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That Gang of Mine (September 23, 1940)

The East Side Kids in That Gang of Mine

Released on September 23, 1940: It's a RIOT in RACES! This comedy with the East Side Kids, also known as the Bowery Boys, is about a poor boy that wants to be a jockey, and he and his gang can enter an old man's championship horse if they can raise the entrance fee.

Directed by William Beaudine

The Actors: Bobby Jordan (Danny Dolan), Leo Gorcey (Muggs Maloney), Clarence Muse (Ben), Dave O'Brien (Knuckles Dolan), Joyce Bryant (Louise), Ernest Morrison (Sunshine Sammy), Milton Kibbee (Mr. Wilkes), David Gorcey (Peewee), Donald Jaines (Skinny), Richard Terry (Henchman Blackie), Wilbur Mack (Nick Buffalo), Hazel Keener (Mrs. Wilkes), and Eugene Francis (Algy Wilkes).


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