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Things to Come (April 17, 1936)

H.G. Wells Things to Come

Released on April 17, 1936: This is the story of 100 years, Everytown (London) is destroyed by a futuristic army, and life then continues under a futuristic 'Boss.' This is H.G. Wells at his best.

Directed by William Cameron Menzies

The Actors: Raymond Massey (John Cabal and Oswald Cabal), Edward Chapman (Pippa Passworthy), Ralph Richardson (The Boss), Margaretta Scott (Roxana and Rowena), Cedric Hardwicke (Theotocopulos), Maurice Braddell (Dr. Harding), Sophie Stewart (Mrs. Cabal), Derrick De Marney (Richard Gordon), Ann Todd (Mary Gordon), Pearl Argyle (Catherine Cabal), Kenneth Villiers (Maurice Passworthy), Ivan Brandt (Morden Mitani), Anne McLaren (the child), Patricia Hilliard (Janet Gordon), and Charles Carson (the great grandfather).


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