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Port of New York (November 28, 1949)

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Yul Brynner in Port of New York

Released on November 28, 1949: This Crime Drama features the screen debut of 29 year old Yul Brynner as the top villain. Two Treasury agents are trying to nab a bunch of gangsters that are smuggling drugs into America via the New York Harbor.

Directed by Laslo Benedek

The Actors: Scott Brady (Michael 'Mickey' Waters), Richard Rober (Jim Flannery), K.T. Stevens (Toni Cardell), Yul Brynner (Paul Vicola), Arthur Blake (Dolly Carney), Lynn Carter (Lili Long), John Kellogg (Lenny), William Challee (Leo Strasser), Neville Brand (Ike, Strasser's henchman), Barry Brooks (Government man), Harry Brown (Penn Station Master), George M. Carleton (medical examiner), Stephen Chase (Police Lieutenant Ed Devers), Sayre Dearing (detective), Ann Doran (police dispatcher), Frank Fenton (G.W. Wyley), Fred Graham (boatyard guard), Raymond Greenleaf (John J. Meredith), Chuck Hamilton (policeman), Patricia Hawkins (policewoman at Toni's), Joe Haworth (Federal agent), Chet Huntley (narrator), Stan Johnson (searcher), Doyle Manor (agent), Joe Mantell (messenger), Jean McBride (Flannery's secretary), Mickey McCardle (agent), James Nolan (Charles Lindsay), Tudor Owen (apartment hotel janitor), John Parris (Joe Leoni, club owner), Steve Pendleton (agent in club), David Parry (workman), Alexander Pope (club bouncer), Gordon Richards (the Florentine's purser), Henry Rowland (Sam Harris), Glenn Thompson (boatyard night watchman), Larry Thompson (agent Carey), Harlan Warde (Police switchboard operator).


Free Download of the old movie Port of New York

Port-of-New-York-1949.mp4 (599mb - 720x526)

Port-of-New-York-1949-720p.mp4 (1.3gb - 1088x720)

Good Night, David . . . Good Night, Chet. If you were alive in the 1950's, you might remember that CBS television had legendary Walter Chronkite hosting its network evening news program. In an attempt to compete, NBC hired two fellows to co-host their evening news show, one in New York, and one in Washington. They found Chet Huntley working for CBS radio, mostly from Los Angeles, and tapped him to anchor the New York news. But this movie was filmed in 1949, while Chet Huntley was still doing radio on the west coast. That year he got some extra work doing narration with his deep radio voice for a movie . . . this movie. The other fascinating person in this classic old movie noir crime story is Yul Brynner. He is most famous for his part in the great Broadway hit, "The King and I." Before his fame on Broadway, he dabbled in movies, and this, my friends, is his very first role in a motion picture. And what a role it is! He is the bad guy in this crime tale, and he is a larger-than-life dark and fearsome villain. In addition to the historic appearances of these two famous men, you will enjoy the amazing scenes of 1949 New York City. The villains are tough as nails, but the cops are just a bit tougher in this gangster thriller.

Our movie opens shipboard, where beautiful Toni Cardell is watching from deck when an unknown man jumps overboard, and is picked up by a passing speed boat. She watches as the man is taken aboard the boat, then brutally killed and thrown overboard. We later discover that the gal is part of a crime syndicate, and she used her female assets to convince the ship's purser to break into a crate containing pure narcotics and replace it with sand, and putting the narcotics in different containers that will get easily past customs. After seeing the purser brutally killed, the gal goes to the head man, villainous Yul Brynner, and demands enough money so that she can get out of town. Instead, the head guy kills her to shut her up. The police start following the slimmest of clues to find the villain, and it certainly delivers a first class detective trail full of danger and deceit to its ultimate conclusion. Don't miss this twisting, turning, dangerous tale of crime in the big city. You may need some extra hot, buttered popcorn for this one, it will keep you glued to your screen from beginning to end.