Woman on the Run (November 29, 1950)

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Ann Sheridan in Woman on the Run

Released on November 29, 1950: A rare film noir motion picture with a female lead. Eleanor and the police must find her husband before a killer finds him or her.

Produced by Howard Welsch

Directed by Norman Foster

The Actors: Ann Sheridan (Eleanor Johnson), Dennis O'Keefe (Dannyboy Leggett), Robert Keith (Inspector Martin Ferris), Ross Elliott (Frank Johnson), Frank Jenks (Detective Homer Shaw), John Qualen (Mailbus), J. Farrell MacDonald (Sea Captain), Joan Shawlee (the blonde), Steven Geray (Dr. Arthur Hohler), Reiko Sato (Susie), Jane Liddell (the police woman following Eleanor), Victor Sen Yung (Sammy Chung), Tom Dillon (Joe 'Bug' Gordon), Mike Donovan (Irish cop), Franklyn Farnum (the coroner), Milton Kibbee (man yelling from the apartment house), William J. O'Brien (waiter at Sullivan's Grotto), Lee Roberts (cop), Jeffrey Sayre (police detective), Sammee Tong (witness to Suzie's fall), Ray Walker (the piano player), Eddy Waller (the storekeeper).


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