The Man Who Cheated Himself (December 26, 1950)

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The Man Who Cheated Himself

Released on December 26, 1950: A cop finds that his wealthy lover has murdered her husband, and he helps her cover up the crime, which his younger brother is assigned to investigate.

Directed by Felix E. Feist

The Actors: Lee J. Cobb (Leutenant Ed Cullen), Jane Wyatt (Lois Frazer), Harlan Warde (Howard Fraser), John Dall (Andy Cullen), Lisa Howard (Janet Cullen), Tito Vuolo (Peitro Capa), Charles Arnt (Ernest Quimby), Marjorie Bennett (Muriel Quimby), Alan Wells (Nito Capa), Mimi Aguglia (Mrs. Capa), Bud Wolfe (Officer Blair), Morgan Farley (Rushton), Howard Negley (Detective Olson), William Gould (Doc Munson), Art Millan (the United Airlines clerk), Gordon Richards (Albert the butler), Terry Frost (detective), Mario Siletti (Machetti), Charles Victor (attorney), Leah Baird (police matron), Robert Carson (Highway Patrol radio dispatcher).


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