Hi De Ho (May 9, 1947)

Cab Calloway and his orchestra in Hi De Ho

Released on May 9, 1947: This movie showcases the music of the 40's with Cab Calloway and his orchestra. Cab Calloway plays himself in a plot about jealousy, night clubs and gansters.

Directed by Josh Binney

The Actors: Cab Calloway (himself), Ida James (Nettie), Jeni Le Gon (Minie), William Campbell (Sparks), Virginia Girvin (Sparks' fat friend), George Wiltshire (Boss Mason), James Dunmore (Mo the Mouse), Augustus Smith (the Preacher), Edgar Martin (Jive Club Owner), Leonard Rogers (Ralph), David Bethea (Brass Hat Owner), Shepard Roberts (the police Sergeant), Frederick Johnson (the headwaiter), Dusty Fletcher (as himself), Lois (dancer), Peters Sisters (themselves).


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