aubrey

November 9, 1961 - Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory - Horror Thriller
Starring Barbara Lass, Carl Schell, Mary McNeeran, Curt Lowens

November 16, 1961 - Hercules in the Haunted World - Italian Fantasy Adventure
Starring Reg Park, Christopher Lee, Leonora Ruffo, George Ardisson

November 23, 1961 - The Day the Earth Caught Fire - British Nuclear Destruction Adventure
Starring Janet Munro, Edward Judd, Leo McKern, Reginald Beckwith

November 30, 1961 - The Choppers - Teenage Car Crime Drama
Starring Arch Hall Jr., Tom Brown, Marianne Gaba, William Shaw

December 1, 1961 - Queen of the Seas - Romantic Pirate Comedy Adventure
Starring Lisa Gastoni, Jerome Courtland, Agostino Salvietti, Walter Barnes

December 7, 1961 - Five Minutes to Live - Crime Murder Thriller
Starring Johnny Cash, Donald Woods, Cay Forrester

December 13, 1961 - The Phantom Planet - Science Fiction Adventure
Starring Dean Fredericks, Coleen Gray, Dolores Faith, Anthony Dexter

December 15, 1961 - Rage of the Buccaneers - Italian Pirate Adventure
Starring Ricardo Montalban, Vincent Price, Giulia Rubini, Liana Orfei

December 18, 1961 - Constantine and the Cross - Italian Roman Empire Drama
Starring Cornel Wilde, Belinda Lee, Massimo Serato, Christine Kaufmann


Unknown day, 1962 - Fallguy - Teen Crime Adventure
Starring Ed Dugan, George Mitchell, June Johnson, Fabian Dean

Unknown day, 1962 - This is Not A Test - Sci-Fi Nuclear Drama
Starring Seamon Glass, Thayer Roberts, Aubrey Martin, Mary Morlas

February 15, 1962 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die - Sci-Fi Horror Thriller
Starring Jason Evers, Virginia Leith, Leslie Daniels, Adele Lamont

March, 1962 - Horrors of Spider Island - South Seas Horror Adventure
Starring Helga Franck, Helga Neuner, Dorothee Parker, Barbara Valentin

March 14, 1962 - Vulcan, Son of Jupiter - Italian Sword-and-Sandal Adventure
Starring Bella Cortez, Iloosh Khoshabe, Roger Browne, Annie Gorassini

March 28, 1962 - The Magic Sword - Fantasy Adventure
Starring Basil Rathbone, Estelle Winwood, Gary Lockwood, Anne Helm

March 28, 1962 - The Manster - Japanese Sci-Fi Horror
Starring Peter Dyneley, Tetsu Nakamura, Terri Zimmern, Jane Hylton

April 22, 1962 - Hands of a Stranger - Sci-Fi Medical Murder Drama
Starring Paul Lukather, James Noah, Joan Harvey, Sally Kellerman

May, 1962 - When The Girls Take Over - Caribbean Revolutionary Comedy
Starring Robert Lowery, Jackie Coogan, Marvin Miller, Ingeborg Kjeldsen

May 23, 1962 - Trauma - Horror Murder Mystery
Starring John Conte, Lorrie Richards, Lynn Bari, David Garner

May 30, 1962 - Airborne - Military Jump School Adventure
Starring Bobby Diamond, Robert Christian, Mikel Angel, Carolyn Byrd

June 1, 1962 - Shoot Out at Big Sag - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Walter Brennan, Luana Patten, Leif Erickson, Chris Robinson

June 5, 1962 - Carnival of Crime - Brazilian Carnival Murder Mystery
Starring Jean-Pierre Aumont, Alix Talton, Tônia Carrero, Luis Dávila

June 8, 1962 - Eegah - Romantic Musical Fantasy
Starring Arch Hall Jr., Marilyn Manning, Richard Kiel

August 31, 1962 - Charge of the Black Lancers - Italian Knigts in Armor Adventure
Starring Mel Ferrer, Yvonne Furneaux, Leticia Román, Jean Claudio

September 19, 1962 - Dangerous Charter - Gangster Crime Yacht Adventure
Starring Chris Warfield, Chick Chandler, Sally Fraser, Dick Foote

September 26, 1962 - Carnival of Souls - Zombie Horror Thriller
Starring Candace Hilligoss, Frances Feist, Sidney Berger, Herk Harvey

November 28, 1962 - The Avenger - Sword, Sandal Adventure
Starring Steve Reeves, Carla Marlier, Gianni Garko, Liana Orfei

November 30, 1962 - Joseph and His Bretheren - Old Testament Adventure
Starring Geoffrey Horne, Robert Morley, Belinda Lee, Vira Silenti

December 1, 1962 - Stark Fear - Romantic Relationship Drama
Starring Beverly Garland, Skip Homeier, Kenneth Tobey, Hannah Stone

