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The Last Three (August 6, 1943)

The Last Three

Released on August 6, 1943: GET READY FOR ROARS! THEY'RE GOING TO DROP HITLER ON BERLIN . . . When Hal Roach Presents 'That Nazty Nuisance.' This movie was also called 'Double Crossed Fool', and 'Nazty Nuisance' when released in other countries.

Directed by Glenn Tryon

The Actors: Bobby Watson (Adolph Hitler), Joe Devlin (Benito Mussolini), Johnny Arthur (Suki Yaki), Jean Porter (Kela the magician's assistant), Ian Keith (Chief Paj Mab), Frank Faylen (Seaman Benson), Henry Victor ( Kapitan von Popoff), and Emory Parnell (Captain Spense).


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