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Africa Screams (May 27, 1949)

Lou Costello in Africa Screams

Released on May 27, 1949: You'll Go Ape Over This Movie! Abbott and Costello search for diamonds in the deepest jungles of Africa, and stumble over one misadventure after another in this classic comedy.

Directed by Charles Barton

The Actors: Bud Abbott (Buzz Johnson), Lou Costello (Stanley Livington), Clyde Beatty (as himself), Frank Buck (as himself), Max Baer (Grappler McCoy), Buddy Baer (Boots Wilson), Hillary Brooke (Diana Emerson), Shemp Howard (Gunner), Joe Besser (Harry), Burt Wenland (Bobo), Charles Gemora (the ape), Arthur Hecht (Mr. Mercer the elevator starter), Bill Walker (the interpreter), Martin Wilkins (the cannibal chief).


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