December 22, 1962 - Imperial Venus - Epic Romantic Drama
Starring Gina Lollobrigida, Stephen Boyd, Raymond Pelegrin, Massimo Girotti


Unknown day, 1963 - The Yesterday Machine - Sci-Fi Adventure
Starring Tim Holt, James Britton, Ann Pellegrino, Linda Jenkins

January 10, 1963 - Colossus and the Headhunters - Italian Sword-and-Sandals Adventure
Starring Kirk Morris, Laura Brown, Demeter Bitenc, Ines Holder, Frank Leroy

February 13, 1963 - Night Tide - Fantasy Romantic Mystery
Starring Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson

March 30, 1963 - The Ghost - Horror Murder Mystery
Starring Barbara Steele, Peter Baldwin, Elio Jota, Harriet Medin

April, 1963 - The Sadist - Violent Crime Thriller
Starring Arch Hall Jr., Helen Hovey, Richard Alden, Marilyn Manning

April 10, 1963 - The Old Testament - Italian Sword-and-Sandal Adventure
Starring Brad Harris, Mara Lane, Jacques Berthier, Carlo Tamberlani

June 5, 1963 - The Sword of Lancelot - Italian Sword-and-Sandal Adventure
Starring Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Brian Ahern, Adrienne Corri

June 17, 1963 - The Terror - Horror Ghost Story
Starring Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson, Sandra Knight

August 9, 1963 - Thor and the Amazon Women - Italian Sword, Sandal Adventure
Starring Susy Andersen, Joe Robinson, Harry Baird, Janine Hendy

September, 1963 - The Atomic Brain - Sci-Fi Horror Thriller
Starring Erika Peters, Judy Bamber, Lisa Lang, Marjorie Eaton

September 25, 1963 - Francis Ford Coppola's Dementia 13 - Horror Thriller
Starring William Campbell, Luana Anders, Bart Patton, Mary Mitchel

October 1, 1963 - Five Minutes to Love - 60's Crazy Crime Drama
Starring Rue McClanahan, Paul Leder, Gaye Gordon, Will Gregory

October 31, 1963 - Ursus in the Land of Fire - Italian Sword, Sandal Adventure
Starring Ed Fury, Luciana Gilli, Adriano Micantoni, Claudia Mori

November 13, 1963 - McLintock! - Western Romantic Comedy
Starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Patrick Wayne, Stefanie Powers

December 5, 1963 - Charade - Romantic Spy Thriller
Starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn


Unknown day in 1964 - Attack From Space - Japanese Super Hero Space Adventure
With Ken Utsui, Utako Mitsuya, Sachihiro Ohsawa, Hiroshi Hayashi

Unknown day in 1964 - Guerullas in Pink Lace - WWII Comedy Adventure
With George Montgomery, Valerie Varda, Robin Grace, Joan Shawlee

Unknown day in 1964 - John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums - Documentary
With John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson

March 8, 1964 - The Last Man on Earth - Atomic Vampire Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Vincent Price, Fraca Bettoia, Emma Danieli and Giacomo Rossi Stuart

October 29, 1964 - The Naked Kiss - Call-Girl Crime Drama
Starring Constance Towers, Anthony Eisley, Michael Dante, Virginia Grey

November 14, 1964 - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians - Childrens Christmas Adventure
Starring John Call, Pia Zadora, Victor Stiles, Donna Conforti


Unknown day, 1965 - A Swingin' Summer - Beach Party Adventure
Starring Raquel Welch, William Wellman Jr., Quinn O'Hara, James Stacy

Unknown day, 1965 - Atomic Rulers of the World - Japanese Science Fiction Adventure
Starring Ken Utsui, Junko Ikeuchi, Reiko Seto, Yukihiko Ôsawa

Unknown day, 1965 - The New Three Stooges - Slapstick Comedy
Starring Moe Howard, Joe DeRita, Larry Fine

March 3, 1965 - Attack of the Eye Creatures - Science Fiction Crime Comedy Adventure
Starring John Ashley, Cynthia Hull, Warren Hammack, Bill Peck

April 29, 1965 - Once Upon a Coffee House - 1960's Folk Music Adventure
Starring Joan Rivers, Curtis Taylor, Karen Thorsell, Oscar Brand

July 5, 1965 - Nightmare Castle - Italian Horror Thriller
Starring Barbara Steele, Paul Muller

August 1, 1965 - Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet - Sci-Fi Space Adventure
Starring Basil Rathbone, Faith Domergue, John Bix, Vladimir Yemelyanov


Unknown day, 1966 - Zontar, The Thing From Venus - Space Alien Adventure
Starring John Agar, Susan Bjurman, Tony Huston, Pat Delaney

Unknown day, 1966 - Curse of the Swamp Creature - Texas Swamp Horror Adventure
Starring John Agar, Francine York, Jeff Alexander, Shirley McLine, Cal Duggan

March 3, 1966 - Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter - Western Horror Adventure
Starring John Lupton, Narda Onyx, Cal Bolder, Estelita Rodriguez

