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The East End Kids in Boys of the City (July 15, 1940)

The East End Kids in Boys of the City

Released on July 15, 1940: The East End Kids are sent to the country where they get tangled up with a haunted house and murder.

Directed by Joseph H. Lewis

The Actors: Bobby Jordan (Danny Dolan), Leo Gorcey (Muggs McGinnis), Hal E. Chester (Buster), Frankie Burke (Skinny), Vince Barnett (Simp), Inna Gest (Louise Mason), Dave O'Brien (Knuckles Dolan), Ernest Morrison (Scruno), Minerva Urecal (Agnes), Dennis Moore (Giles), Donald Haines (Peewee), David Gorcey (Pete), Eugene Francis (Algy Wilkes), Forrest Taylor (Judge Malcolm Parker), and Alden 'Stephen' Chase (Jim Harrison).


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