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Dreaming Out Loud (September 30, 1940)

Lum and Abner in Dreaming Out Loud

Released on September 30, 1940: Radio show stars Lum and Abner are the center of misadventure once more as they run their general store in a small Arkansas town.

Directed by Harold Young

The Actors: Chester Lauck (Lum Edwards), Norris Goff (Abner Peabody), Frances Langford (Alice), Frank Craven (Dr. Walter Barnes), Bobs Watson (Jimmy), Irving Bacon (Wes Stillman), Clara Blandick (Jessica Spencer), Robert Wilcox (Dr. Kenneth Barnes), Donald Briggs (Will Danielson), Robert McKenzie (Constable Caleb Weeunt), Phil Harris (Peter Atkinson), Sheila Sheldon (Effie Lou Stillman), and Troy Brown Sr. (Washington).


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