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Inner Sanctum (October 15, 1948)

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Inner Sanctum

Released on October 15, 1948: A Man accidentally kills his fiancee as they are getting off a train. A freckle-faced little boy sees him drop her body on the platform and walk away. As the man tries to walk away from the town, he is picked up by a man that tells him the bridge is washed out, and he cannot leave town. The driver takes our killer to a boarding house where he can wait till the roads are clear. Of course, the little boy that saw him lives at this boarding house, and there are more complications to twist this story into a first rate thriller.

Directed by Lew Landers

The Actors: Charles Russell (Harold Dunlap), Mary Beth Hughes (Jean Maxwell), Dale Belding (Mike Bennett), Billy House (McFee), Fritz Leiber (Dr. Valonius), Nana Bryant (Mrs. Mitchell), Lee Patrick (Ruth Bennett), Roscoe Ates (Willie), Eddie Parks (Barney), and Eve Miller (Marie Kembar).


Free Download of the old movie Inner Sanctum

Inner-Sanctum-1948.mp4 (271mb - 720x540 ipad/mobile)

Inner-Sanctum-1948.wmv (537mb - 720x488 for computers)