The Fatal Glass of Beer (March 3, 1933)

W.C. Fields in The Fatal Glass of Beer

Released on March 3, 1933: W.C. Fields in a spoof of the Yukon melodrama movies of the day.

Directed by Clyde Bruckman

The Actors: W. C. Fields (Mr. Snavely), Rosemary Theby (Mrs. Snavely), George Chandler (Chester Snavely), Richard Cramer (Officer Posthlewhistle, Canadian Mounted Police).


The Law of Contact

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This W.C. Fields classic comedy short is a spoof of the Yukon melodramas of the day. The over-obviously fake backgrounds and sets were a joke on the movie technology of the day, and was very deliberate. Many critics of the day condemned the film because the Fields humor was over their heads - they thought he was trying to imitate a Yukon melodrama, not make fun of it. This short includes his famous 'looking out the door' routine.