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Fear in the Night (April 18, 1947)

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Fear in the Night

Released on April 18, 1947: Can a man MURDER in a dream? Here is the spine-tingling, blood-freezing answer . . . different from any mystery you've ever seen! You'll also see DeForest Kelley (the doctor in the original Star Trek) in his movie debut.

Directed by Maxwell Shane

The Actors: Paul Kelly (Cliff Herlihy), DeForest Kelley (Vince Grayson), Ann Doran (Lil Herlihy), Kay Scott (Betty Winters), Charles Victor (Captain Warner), Robert Emmett Keane (Lewis Belknap), Jeff York (Deputy Torrence), Loyette Thomson (waitress), Gladys Blake (bank clerk), Jack Collins (man), Leander De Cordova (man), Chris Drake (elevator operator), Stanley Farrar (bank patron), Julia Faye (rental home owner), John Harmon (Clyde Bilyou), Michael Harvey (Bob Clune), Stuart Holmes (man with packages in elevator), Richard Keene (Mr. Kern), Janet Warren (Mrs. Dorothy Belknap).

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