April 17, 1966 - War of the Monsters - Japanese Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure
Starring Kôjirô Hongô, Kyôko Enami, Yûzô Hayakawa, Kôji Fujiyama

April 22, 1966 - Poppies Are Also Flowers - Radioactive Drug Crime Adventure
Starring Yul Brynner, Angie Dickinson, Rita Hayworth, Trevor Howard, E.G. Marshall

May 2, 1966 - The She Beast - Fantasy Horror Thriller
Starring Barbara Steele, John Karlsen, Ian Ogilvy, Mel Welles

May 11, 1966 - The Fat Spy - Beach Comedy
Starring Phyllis Diller, Jack E. Leonard, Brian Donlevy, Jayne Mansfield

August 11, 1966 - Johnny Yuma - Italian Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Mark Damon, Lawrence Dobkin, Rosalba Neri, Fidel Gonzales

August 27, 1966 - The Man From Nowhere - Italian Cowboy Western
Starring Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Sancho, Corinne Marchand, Rosalba Neri


Unknown day, 1967 - Creature of Destruction - Fantasy Horror Thriller
Starring Les Tremayne, Pat Delaney, Aron Kincaid, Neil Fletcher

April, 1967 - Monster from a Pre-Historic Planet - Japanese Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Tamio Kawaji, Yôko Yamamoto, Yuji Okada, Kôji Wada

April 27, 1967 - Wild Ones on Wheels - Hot-Rod Crime Thriller
Starring Francine York, Edmund Tontini, Robert Blair, Diana George

May, 1967 - They Came From Beyond Space - British Sci-Fi Adventure
Starring Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayne, Zia Mohyeddin, Bernard Kay

September 29, 1967 - The Cape Town Affair - South Africa Spy Thriller
Starring James Brolin, Jacqueline Bisset, Claire Trevor, Bob Courtney

November, 1967 - Night Fright - Space Monster Teen Adventure
Starring John Agar, Carol Gilley, Ralph Baker Jr., Dorothy Davis

November 15, 1967 - The Jackals - South Africa Cowboy Crime Adventure
Starring Vincent Price, Diana Ivarson, Robert Gunner, Bill Brewer

December 11, 1967 - From Hell to Borneo - South Seas Island Crime Adventure
Starring George Montgomery, Julie Gregg, Torin Thatcher, Liza Moreno

December 24, 1967 - Spider Baby - Black Comedy Cult Horror Farce
Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Carol Ohmart, Beverly Washburn, Jil Banner


Unknown day in 1968 - Marijuana - Documentary Film
Starring Sonny Bono

Unknown day in 1968 - The Ghosts of Hanley House - Horror Murder Ghost Mystery
Starring Barbara Chase, Wilkie de Martel, Roberta Reeves, Cliff Scott

Unknown day in 1968 - Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
Starring Mamie Van Doren, Paige Lee, Margot Hartman, Irene Orton

January 26, 1968 - Alexander the Great - Sand, Sandal Action Thriller
Starring William Shatner, Adam West, John Cassavetes, Joseph Cotten

March 20, 1968 - Destroy All Planets - Japanese Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Kôjirô Hongô, Tôru Takatsuka, Carl Craig, Peter Williams

May 1, 1968 - Warkill - Controversial, Intense War Drama
Starring George Montgomery, Tom Drake, Conrad Parham, Eddie Infante

August 23, 1968 - The Blood of Fu Manchu - Horror Crime Thriller
Starring Christopher Lee, Tsai Chin, Maria Rohm, Ricardo Palacios

October 1, 1968 - The Night of the Living Dead - Horror Thriller
Starring Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea, Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman

October 17, 1968 - Criminal Affair - Crime Comedy Adventure
Starring Ann-Margret, Rossano Brazzi, Barbara Nichols, Helene Chanel

November 17, 1968 - Heidi - Feel Good Family Adventure
Starring Jennifer Edwards, Michael Redgrave, Jean Simmons, Walter Slezak


Unknown day, 1969 - It's Alive - Fantasy Horror Thriller
Starring Tommy Kirk, Shirley Bonne, Bill Thurman, Annabelle Weenick

January 23, 1969 - The Battle of El Alamein - WWII Italian Battle Drama
Starring Frederick Stafford, Enrico Maria Salerno, Michael Rennie, George Hilton

October 7, 1969 - The Over-the-Hill Gang - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Walter Brennan, Edgar Buchanan, Andy Devine, Gypsy Rose Lee

October 14, 1969 - Wake Me Up When The War Is Over - Comedy Adventure
Starring Ken Berry, Eva Gabor, Jim Backus, Werner Klemperer

December 1969 - David Copperfield - British Coming-of-Age Drama
Starring Richard Attenborough, Laurence Olivier, Robin Phillips, Cyril Cusack

December 1969 - Sandy the Seal - British Children's Crime Adventure
Starring David Richards, Anne Mervis, Heinze Drache, Marianne Koch