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The First of the Few (September 14, 1942)

David Niven in The First of the Few

Released on May 29, 1942: The true story of aircraft designer R.J. Mitchell, who, after encountering Hitler during a holiday in Germany decides that he must design a new airplane for Britain, the 'Spitfire'.

Directed by Leslie Howard

The Actors: Leslie Howard (R.J. Mitchell), David Niven (Geoffrey Crisp), Rosamund John (Diana Mitchell), Roland Culver (Commander Bride), Anne Firth (Miss Harper), David Horne (Mr. Higgins), J.H. Roberts (Sir Robert McLean), Derrick De Marney (Squadron Leader Jefferson), Rosalyn Boulter (Mabel Lovesay), Herbert Cameron (MacPherson), Toni Edgar-Bruce (Lady Houston), Gordon McLeod (Major Buchan), George Skillan (Mr. Royce), Erik Freund (Messerschmitt), Fritz Wendhausen (Von Straben), Josef Goebbels (himself, archive footage), Adolf Hitler (himself, archive footage), Hermann Goring (himself, archive footage).


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