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Larceny on the Air (January 11, 1937)

Larceny on the Air

Released on January 11, 1937: A Doctor is trying to stop medical quacks from selling bogus medicine over the radio to the masses. The female lead, Grace Bradley, married William 'Hopalong Cassidy' Boyer in 1937, after completing this film.

Directed by Irving Pichel

The Actors: Robert Livingston (Dr. Lawrence Baxter), Grace Bradley (Jean Sterling), Willard Robertson (Inspector Mac McDonald), Pierre Watkin (Kennedy), Smiley Burnette (Jimmy), Granville Bates (Professor Rexford Sterling), William Newell (Andrews), Byron Foulger (Pete Andorka), Wilbur Mack (F. J. Thompson), Matty Fain (Burke), Josephine Whittell (Nurse Nelson), Charles Timblin (Swain), Billy Griffith (Kellogg), William Hopper (the announcer), and Frank Du Frane (Golden).


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