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Phantom Ship (October 15, 1936)

Phantom Ship

Released on October 15, 1936: (running time 61 minutes) In the midst of a harrowing storm, the mates on this ship discover that someone among them is murdering them one by one.

Directed by Denison Clift

The Actors: Bela Lugosi (Anton Lorenzen), Shirley Grey (Sarah Briggs), Arthur Margetson (Captain Benjamin Briggs), Edmund Willard (Toby Bilson), Dennis Hoey (Tom Goodschild), George Mozart (Tommy Duggan), Johnnie Schofield (Peter Tooley), Gunner Moir (Ponta Katz), Ben Welden (Boas 'sailor' Hoffman), Clifford McLaglen (Captain Jim Morehead), Bruce Gordon (Olly Deveau), Gibson Gowland (Andy Gilling), Terence de Marney (Charlie Kaye), Edgar Pierce (Arian Harbens), and Herbert Cameron (Volkerk Grot)


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