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Breakfast in Hollywood (February 26, 1946)

Breakfast in Hollywood

Released on February 26, 1946: (running time 1 hour and 27 minutes) HEART-SINGING . . . LAUGH-RINGING! Here's a Honey of a Hit! In the 1940's Tom Breneman hosted a daily radio show in Hollywood, featuring many of the town's stars. In 1946 this movie was created to showcase the popular radio program for the rest of the country. The list of guests in this movie is enough to make this a 'must-see' movie.

Directed by Harold D. Schuster

The Actors: Tom Breneman (host), Bonita Granville (Dorothy Larson), Beulah Bondie (Mrs. Annie Reed), Edward Ryan (Ken Smith), Raymond Walburn (Richard Cartwright), Billie Burke (Mrs. Frances Cartwright), Zasu Pitts (Elvira Spriggens), Hedda Hopper (Guest), Nat 'King' Cole (Performer), Andy Russell (Singer), Spike Jones (Performer), Ida Breneman (herself), Lillian Bronson (Miss Hammer), James Conaty (audience table extra), Alice Cooper (Gary Cooper's Mother), Lester Dorr (waiter), Robert Dudley (the 78 year old man), Dick Elliott (man in bus depot), Mary Field (Miss Field) Byron Foulger (Mr. Henderson), Red Ingle (city slicker vocalist), Thomas E. Jackson (bartender), Lois January (Gloria Stapleton), Anna Le Sueur (herself), Howard Negley (bus driver), William Newell (cop with the bench warrent), Sarah Padden (Mrs. Marie Edgedaw), Lee Phelps (cop at bus), Del Porter (city slicker vocalist), Syd Saylor (mechanic), Minerva Urecal (Miss Mullins), Billy Wayne (bus depot guard), and Matt Willis (cop)


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