The Law of Contact

Let's Get Tough (May 29, 1942)

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The East End Kids in Let's Get Tough

Released on May 29, 1942: Those East Side Kids take on a gang of Japanese spies. The 'East Side Kids' made several light comedy movies in 1942, and this one takes on WWII, with the standard All-American message of the day.

Directed by Wallace Fox

The Actors: Leo Gorcey (Muggs), Bobby Jordan (Danny Connors), Huntz Hall (Glimpy), Gabriel Dell (Fritz Heinbach), Tom Brown (Phil Connors), Florence Rice (Nora Stevens), Robert Armstrong (Officer 'Pops' Stevens), David Gorcey (Peewee), Ernest Morrison (Scruno), Bobby Stone (Skinny), Sam Bernard (Heinback Sr.), Philip Ahn (Joe Matsui), and Jerry Bergen (the music master)


The Law of Contact

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